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Brandon Marshall Still Punting and Pouting

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Brandon Marshall drops a sure touchdown ball at a Dolphins practice and punts the ball over a fence in frustration. Then he goes off an sulks for a while. I’m not surprised. Maybe that Krieger is, that Krieger over at the Denver Post who wrote that Miami was basically robbing the Broncos in the Marshall trade. Then you had that Numby leading a chorus of goobers: pay the man, pay him 50 plus million!

I ain’t surprised. It’s just a matter of time before the meltdown, and that’s why I’m trotting out the Brandon Marshall Meltdown Meter.

Brandon Marshall Meltdown Meter

Fresh off the heels of my earth-shattering, awe-inspiring Huckdort Counter. The Huckdort Counter that recorded Jay Huckdort Cutler’s many egregious interceptions last year, now I am proud to further extend my genius on display for all to see through the Marshall Meltdown Meter.

Every dropped pass, every Dolphins loss, every off-field violation, every game where Marshall doesn’t get the ball much and every time Marshall simply acts up, that’s more juice for the Meltdown Meter.

Until finally, he’s cut or traded or suspended.

I’m glad somebody bought the idea of Marshall “changing his ways if we just pay him.”

Good luck Miami, and I can’t believe the Tuna signed on to this one.

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P.P.’s 2010 Training Camp Address

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

J.J. Arrington traded to the Eagles for special teams LB Joe Mays–whatever. Didn’t expect this Arrington to make the team, so no big deal really. Surprising how McDaniels kept after him, brings into question his acuity somewhat–hey not everyone is perfect.

Josh McDaniels

Bowlen "won" with Reeves, he won with Shanahan, he's gonna win with the kid

I heralded the signing of McDaniels, I told you people he’s a genius and a winner, but that don’t make him free from failures. I sat and watched our team suck on third and short last year–third and short when it counted–time and time again last year. The playcalling on third downs sucked. It absolutely sucked. I wanted to throw the remote at the damn screen about 7 games in, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? 3rd and short with the game on the line and he’s running up the middle? Running up the middle I says,  that hasn’t worked all year and yet we’re trying it with the game on the line? Hasn’t worked all season yet we’re acting like a bunch of morons on the goal line trying to shove a square peg in a circle hole–not happenin.

I don’t know what it was, arrogance or thinking you have something you don’t, I don’t know what it was but it better change. I said “what happened to the quarterback sneak,” and McDaniels probably reads this blog, as does Bowlen. He probably reads it because sure enough the next week there was the QB sneak and it worked. The only problem was we ran it about four times–what a joke that is, talk about predictability. I better see some creativity out there, I better see this Timmy Teebs razzling and dazzling in short yardage.

Tebow Broncos

Tebow will carry the load in short yardage.

Some of you people out there say we won’t run Tebow–how dare we get our future QB injured. Like I’ve said all along, Tebow the pocket passing QB is a dream, a dream with low probability. That Krieger over there at the Post just gave people a dose of reality on the situation. Reality cutting through the hype.

McDaniels must read this blog, he went out and did everything I asked this offseason. At least two new receivers, backup for Orton, two new interior offensive linemen, at least one big signing on the defensive line: check, check, check and check.

But he defied me when I requested a large running back for short yardage duty–or it seemed that way. We better not struggle because of it, but we got Tebow to be that X Factor on short yardage. Some of you people saying we won’t do that to him, that he’s too valuable. I say we damn well better, because this idea of Tebow the pocket passer is just that–it’s an idea, a maybe. Maybe someday.

He better produce in short yardage, if not…


But I’m confident we’ll get him in there and get Teebs the contact he’s hoping for–he better at least perform that function.

Pat Bowlen

Pat Bowlen probably reads P.P., thank God

McDaniels must read P.P., same with Bowlen. Look at how Bowlen handled the Jay Huckdort Cutler situation, he didn’t give in to his BS whining. Numby was practically begging for us to send someone to Nashville to put a pacifier in Huck’s mouth. Not me, I said get rid of him even at the beginning of the 2008 season. Bowlen listened to reason, he was a cold customer, he probably listened to me saying he don’t look right, don’t protect the ball and gets picked at the worst possible times. How the Dort’s Pro Bowl wasn’t even legitimate. He didn’t take any BS from that GQ posing Huckdort goober. Bowlen likely listened to me when I said boot that Shanahan right out the door too,a  few weeks after I said boot him out the door, sure enough.

