Newton Mugged

Didn’t you just love that mugging?

Gotta hand it to the Broncos defense, Newton and Co. ran into a buzzsaw out there and couldn’t handle it. Ain’t no way, no how. For once, I watched all the popular sports shows today just to watch them make excuses or have to admit the Broncos were the better team.

Now Peyton Manning can retire on top and the Manning experiment in Denver will be perceived as a success in the end.

John Elway deserves a lot of credit for building this defense through the draft and free agency.

You know the names of the major star players on D, but how about that Darian Stewart? Laying the wood all year long and making big plays out there. Another quiet star is that Sylvester Williams mauling fools out there, especially against the run.

Too bad we can’t keep Malik Jackson, I appreciate his nasty attitude out there. You see him huck his TD ball way up into the stands? Normally a player hoards it away on the sideline, he just said the hell with it.

Some little kid surely caught it.

Don’t it feel good to silence all the rubes, goobers and cretins who talked up the Panthers and told you Cam Newton was Joe Montana with wheels coming into this game? I wasn’t buying their hype. Credit to the Panthers their defense did show up, but that offense ain’t all that. Not against this D.

Credit to Kubiak for calling a pretty damn good game, even though it was boring at times it was smart to rely on his defense especially late in the game. Of Course, Wade Phillips is a genius, maybe not as a head coach but he’s one hell of a defensive coordinator.

Special teams also really improved in the playoffs.

This team should be a contender for a few years, you all know we can get better on offense and we shouldn’t lose too much on the defensive side. I’d like to see a new running back to sub in with C.J. Anderson. C.J. is good enough and it was a good move by Kubiak to start him this game, but an even more dynamic runner to pair with him would be big. make the right moves and this team could be right back there next year or the next.