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Broncos Name John Fox Head Coach

Thursday, January 13th, 2011
John Fox Broncos

Draft history will repeat itself (AP Photo)

The Broncos named John Fox their new head coach today.

In John Fox’s first year with the Carolina Panthers, the team had the second pick in the 2002 draft.

They chose Julius Peppers.

In 2011, Fox’s new team has the second pick in the draft.

We better choose Julius Peppers, or Neil Smith.

You see that Bowers? That Fairley? That’s the next Julius Peppers and the next Neil Smith out there.

I don’t care who the Broncos picked as their next head coach, but I do care who we pick first in the draft.

It better be Bowers or Fairley, you don’t pay out the ass for a cornerback.

Brandon Lloyd, Champ Bailey? If they want tons of money, then each of them can go. We’ll be fine. That’s right, just like we replaced Marshall with Lloyd, we can replace Champ with a second rounder or someone in free agency, we can replace Lloyd with Thomas.

You don’t pay out the ass for a corner. You don’t pay out the ass for a wide receiver. You do break the bank for top tier defensive line talent.

Defensive line–talk about the Denver Broncos most dire position of need, and we better address it. I want us to draft a 9 year starter on our defensive line with that first round pick.

Anything less is uncivilized.

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Broncos 31 Seahawks 14 – Trade Orton Now

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

That’s more like it, but just one sour note: Who the hell is coaching our kickoff coverage, eh? What the hell is going on there.

The offense performed, we got turnovers and ran the ball well enough when it counted. Scoring touchdowns for Gods sake instead of settling for three time and again. The defense was decent for the most part.

Kyle Orton performed like the Pro that he is, can you imagine life without this guy right now, eh? Trade Orton now?

“Trade Orton now” they said in the offseason, the charge led by that Numby at the Post with about nine thousand sea cucumbers or facsimile’s thereof nodding their heads in agreement.

Trade Kyle OrtonThat poll climbed to nine thousand in favor of trading Orton, what a joke.

This team can beat the Colts next Sunday at home.

Brandon Marshall Who?

Demaryius Thomas Broncos

Demaryius Thomas

I didn’t see number 88 this offseason, I heard some good things, but he didn’t play in the preseason. After his first two plays in his NFL debut–without scoring a touchdown yet or doing anything big–I knew that he’s our best receiver. Just by the way he moves out there, his size and the fact that he’s the fastest or one of the fastest players on the team–I knew this Demaryius Thomas is something special.

I’m glad we’re finally getting production out of our first round pick. This guy ate their lunch out there and sent them the bill. If he clocked in a few more plays earlier in this game he could have had over two hundred yards. It’s a hell of a rookie debut for a Denver wide receiver, Eddy Royal’s debut against San Diego is the closest thing I can think of in recent years. Thomas is the juice this team needs on offense. Our wide receivers are playing well as a hole, but this guy takes them to the next level.

All offseason long I told you people we would trade away Brandon Marshall no matter what, and that I’d be pissed off if we didn’t. I said we could move on without him and be better off for it. We can draft a couple guys and spread the ball around more. Well wouldn’t you know, despite all the absolute BS that this offense would crash and burn “cause Marshall’s not thereĀ  anymore.” The utter nonsense sputtering from the mouths of senile lunatics at ESPN, the garbage talk spewing forth from degenerate dirigible “Senior Analysts” crying the Broncos have downgraded the QB position because ” Brandon Marshall got traded away.”

What an absolute joke. Wide receiver is the Denver Broncos strongest, deepest position on offense. We were doing fine even without Thomas, but now this guy bumps us up to the umpteenth level. I just hope he stays healthy.

Won’t it be nice to have a big-time receiver who we don’t have to worry about benching before an important game? A professional instead of a rap sheet a mile long clown? This guy’s even faster than Marshall, and from what I hear he’s a good blocker too. Looks like a hell of a player we drafted there.

