The Dark Ninja from the Depths

The Dark Ninja from the Depths

I will begin this inaugural edition on a sour note, since I’ve been threatening litigation. and it’s subsidaries will not spew character defamation about me any further. You people owe me, not the other way around. These dog stealing accusations are lies and distortions and I will not be defamed with any further attempts to assassinate my character.  You think I go around having people steal dogs? You must be out of your damn mind. I’ll have you know once again I have Shapiro on speed dial, and I will sue in a heartbeat if my character is wrongly defamed.

As such, I negotiated this evening, further terms since I owe nothing and Tiki owes everything to me for getting his beloved dog back which I certainly didn’t have to do. The new terms dictate I will utilize Horvil Tiki Radio any time I damn choose and my truths will remain freely distributed and unedited. I will upload the raw files and require this Panff to do all graphics and use my personal intro song that I trust will  entertain the ear with devastating tonality. I demand no expense spared in my radio endeavors.

In addition, I demand new products added to the Horvil Tiki store that bear my name, and my branding alone. I also demand ten percent of every item sold in the entire store since my items will sell better and thus Tiki will profit off of the additional free advertising my items will surely produce.

Now, we can get down to business.

My entrance into the site could not come at a better time. You people might say why an unholy alliance with this Tiki character?

I’ve read the archives, or skimmed, I mean who can stand to read this Tiki for long periods of time. I skimmed and realized this Tiki’s been on board with McDaniels new regime since April or so, which is much sooner than most of the ill informed mainstream media and many other common degenerates, especially the ones at the Denver Post for example. The ones with less than half a brain will leave their thinkery to the so-called “experts,” whose logic is often hit or miss at best, yet these experts will speak in a matter of fact pretense which is lapped up as solemn truths by the unquestioning masses.

It seems my sacking of this site caused Tiki to wake up. Sometimes when people who know very little can’t seem to get out of a certain pattern, a certain train of thought, they need an intervention.

They need a cataclysmic brain melting shock overture waking them up to reality and common sense.

A layman’s term would be a kick in the ass.

You people whining and crying over your faux Elway going up there to Chicago: The time has come.

A line is drawn in the sand.

Now’s your chance to get on board. McDaniels is a genius, a brilliant offensive mind, he knows character and is imbuing these Broncos with a team first attitude. He is ruling with an iron fist and will not coddle or kowtow to degenerates.

No more practicing without pads. No more me first prima donna’s leading in the locker room. No more quitting in the fourth quarter, no more quitting in the ass end of the season. No more tired play calling from a desperate guy who constantly second guessed his red zone plays and stayed on the job far too long.

Leading the offense, we now have a guy who’s working hard, struggling in McDaniels Quarterback Master Class (Just ask Cassels how difficult it was last preseason) and doing everything he can to lead the Denver Broncos offense. This is a blue collar, no finesse guy who’s proud and excited to have the privilege of being a Denver Bronco.

On the opposite side of the field tomorrow night, we have a gooned out, shouting down his receivers, shouting down his kickers, crybaby, loser Huckdort with a five cent haircut. This Dort was probably so terrified of McDaniels putting his foot down on the prima donna players, he wanted out of Denver so bad he wouldn’t even return Bowlen’s phone calls.

Uh, yibbidy yee I say a yibbidiyee uh duhh?? - Huckdort in the 4th Quarter

Uh, yibbidy yee I say a yibbidiyee uh duhh?? - Huckdort in the 4th Quarter

This Huckdort, who people mistook for the second coming of John Elway, managed 18 interceptions last year with our stellar offensive line and receivers. Most of which happened when the game was on the line, when it really counted.

This HuckDort, who doesn’t look right and never did, rated Denver as a 6 and Chicago as a 10. This Huckdort even wanted a trade before McDaniels was chosen as Head Coach.

“I heard one other interesting thing Sunday: Cutler asked for a trade shortly after the Broncos lost offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates — Cutler’s confidant — to USC after the season. So maybe both sides need to go into marriage counseling here.” -SI’s Peter King

People forget all about that one. Oh that one just flies right over the peon radar.  I guess Bates was some kind of Mastermind, you know. You know the play calling wasn’t so bad last year was it? What is that Bates doing now? Fetching latte’s for Pete Carrol down in USC, eh? Could have had an inanimate Norfin Troll scripting the red zone offense last year and I guarantee no difference.

In light off all this, we have people that call themselves Bronco fans who will have the audacity to cheer for Huckdort Cutler and against Orton tomorrow night.

What a disgrace, what a joke. No wonder this country is in such a sorry state.

You see that NBC ad for the game? They spin it so it seems like the Broncos just traded Cutler to Chicago because they wanted to on a whim. Denver’s the bad guy. Glossing over the fact that Cutler petulantly whined and pouted his way straight out of town.

A town he could care less about.

However, this is your chance,  enough inane proselytising about how Chicago’s going to the Super Bowl this year and we lost out on another John Elway.

Tomorrow night reality sets in. Jay Cutler is in a Bears uniform and playing at home in Denver.

Are some of you so called Denver fans sick enough to cheer for him?

On our side, is a hardworking, no frills, no ego team player who is proud to be a Denver Bronco.

The choice should be clear.

I better hear boos tomorrow night directed at that Huckdort loser in a depth and frequency never before heard or felt in all of Denver.

I better hear wailing and gnashing of teeth. This had better drown the hell out those morons cheering for their faux Elway.

If otherwise, what a joke. What a disgrace. I like to think the people with more than half a brain outweigh the village idiots out there in Denver.

And the defense better be wary for short dumps and screens, the way our starting front seven is finally playing they ought to tear right through that Chicago train wreck of an offensive line.

And as for that Brandon Marshall…

Some people never learn.

I’ve been saying cut your losses and trade him for what you can get, been saying it weeks ago. But oh no, the geniuses state, “But you can’t get equal trade value.”

How does that equal trade value look now? He’s a detriment to the team. Get rid of him.

Cut your losses.

Cut your losses.

Ship his ass to Detroit for a high second rounder.

I knew he’d be gone anyways, knew it in year two without a doubt, once his contract came up he’d be somewhere else for sure.

Mike Shanahan, take heed: Wherever you end up, no more drafting and or offseason acquisitions out of sheer desperation.

But some people never learn.