I provide valuable informations, and I will be respected. You got people lamenting some gooned out tropical fool isn’t here posting unintelligible rantings–it’s downright insulting. I provide valuable informations, my acuity, my genius, my reason and logics are far superior. I have been on the right side of history whilst my detractors fall away, they fall away like empty greenish sea cucumber husks rife with fleas and mung.

Oh and one more thing, I know I put him up on the site, in a position of honor, so too did, I guess the folks over there liked my layout and changed accordingly.  I don’t blame them, I have an eye for superior graphical quality, unlike that water-bong tiki who’s site looked like some child scrawled all over it with crayons. I am a serious man, deserving of a high quality and serious site which is a reflection of me.

Brian Dawkins, as much as I like him, he isn’t above critique either. This team collapsed last year, it collapsed in the ass end of the season–the final dingleberry was Kansas City. What a loathsome ding it was too. The team collapsed and so did Brian Dawkins.

The team wore down in 2009, so did Dawkins.

Oh yeah.

Flying around, killing people out there in the first half of the season, then where was he? Getting trucked by some KC buffoon? Stumbling as our enemies ran free into the end zone? He went from being everywhere to being practically nowhere. From X Factor to no factor.

I want to see a complete season from the Denver Broncos this year or the wrath of Hurricane P.P. will be devastating. I want to see a complete season from Brian Dawkins too. No more of this collapsing in the ass end of the season, I got tired of this with Shanahan’s failed regimes and we all know what happened there. The trouble with Shanahan wasn’t just the collapse of the team, he was unable to field an actual defense. Nothing worse than your team not having a defense.

On this, the eve of training camp, I am optimistic, and rightly so. The Broncos went out and did everything I advised. They only circumvented me in one area, but that “QB” will be running, more than he passes. He better be. This team should be improved, I don’t care one bit about the loss of Marshall, the locker room cancer is gone and we can recoup his production by spreading the ball around. Nolan leaving, while everyone or most everyone started crying, I said big deal. The system is already in place, the players are in place and that’s what is most important.

Denver Broncos Demaryius Thomas

Faster than Marshall without the bad attitude, sign me up.

We’ve brought in a lot of intriguing exciting players, this Thomas and Decker at wide receiver, Zane Beadles and J.D. Walton on the offensive line, it will be interesting to see how Jamal Williams and this Justin Bannan pan out on defense, I expect improvement not a step backwards. This team should be improved, not “the same” as last year, or worse. We need to run the football like a regular team does, hell short yardage runs weren’t even 50/50 when the game was on the line in 2009, you basically knew we were gonna get stuffed last year trying to run when the game was on the line.

Blame goes all around last year, uncreative playcalling in certain situations, inability to run the ball when it counted, too many three and outs leading to an exhausted defense, offensive line interior wore down, defensive line overachieved then slumped. All these position areas have been addressed in the offseason, and the too many three and outs–many of these were mistakes, drops and bad routes, not “all Orton’s fault” as Numby tried to point out. Orton, yes he’s limited physically but he’s proven to us he belongs and can win–he is our best shot at winning games. Just like Numby to advise “pulling the trigger” to trade our one capable, proven QB. Conduct detrimental to the team time and time again. So glad Bowlen and Co. listen to me, the voice of reason.

Kyle Orton Finger

In order to be the man, you gotta beat the man.

It was Orton’s first year in a new, complex system and he did well. I expect him to be more comfortable this year, word is the offense seems like night and day compared to last year and Orton seems more confident. Some of the games last year he looked like Peyton Manning light, picking people apart. Other games he looked like a damn deer in the headlights. Improved Orton + Timmy Teebs taking over as a run/pass option at times can equal success, even great success.

I expect improvement from the Broncos this year over last, but I will reserve my earth shattering prediction of the Broncos season record until we’ve seen a couple preseason games. That’s the only intelligent thing to do–unless you get high on people who make their season predictions in January.

If it’s the latter, I can’t help you.

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Numby the Rookie Soothsayer

Friday, July 30th, 2010

So I see that Numby over there at the Post pulling cards out of his proverbial Swami hat, trying to predict the future of our rookies based on a pre-training camp performance, oh that’s intelligence right there.

