Hey guy what go on. It spring. It hear guy. It time to clean up evrything and smell the air. The flower come. The green leaf. Spring is fresh yes. It time for freshest vegtable out of can. Frozen vegtable too.

spring fresh vegetable of all color

spring fresh vegetable of all color

I love the lo mein. I could eat barrel of the lo mein guy. It real light. Light like bronco cheerleader. She loosed so many pound in off seasonal for to make little waist. I bet she eat this stuff all day.

I saw this guy on tv he had crazy beard he look like santa clause and he say guy you got to eat you vegtables and the different color ones always is good all different. but this guy was kind of fat so I dont know if I can trust he if I met he I would probable look at he sideways.

This is how I make the lo mein, I make this all day holmes. all day

Let me see hear guy. Cause I usual not even measured any thing. But this is what you probable need.

Take two chicken breast. Or like some shrimfps. Or some beef yes. Conan barbarian probable use beef. or none and just vegtable.


water chesnuts


baby corn. Oh I love the baby corn guy. it so weird where does this grow. who grow this guy I want to know.

bean sprout chinese

carrot cause it makey you see better. the cutsper could use this cause he need to scan field. beter eat your carrot holmes or you need see eye dog one day.


peanut oil

all kind of thing guy. whatevr you wanted.

soy sauce

corn starch. this stuff always get evrywhere evrey time. always get all voer the place just expect this. i bet it would be real foul if some kid take hole box of corn starch and smash it aganst some guy house. but then maybe the rain would take away. but then maybe the kid come back and do again. I know it not cool but we used to egg this guy house almost evry day guy. he must had egg all over. dried in sun. I talking real foul like. he house was way in back and there was bushes on the street that hide us and every day we loft egg at he house. we not even knowed this guy. it probable good we didnt.

water. fresh from mountain spring or you fauset.

dry ginger powder

garlic powdery

pepper grandfather say they use white pepper it special

some vinnegar. Rice vinnegr or whatever vingers I guess they all the same about.\

chionese noodles I love these thing.

SO first guy I take some meat. Grandfather always try use left over meat but I say no because it usual not spices right. it so much beter when you cook and put teriyaki or soy sauce on meat then use for or it not as cool. So I take chicken this time,. I love the chicken guy I could eat all day. But not popcorn chicken it foul it like dry kernodle of chicken not even meat. grandfather say they use the wing and hind quart of the chicken he use fouler words he say peh peh that stuff is not cool guy.

So I take the chicken with teriyaki sauce some on it and just grilled in pan first/ While I does this I get out all kind of vegtables guy.

I get all kind of spring fresh vegtables from frozen from can. I do this from can because some time you get oritental vegetable from frozen and they throw corny thing in there it like all rinds and stem stumps of brocolli I say guy this is foul. take off with this. But I get the brocolio florrents frozen they better and I get cans of the corn the bean the water chestnut yes.

I chopped the onion I choped the carrot and I put they in first with the frozen brocolli and a littel peanut oil. Then I spash with some soy sauce just a little. ANd I put some gralic poweder and ginger powder just a little now.


I get water boil for chinese noodle oh yes I forget these I add to list they real cool noddle s guy they cook in two secon. long time ago my brother he was corny at night he get corny at night when he tired and he took noodle like this and throwed it on the ceiling he laugh and laugh at how it sticked. that was there for like five year guy I not even kidding no one see it but he knowed it was there. I knowed. Then one day it was not there I bet it dry up and final fall down but he accuse me of eat it in middle of night but I know that was corny I not do this.

I put some water in wok now and cover for a littel bit for the frozen thing it brocolli this time. I turn over the chicken yes fry to goldene brown. The final thing I put in the wok is the can stuff cause it not cold and it weaker yes. I throw in all the cans guy after the brocolli cook and the onion cook, The water chesnut the bean spout and the baby corns. Then I spash with some more soy sauce and a little sugar like a couple spoons of sugar. Little bit of water if it dry real dry on bottom of you wok add littel water yes.  cover wok agan to makey all these thing cook.


The chicken cook. I take and mash it up break it up. This now go into wok.

the teryaki chickens

the teryaki chickens

almost done guy

almost done guy

The water is boil now I get real hungry. I put the lid on wok and boil the noodle then drain they real quick cause they fast cook.

lo mein noodles

lo mein noodles

I take quartered cup of the vinegar now and spash that in and mix all around. I now I take a quartered cup of corn starch and same of water to makey this crazy thing. It make all those spashes of soy sauce thick like.

corn starchk

corn starch

I take and put this in now and mix around and it like this real light brown.  Final I take the noodle drain and mix they in and maybe one more spash of soy sauce maybe littel more garlic poweder and ginger powder. I feel like mad scienctist guy, I feel like alchemist. I played this game online once and you could be a alchemist and you mix thing all together. maybe I become on of these some day. I hear they make the crazy monies guy.  And you is all done holmes. It is real light and good.

the spring fresh

the spring fresh

You can take chinese take out box. Some place sell on line but maybe you can ask place for a couple and then make lo mein or the little genral tso chicken for you lady or lady make for guy and say hey I done get you food I bring food to you from new chinese place. Then if they say this was real good you say I maked it but if they say is crappy then you say oh I not go there agan haha yes.