what go on. I say nothing is go on there is no bronco news guy.None. nothing happen in Denver yes. It all mess up with no football grandfather is very disgrunt there is no trading of free agent it all mess up. Usual it like who we gon get in the free agent but now it so corny guy, it all ruined real foul like. The tebote is do underoos ad that is messed up I did not know they stil have these stupid things. I cant wait for the draft guy it cant soon come enough I cant wait to see who we gon get guy, who the elway will get. some guy day bronco could get qb I said fool you is all messed up that would be crazy guy. He say we get quart back with in the first round I said you sorry guy, so sorry. I like the nick farily he mash guy head so badly I remember the Clady when he fall on guy as get up in college that was so cool. I said I know we need this guy now he will do good ofr the denver.I get same feeling of the fairly.

I met this real fine lady I try to get her number guy I did but she dont talk to me then. I ask for her number and it like she get all wow and run away that was real mess up. Guy in the store say just wiat she will be back and I hope he is right guy. He own store with many thing, chicken wing, beer cola and fruits it pretty cool store and bait for tackle. We make fun of sign that say ice cold ice. It has evry thing excpet the ed macafferty mustards. I cant wait to try this guy but I dont know what else more to put mustard on. grandfather wonder if they are still good if like the expiring date is passing you know what I saying.

I do not hear the giant albino bronco crab in many month now guy. grandfather track on he HAN radio but he say no one has spotted he. I bet he is howling some where out in the water for no football. he is like the only bronco playing football still guy. with all he stolen football.