Jason Campbell: Benched

Turd-in-mouth analysts claiming the Broncos were a joke since they don’t have Brandon Marshall–especially the ESPN variety– the same ones who belched out all offseason long about what a great pickup Jason Campbell was ( a guy the Broncos could have traded for easily, but I suppose Josh McDaniels just “don’t know how to run a team” ) and the same ones shouting to the rooftops that he makes the Raiders a viable contender this year: Well there you go experts, there you have it geniuses, the “savior” of the Raiders got benched. Benched and riding pine probably until this Gradkowski character gets hurt.

One of my kids pointed out Madden 2011 originally had Jason Campbell rated above Kyle Orton… some kind of joke that is. Now they’re rated “equal” in an update. I remember hearing about Raider fans on the development team, makes perfect sense with that nonsense.

That Numby at the Post has ESPN ties, he’s in on the ponzi scheme.

“Jason Campbell is a serious upgrade at quarterback…”
Really now.
Oh, and P.S. Trade Orton Now.
Some of you people wonder why I think they should fire this guy. Conduct detrimental to the team time and time again. Can you even imagine if that front office actually listened to Numby? Good God the stupid state this team would be in.
Tebow SignSorry ladies, might want to stay in Denver and catch next week’s game.

The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Well I was sitting here listening to the Broncos vs Lions game, and I says if this Quinn manages to win the game in this final two minute drill, then he’s the “Mighty Quinn.” If he don’t, then he’s “The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby.”

Brady Quinn Broncos

Lackluster, and our scrubs playing “defense” out there couldn’t stop a go-kart. All eleven of them couldn’t stop a kid’s go-kart. A run for 15, a pass for 10, can I have 8 plays and a touchdown for 100 Alex? Or should I say Wink?

In the first quarter Saturday night, Kyle Orton produced a quarterback rating that wouldn’t qualify for the Huey, Louie and Dewey Decimal System.

Well isn’t that cute, look at Numby ranking on our offense. That’s right, Kyle Orton IS our offense. He is one half of our offense, the other half is Jabar Gaffney. Anyone dissing Orton is an idiot, anyone rolling their eyes at having Kyle Orton as the starting Broncos quarterback doesn’t know anything. He is our offense out there. Thank God for it, can you imagine having the Not-So-Mighty Quinnby, or Timmy Teebs out there who don’t have a firm grasp of the playbook–where people should line up–knowing what routes to run–imagine having them as your field general with 16 inactive players? Good luck. Other than that, we can’t run, we can’t seem run block and our pass protection breaks down every other play. If that Baptiste and Polumbus are anchoring our offensive line early this season–good luck. We’re screwed. 16 inactive players, this is getting ridiculous. And I don’t care if some come back by game 1, they’re out of shape not getting playing time in the preseason. I’ll reserve more judgment until I see this game today on NFL Network (1pm EST) instead of hearing it, but it didn’t sound good for the most part.

I’d have that Alphonso Smith, that Paul Duncan and that Worrell Williams, I’d have them run ten laps at the end of the next practice while the rest of the team sits and drinks Gatorade. Make’em run for absolute boneheaded mistakes with the game on the line.

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Broncos at Bengals Tonight 7pm EST

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

I’ll be watching the young guys and the new additions, won’t put much salt into this game though, it’s the next two that are most meaningful. The Bengals have already played a game, so they may look more sharp out there tonight. We’ll see if any patterns develop though, like not being able to run the football or not getting to the quarterback. The offensive line is the Broncos biggest question mark.

I keep hearing all this nonsense about how the Denver Broncos 2009 season rested on a mistake play with an opportunistic Brandon Stokley making the flub grab for a touchdown in week one.

As if that was the only point of significance that could have gone either way last year… How about 3rd and 25 against the Eagles deep in the fourth quarter with the game on the line? Defense makes a stop on a 3rd and 25 play and there’s a win right there. How about 4th and 10 in the final minutes of the fourth quarter against Jamarcus the Hutt Russell, eh? Make a stop there and there’s two more wins.

