Tim Tebow Broncos

One down, another to go: Brady Quinn is on notice and Brandstater–nothing against the guy–but Tommy B. will be flipping burgers soon with Mayor McCheese and Matty McChesney.

At the rate Timmy Teebs is moving up the depth chart, he’ll be the bona fide starter by August.

Very quickly I wanted to address some garbage Numby’s been spouting:

Let’s look at the obvious, people who don’t get it. If the Broncos had thought Orton was a great quarterback, they wouldn’t have obtained Quinn. You can say they got him cheap.

We needed a backup, if Quinn steals Orton’s spot then he deserves it, but we needed to replace Philly Simm’s kid. We gave away what? A running back we handed the ball off to twice last year? Plus a few dime a dozen late draft picks. We could get ahead of ourselves and say Quinn is the future and the answer at QB. We could also get ahead of ourselves and say Brady Quinn won’t even be on the team in a couple years.

Look, this Numby is trying to anoint either Quinn or Tebow as the bona fide future of this team before training camp and the preseason even plays out–that is stupidity.

First, we have Quinn who’s 3-9 NFL record sucks and he’s been inconsistent at best in real NFL games. He’s shown us basically nothing yet, he must prove that he can resurrect his career.

Tebow may never be a starting caliber NFL pocket passer. He may never be that, he may be the best wildcat 3rd and short weapon in the NFL–which I think he very well could be. Tebow has to prove himself, that he can tow the load at QB.

Kyle Orton played pretty well for the most part last year. He had a halfway decent year in Chicago before he got here and has won some games in the NFL.

Is Orton limited? Yes he is, but you can win with him. Numby tries to point a good share of blame at Orton for the losing stretch, but the whole team sucked and we didn’t run the ball like an actual NFL team.

Play good consistent defense, run the ball like an actual NFL team and have Tebow get in there on some third and fourth downs and you can win with Kyle Orton–possibly even a Superbowl. That’s not a far fetched scenario. We’re 10 and 6 last year if we either a) convert a few third and inches or b) 3rd and 25 make a play on McNabb, 4th and 10 with a long field make one play on Jamarcus the Hutt–and what a disgrace both of those scenarios were. We could have made the playoffs, but inability to run the football (mainly) and stop the run would have taken us right out.

Numby claims Kyle Orton’s noodle arm is why the running game sucked. Everyone knows that if your guy at QB can’t throw 30+ yard bombs then your running game will falter: See the Chicago Bears to dismiss this completely.

Oh I bet that Huckdort will just make the Bears excellent running attack that much better: Dismissed, Numby.


I saw our offensive line getting destroyed up the middle in the Ravens game and it happened ever since. They blitzed us up the middle, they blitzed our weak link–hell teams didn’t even have to blitz, their defensive tackles were chasing down our quarterback and tackling our running backs for a loss in the backfield.

Brady Quinn and Tebow are wholly unproven NFL commodities at the quarterback position. “Trade Orton now,” is ridiculous.

I happen to think that Mark Schlereth has plagiarized me, I have Shapiro on speed dial, but that’s OK I’ll let him slide due to his previous performance as a Bronco. His summary of the Orton/Tebow situation sounds awfully familiar.

Actually, it’s just common sense.

Even if Quinn were to take over the starting spot I sure as hell would want to keep Orton on this team. He’s a 14th ranked QB who could even improve a bit this year–but let’s say he doesn’t– still he’d be one hell of a backup quarterback to have.

Numby seems to think either Quinn or Tebow is surely the future at quarterback and we should trade Orton now before any real competition begins.

I say, Quinn–maybe, we’ll see. If he basically gives us what Orton gives us, his athleticism could push him over the top.  Tebow–I don’t think so, but not a bust either, just a great situational weapon. Hell our “future” quarterback could be a guy we acquire next offseason.

20 some teams passed on Tebow, 20 some teams passed on Quinn and even one of the dung heaps of the NFL, the Cleveland Browns replaced Quinn with the great Jake Delhomme who’s coming off a spectacular 8 touchdown 18 interception season.

Did any of these “trade Orton now,” fools even consider the possibility of neither Quinn or Tebow becoming a great or even an above average NFL quarterback? It’s possible, these two QB’s haven’t done anything or proven anything on that field yet.