mike munchkin

the john fox spirit verse the mike munchkin

I look into magic bag. I see the mike munchkin small orage head. he beady eye and foulĀ  green hair. hey guy he wearing look like the nasty bronco throw back socks. The munchkins say no guy dont beated me dont make me look corny at home in the nashvile. Bronco is ocming to the nashvile with revenge on they mind. the corny cortrand finnagan who tried beating horton last year hwat was that about guy. that guy is messed up. I fhope we get the clady to block he. the pancaking block of maybe the orlando franklins too you know what I saying. maybe if the cortrand come in on blitz the olando franklin will smash he into next week guy with powerful roundover punch. that would be cool. guy would say what was that and he say holmes that was the orlandon franklin gon mashing the cortrand into ground with lowest shoulder pad powering.

dont be corny horton be strong like fiery wind

the Horton must be crisp for bronco to win. NO ROOKIE MISTAKE GUY COME ON> got to hang on to you ball eric decked got to hang on to rock willits magahee. dont be corny and fumble guy. leave cola on porch for night before for giant albino bronco crab to ooze out of ground and get. he get cola and power of no fumbler transfer into hand arm coordinats for day of game yes. that how it work holmes dont dihonor you ginat albino bronco crab. giant albino bronco crab appeciate good running yes. dont be fool to trash talk he just move away guy.

giant albino bronco crab get

I hope the cortrand finnagan get polted some how guy who can go hit he and not get a flag. maybe the tebote will be send to block he guy taht would be cool to see what happen I bet the tebote could pan cake he guy. pan cake like the ed macafferty in souper bowl time. that was the coolest block guy come on and then he pont finger at guy he say guy you done get balled up. look at how balled up you now in front of girl freind in front of family all balled up on nation TV. what you gon do now guy you is over with and i win. thats what he sayed I betting.

this more like it guy how come not we sine this guy.

the bronco must find way to containitive the power run of the chris johnsons guy. got to keep you pad paralel to the line guy. got to keep you pad down head up got to hone it guy and keep you containitive. I not know what all this mean in high school guy say keep paralel to the line I just forget this and run at guy hard. guy say you got to hone it guy I dont know what hone mean either guy I just run at guy hardest hit can do. it worked guy most of the time I think. Bronco must hone it guy. we missing the elvis doomervil guy that is foul. come on doomervil stop be corny stop being the injury player. we need you guy dont be corny you make too much monies to be corny. I hope the chanp baily play cause like they have some guy the kenny brits who like is good. so it would be cool if like the chanp baily could get to he but cassial vaund was like pritty good guy last week yes.


I want to see the rahind moore hit some body guy come on do it again the rahine have real good hit last wee kI saw it guy when the guy was going for first down and the rahine say polt he say polt and guy was polted down hard onto ground with the furious arm smash. it save the game guy I not even kidding. like the robert ayer sack fierce in field goal area that save the game too guy. the fury of the horton might come out guy watch out for this. the titan was like think of trade for horton but they got the hasselback instead and now horton is like burn about this like very disgrunt. and the cortrand finnegan try to beat horton and he line man the kuper last year so horton is disgrunt he say they is was the foul player after game very foul like foul degenrate toad come in night to blow up in locker. taht how foul guy.

mike munchak

corny mike munchak beg for the mercy

I think the bronco will win guy 22 to 17 it gon be close but like the mike munchkin will mess up and do something corny I just knowed it guy. He too mess up with he green hair and orage mess to lead to victorius you know what I saying. I hope will see the crush hit over middle guy many time I think the bronco defence will be all rile guy all pist off it gon be cage match from because of last year. cage match holmes you know what I saying and the munchkid gon tap out guy I know he will do this.