The Broncos stealed this guy wayde nunnaly from charger. He was they defence line coach and he know what time it is with 3 4 defence they say he gon find guy for us and teach the way of the three four. he three four master.It new era of denver defence the 3 4 now guy. So many remain to be see, it will be excited off seasonal to see who we get for the free agents. Who we get as free agent and who we let go will probable matter who we get when we draft guy. A lot remain to be see.

some people think say we makey the elvis doomvil outside line back or the jarven moss. You know guy I pull for the jarven moss to be the excite player, because he is so important to overwhelm flopurish. but I have has to say guy I not see any thing yet. I serious guy. evry body say hey guy give he break he is new. but usual when guy have some thing they show flash you know what I saying guy. they show they flash of great at times. I not see any moves of the jarved moss, the doomvil bull rush you he have move at least but the jarven not have tricky bag of trick to crisp burn make you offence line man look corny out there. Maybe they work with he in the three four but I wish we not bank on this and get some body who crushes you enemy quart back so bad in daft or free agent. come on guy lets get us the firey pass rush/ it will be out of this world to see the bronco with pass rush final.