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Remind us for the umpteenth time oh Swami Numby, remind us how many Broncos practices you’ve been to in the past. Unfortunately, that don’t matter squat–that don’t prevent you from being perennially wrong. Like the great Ditka says, you live in the past, you die in the past. If you people want a look into the mind of P.P. just study Ditka, Ian McShane and Sun Tzu.

Based on Swami Numby’s pre-training camp assessments of Ryan Clady and more recently the great Chris Simms and other foibles (such as Moreno a no-no, that one hasn’t quite come into fruition yet, but it will) I wouldn’t sweat Numby’s pre-training camp assessments one bit. Oh yeah, Orton just throws the ball into the stands every play, that was a brilliant assessment last year.  Same kind of sea cucumber brain that spurts out the Broncos are gonna go 8 and 8 this year back in January. Numby’s sordid reality rarely comes into fruition–thankfully for us, while I am reality. How many times have I been right and that Numby’s been perennially wrong? I don’t even have near the access this buffoon has yet my premium acuity is on display for all to see.

He’d bankrupt the whole team for a head case and a Huckdort who never won nothin. Oh yeah run right down there to Nashville, home of the wooden pinball machine, run right down there and give Huckdort some toys to make him feel better. He’d probably fire McDaniels after one year and make Nolan coach. “Maybe the wrong coach left in January,” did you hear that one?His  Chris “Double Rainbow” Simms would have led us to a true 4 and 12 mockery last season.

I went to see this travesty of an article where Numby predicts the future of some of our rookies, downplaying the great Zane Beadles–how dare he mock this man.  I also noticed someone on that Denver Post bemoaning the loss of Jay Huckdort Cutler. Unbelievable. Trying to say Jay Huckdort Cutler sucks with the Bears but he was great in Denver. I don’t care if he threw for 5,000 yards for us, that Huckdort ain’t no winner, ain’t no way no how. Throwing the ball around all crazy, flubbing around like a chicken with its head cut off in the fourth quarter–flubbing around when the game was on the line, getting picked left and right when it mattered most.

Shanahan should’ve known that Huckdort didn’t look right. Remember how great it was when Huckdort took over for Jake Plummer? That was genius wasn’t it. Don’t get me wrong, Shanahan brought us to a couple Super Bowls, there is some credit to be given there even though he rode the coattails of John Elway, but Shanahan stayed on too long and his whiny, me first prima donna players had to go.

I heard that Klis saying the offense will be impacted cause we got rid of Marshall and Scheffler. Scheffler? Are you kidding me? You’re kidding right? A guy that can’t stay on the field and a guy we rarely even used last year? Not to mention a Marshall supporting rogue who “couldn’t wait for the season to end.” Good riddance. We don’t know what the offense will be like this year, forget this “hard to imagine being more than mediocre” nonsense, we don’t know. We won’t know until we’ve seen some actual game situations, some preseason games.

We could run the ball a lot better this year, and that’s big for the offense right there.  I’ll tell you what if we ain’t running the ball in preseason, we ain’t gonna in the regular season that’s for damn sure. But we don’t know just how well and how quickly these new receivers are going to contribute, and we don’t know how this new offensive line will gel. Could be sooner, later or never. I sure as hell ain’t making my predictions for rookies or the season record until we’ve seen a couple preseason games–not January that’s for sure like some Numby did, or base the contributions of a rookie on how well he reacts to pre-training camp garbage can practices. I have a feeling about this Beadles, and as far as Tebow goes I know his role. Whether he performs it well remains to be seen, but I ain’t gonna do the ridiculous thing and tell you who’s going to get cut before training camp even begins–talk about arrogance. You have to see these guys play in preseason, then you can base your opinion on something tangible.

That elitist Numby, living in his own sordid world, I bet he thinks he can tell the future Broncos without basing his derelict assumptions on facts. Remember last year, Numby practically hoping for us to lose games, hoping Orton blew it so his foul predictions could come into fruition.  Conduct detrimental to the team I say, get him out of there.  Get that Numby out of there. Now he’s sitting there probably fresh off a gin bender, sitting there ranking on our rookies, probably based on what some stumble bum said at a bar before camp even officially starts. He ain’t serious, he ain’t a serious journalist, just someone’s crazy uncle throwing out lies and distortions.