I trust McDaniels won’t spoil too much of his gameplan in the preseason, he’s the second coming of Sun Tzu, so he won’t do that. Unlike that Huckdort up in Chicago, I said last year, I said they played their hand when they faced the Broncos, and I was right. Shut down that tight end Olsen and Hucky and Co. got nothing. They played their hand to win a preseason game. For some reason, we couldn’t figure out they were throwing it to the TE over and over again. Probably that Nolan brainfarting.

I hear that Shanahan thought Huckdort, Marshall and the rest of the old crew were Super Bowl caliber. They were on the verge of a Superbowl in Denver, did you hear that one? What a joke that is, a bunch of poor character, me first losers who never won anything. Maybe we should discuss at length Jay Huckdort Cutler’s playoff prowess–oh yeah, that’s right he could never get into the post season. He is a ticking time bomb, a pick waiting to happen, defenses know it and I love it.

Shanahan will be a good coach for the Redskins, but his time in Denver was long over. Year after year just a few players away from a Super Bowl, eh? Maybe that’s why they were practicing without pads, maybe that’s why they were spoiled. Shanahan stayed on too long, his ways got stale and the writing was on the wall. If he has success with Washington it tells you nothing about the Broncos and their decision to give him the axe. Shanahan got comfortable here, too comfortable. That Huckdort ain’t no winner and Shanahan couldn’t field a defense year after year.

I’m sure Timmy Teebs will take the field in the fourth quarter tonight, some people will be hanging on every pass he throws–not me. Remember a guy by the name of Bradlee Van Pelt, eh? Back in 2005? Came in there and lit everybody up, he ran, he threw he looked like the second coming of John Elway. Rookie cards went through the roof. Then comes the regular season and he plays one game–it was deer in the headlights city–and he’s pretty much out of the league. Not to mention a guy by the name of John Elway, who’s first year was a disaster. Steve Young? Dismal his first two years. This Tebow doesn’t even have the throwing pedigree, he doesn’t even have the throwing acumen of an Elway or a Young, so any dream of Tebow the “pocket passer” is gonna take time.

Why did he draft him, eh? Why did he draft Tebow? Was it Tebow’s intelligence, his will to win and study, putting in the extra effort to retain the complex plays? Was it McDaniels thinking he was the coach who could make Teebs an NFL starting quarterback?’

I say none of that. It was his versatility. That’s why we drafted him. That’s the sure thing about him. To anyone who thinks this Tebow’s just gonna hold a clipboard this year, you better think again. We’ll see who the geniuses are come the regular season.

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Zane Beadles Era Begins in Denver, Signs 4 Year Contract

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
Zane Beadles Broncos

The acuity and the capacity

I believe the offensive line just got upgraded by the signing of Zane Beadles, he’s got the acuity and the capacity, got a feeling he’s gonna be a diabolical tactician out there.

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Broncos Release QB Chris Simms

Monday, March 15th, 2010

No surprise there, everyone saw this one coming. I ain’t gonna pile on. We all know how Simms performed last year.

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Jake Delhomme Visiting Broncos

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Panthers long-time QB Jake Delhomme is visiting a bunch of teams, and the Broncos are one of them.

Wouldn’t be a bad pickup, he’s a guy that will be a competent backup and who knows–he could even take over the starting job if Orton somehow blew out a cluster fart during the season. Much rather have a Delhomme stepping in, than a Brandstater or Simms.

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Broncos Sign CB Nathan Jones

Friday, March 5th, 2010

So we steal another defensive back (Hill, Goodman) from Miami, this Jones who is a good special teams player and nickel. Started all 16 games. Alphonso Smith is the only guy I’m not so high on from our draft last year but the jury’s still out on him. Started out good then tailed right off, while Ayers started out lame and got better as the season went on. In any event we got insurance with this Jones kid, we know he can play.

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