"Sage" Woody Paige is a Disgrace

"Sage" Woody Paige is a Disgrace

Yet another emergency edition folks, I can’t just sit idly by and watch this nonsense:

I am a Dark Ninja from the Depths, and folks, this is unprecedented.

I suppose “Sage” Woody Paige has a personal vendetta against Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels probably told old Woody that he didn’t look right, and Paige has been sore ever since.

The Broncos didn’t do what Woody Paige wanted, so now he is holding on to his 4 and 12 prediction, practically rooting for the Broncos to lose on Sunday so he can come out and say I told you so, they ain’t all that.

This is unbelievable.

Woody Paige knows it all folks, he knew Ryan Clady wasn’t all that and the Broncos probably wouldn’t pick him, he knew the Broncos would be 11 and 5 last year, he knew we traded the franchise away when we got rid of Jay “Huckdort” Cutler, he knew Knowshon Moreno was a “no-no.”

Paige has criticized McDaniels at every turn.

I suppose this is what happens when things get political. When the new coach doesn’t kiss Woody Paige’s rear end, when the new coach doesn’t make the moves or handles situations the way “genius” Woody Paige wants, then its time for Paige to use his position at the Denver Post to smear, belittle and besmirch McDaniels and the Broncos at every turn.

I’m beginning to wonder who it was that told Vonnie Holliday “Basically, you’re playing with a bunch of bums,” at the beginning of the season. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it was one of these lazy pessimists writing for the Post. Even sounds like something the Sage Woody Paige would say, don’t it?

No excuses Paige, you seem to have a personal vendetta against the coach that has made you blind to your own flawed thinking. How arrogant of Paige to claim he’s been right often? This guy isn’t even aware of his failed predictions and flawed advice.

Woody Paige is waiting, hoping for the Broncos to lose this game so he can maintain his 4 and 12 position. How weak, how pathetic. How do you feel about that Denver fans? You’re columnist practically wants the team to fail since they didn’t do it his way, since McDaniels didn’t bow and kiss his ring.

What a joke, what a disgrace.

I said at the beginning of the year this Paige shouldn’t be allowed within ten feet of the Broncos for conduct detrimental to the team. I sure as hell stand by that statement, more than ever.

Woody Paige is offended that McDaniels stated people were uneducated about this Denver Broncos team, people like Paige here who have been smearing, belittling and claiming the franchise is done all off season long and into preseason. Hell Paige was the flag bearer, I wouldn’t doubt he informed Peter King and John Clayton, since they are too lazy to cover the Broncos themselves.

I told you people since Josh McDaniels was picked as head coach at the beginning of this year, that he is a winner, he knows how to pick’em, he will instill toughness and work ethic in this spoiled Shanahan team, he will do away with practicing without pads, we will tackle, we will not quit, the Dawkins signing was huge, that a man like Dawkins buying into McDaniels tells you something right off the bat, I claimed we would be improved and heading in the right direction.

Who am I Paige? What inside information was I privy to?

According to Paige, P.P. Dublinski is one of those “cheeto eating basement dwellers,” who don’t know a damn thing.

We’re seeing who the geniuses are, eh Paige?

There is no excuse for your pathetic Broncos insight and lazy journalism, you and I were watching the same damn preseason games. Yes the offense struggled a little, but you couldn’t come away saying we didn’t have talent and potential under a mind like McDaniels. This sure as hell wasn’t a 4 and 12 expansion team out there. You mean to tell me you watched these preseason games and came away thinking the Broncos defense was worse than last year? No excuses Paige.

Someone on the level of a sea robin could tell this team was improved, heading in the right direction and fighting til the final gun. Tackling, sacking, finishing runs, huge improvements over the spoiled, coddled practicing without pads Shanahan era.

No excuses Paige, you were wrong and the fans, players and most of all McDaniels deserves an apology.

But Paige is sticking to his guns folks, Paige still wants the Broncos to fail so he can be right.

It’s about Woody Paige folks, it’s not about the Broncos.

How arrogant.

McDaniels didn’t say the right things to him, probably dissed him, somebody didn’t do the things Paige wanted. How dare they go against the Post’s Woody Paige? How offensive.

How sad that some of you people actually think this buffoon, this bitter, arrogant fool is a genius.

I told people back in July they out to nix Paige’s column and have underprivileged Denver area kids write about how they like the Broncos and their favorite players. Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now does it?

Better to leave the page enriched, than to suffer the arrogant ramblings of a crazy old man with a bitter green tongue lapping about, desperate to excuse the fact that he built his house on sand.

This guy’s getting six figures for his professional analysis? Talk about a drain on the economy. No wonder these papers are failing.