The audacity to scribe “Broncos need to pull trigger on Orton trade,” before we even figure out if our other QB’s can play. That would have been brilliant, trade away our one proven QB going into this year.

I’m hoping we get that Thomas signed up and ready to go, we need our new, faster Brandon Marshall out there–minus the rap sheets, touchdown gloves and McDonalds bags.

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Elvis Dumervil Broncos

This deal locks up Dumervil with the Broncos through 2015, and he deserves it. Hell, he was our entire pass rush last year. He’s been all class, you pay big bucks to a guy like Dumervil for his production and his good character–you most certainly don’t pay that to Brandon Marshall. Pass rushers are a premium in this league, I am expecting Marshall’s absence in this offense will not be much of a factor, we’ll spread his production around. You don’t bankrupt the team for an off kilter wide receiver like that Numby would.

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The Jets Offered the 29th Pick for Marshall

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

I knew it, for weeks I’ve been saying the Jets would be players in the Marshall hunt despite conflicting statements.

They were ready to deal the 29th pick in this draft for Marshall, but they couldn’t reach a contract agreement with him.

It made sense, the Jets needed Marshall’s skillset.

I’m glad though, I like the two second rounders we got and screw the Jets. We may very well be facing them in the playoffs so the hell with them.

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Krieger: McDaniels Has Issues with Elite Players

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

McDaniels was just arriving. He wanted time to assess. He wasn’t handing out new contracts, particularly to a player he didn’t know, with documented off-field issues. Plus, he was asserting his authority, perhaps in ways that were, in retrospect, sub-optimal.

Picking your spots, eh there Krieger? Ends great for the Dolphins eh there Krieger? We’ll see about that. Way to review a trade one day after it happens. Chiming in with your McDaniels jealousy and hate, I don’t forget your failing words on the radio last offseason, bashing the Broncos, bashing McDaniels before a single snap of football. Paige and Krieger cut from the same cloth it seems —  only that Paige finally saw the light when it came to Marshall. Took him long enough, after saying we ought to pay him 50 million plus. Maybe this Krieger’s forgetting the team captains conferred with McDaniels about the dissenters Marshall and Scheffler then he benched their asses. He did the right thing–we’re not gonna eat their crap.

Suppose that would have been a great message to send to the young players: we got to eat Brandon Marshall’s crap so we can make him the highest paid receiver in the NFL.

By the time he pulled the trigger on the deal with Miami, the relationship had reached the final stage of divorce. Both sides knew it was over and they were being reasonably nice to one another in an effort to end it amicably.

Nah, I knew it was over from the day Brandon Marshall was dubbed little T.O., I knew as the off field nonsense piled up, I knew as Marshall’s soaring attitude became clear… I knew his days in Denver were numbered. That was when we had Shanahan, and I knew Marshall would ask the moon once contract talks came up and he would be playing for some other team.

I don’t care what anybody says, you don’t make this guy the highest paid receiver in the NFL.

It’s well and fine that somebody did though.

And I’m sure as hell glad that somebody ain’t us.

#1 Marshall is slightly overrated. He is not a dynamic Larry Fitzgerald. He is a great possession receiver with great yards after the catch.

#2 Marshall is an ass-hair away from being the next Pac-Man Jones. We’re looking at four games, to half the season to who knows maybe a whole season when the next McDonald’s bag comes calling.

The Broncos put a first-round tender on Marshall, but the public nature of their differences hurt the club’s bargaining position. Other teams knew they could wait out the restricted free agency period because a reconciliation wasn’t likely. Ultimately, the Broncos were going to have to take what they could get.

Whether Marshall would have brought a first-round draft pick in trade under different circumstances we’ll never know,

Oh yeah Krieger? The best receiver in all of football was available for a single, measly first rounder. Nobody bit. I wonder why? I wonder if it was because they knew McDaniels was such an alienating force, or maybe, just maybe it was because of this: Rap sheet a mile long.

Oh yeah, and add general unprofessionalism and locker room cancer on top of all that nonsense.

All McDaniels fault I suppose. I guess McDaniels don’t know how to deal with players.

