Things are moving along, we need all the help we can get on that offensive line, which was truly offensive, the interior at least. We got big, athletic All Pro caliber bookends, now we need some giant road graters in that interior.

Denver Post: Bob Wylie, a long-time NFL assistant who has spent the last three years in the Canadian Football League, will be an assistant offensive line coach as will Clancy Barone, who coached the team’s tight ends this past season.

Went down to Sam’s Club and got a 70 dollar prime rib. You see them steakhouses charging twenty dollars, thirty dollars a pop for sparrow sized portions, eh? Got one of these, carved it up, threw some in the freezer; I’ll be eating inch and a half steaks for a month. Twenty dollar steak, eh? You gotta be kidding me. Not to mention they don’t even clean the silverware proper. You got mental defectives urinating in the mashed potatoes, people spitting in the mayonnaise. If you don’t think they’re doing it in them fancy restaurants too, you got another thing coming. These people won’t rook me and laugh in the prep kitchen. Seen it, heard it, I know it happens. And often. And that’s for damn sure.

I’ll do a lot of things, but I am handsome, comely, immaculate, and not in the least homely or plain. I won’t mess with somebody’s food. You’ve got to be a lowlife degenerate to get off on that nonsense.