What a bunch of crap that is, we made out pretty damn good in the end. Two second rounders should become starting players and they won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

The issue is not his team-oriented philosophy. Bill Belichick believes in it and he traded for Randy Moss. Bill Parcells believes in it and he just traded for Marshall. The issue for McDaniels is whether he can work with elite talents, whether he is flexible enough to welcome and not alienate them. Because, as both Belichick and Parcells know, it takes elite talent to win in the NFL.

You mean we should live with that un-coachable Huckdort throwing pick after pick, jawing at his teammates and eeking by default into an undeserved Pro Bowl? He never won nothin’ We should make nice with that Marshall–a locker room cancer with a rap sheet a mile long–if that’s elite talent to you Krieger, then you can have them.

We did the right things in both circumstances. Good riddance.

If I remember right, these “elite” players didn’t do us much good in the standings for a few years–even with an “offensive mastermind” Hall of Fame coach at the helm.

Randy Moss ain’t nearly as bad as Brandon Marshall. Krieger acts like the Tuna already has Marshall behaving like a team-first gentleman–we’ll see about that bub. I was surprised as hell that the Tuna made Marshall the highest paid receiver in NFL history. Good for us to get two second rounders out of it and good luck to the Tuna and Co. taming the Beast let loose in the Miami nightlife.

This Krieger acts like its a dark day in Denver and the Dolphins just got a major league steal.

You just wait Krieger, it may take a little while, but the Brandon Marshall Meltdown Meter I’m about to roll out will prove true in the end.

With every dropped pass, with every loss, with every ball thrown to another receiver, the meter will go up a notch… until the meltdown.

Good luck Miami.

You’re gonna need it.

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Brandon Marshall Traded to Miami

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Brandon marshall Tarded to Miami

For the Dolphins second rounder this year and a second rounder in 2011.

Didn’t think old Tuna would put up with Marshall, but it’s just a matter of time before the meltdown.

Finally, the Brandon Marshall era is over in Denver.

With the trade of Tony Scheffler, Shanahan’s grip on the Broncos will finally wither… This is truly Josh McDaniels team.

Like I’ve said all along, the great McDaniels will purge this team of the me first, spoiled, prima donna players–and he did.

I hope some of you sea cucumbers out there who thought the Broncos were bringing Marshall back in 2010 realize my words were iron in this situation.

Could have saved some of you rubes the trouble of looking like fools in that regard, I been saying since day one of the offseason he’s gone and we’ll take what we can get.

We’re better off, the cancer is gone, good luck Tuna, good luck taming “the Beast” Miami: You’re gonna need it.

I predicted the dismissal of Shanahan–but that was easy. I predicted the dismissal of Jay Huckdort Cutler for months before it happened–nobody saw that one coming. Now, I’ve predicted the dismissal of Brandon Marshall.

You would think the Marshall prediction was easy… until you look back at what some of these rubes were saying. “Oh he’ll be back with the Broncos in 2010,” “Oh we won’t trade him for anything less than a first and a third,” “Anything less than a first and I’ll be furious…” what a joke.

He’s gone, the Brandon Marshall sideshow is over in Denver and they should be setting up tents in Miami. Just a matter of time… with every loss, with every ball that don’t quite get to him, with every drop… just a matter of time.

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McDaniels to Talk with Marshall Today…

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

We’re coming down to the wire here folks, and it’s just a matter of time before the Brandon Marshall trade goes down.

McDaniels will call Marshall today–and it’s not to schedule another hug.

I bet part of this call concerns Marshall signing his tender so we can move him out of Denver on draft day.

I bet some of you people out there still think he will be a Bronco in 2010 because of “fair market value.”

Good luck with that, I’ve said it all along: We get one first rounder at best, and anything less isn’t a disaster. Dallas cut T.O. and as much as I dislike them and that Jerry Jones they made the right call and didn’t miss a beat.

The dissenter with the checkered past who is one misstep away from a lengthy suspension will be on his way out of Denver and it can’t happen soon enough.

We’ll be fine without him and his locker room cancer, we can draft Dez Bryant (who I believe is the real deal talent-wise and despite some “concerns” has a clean slate) or trade down for that Arrelious Benn. We could even draft a pair of wide receivers, Golden Tate, Damian Williams, Eric Decker…

Bye bye Marshall.

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