So the same old Broncos showed up, eh? This team didn’t have me fooled. I don’t trust them. How can you this season?

One more loss until we start Tebow. I bet we’ll lose another game and this coach won’t start Tebow, but he better–I will start going $%#^&# crazy on this coaching staff each week until he does. It won’t be pretty.

Some people miss the point entirely of the Tebow situation. If you think Tebow is going to “save the season” then you’re most likely a gooned out goober or some insane Gators fan swept up in Tebowmania. No, it isn’t about saving the season (maybe saving it from boredom)  It’s about giving a rookie first round quarterback valuable experience in a losing year and at the same time creating a legitimate quarterback competition next year. Let’s face it, the way things are going this McDaniels only has one more year, it’s time to put in the kid and let him get valuable playing time. What’s Orton gonna prove this year, eh? That he’ll take us to a valiant 7 and 9? Some joke that is. Put in the kid and let’s evaluate him, see what he flashes out there, and next year we’ll have a quarterback competition. If Orton wins it, fine then he’s our best option. Plus, let’s say Timmy Teebs makes big strides next offseason, are you gonna be confident in this kid starting with no actual game experience?

Last night’s game in a nutshell: Broncos offense three and out. Broncos unable to put pressure on the quarterback.

This team is a bad team, they are mediocre at best. It’s not a complete disaster though. Looking forward, we have young talent and teams that are 6-10 can rebound to 10-6 in one year, it happens. The loss of Dumervil was huge on defense, the loss of Ayers was the dagger in the proverbial heart. As of right now, I want us to acquire a good linebacker next year with the first pick, defensive lineman, one more offensive lineman, safety and a big running back–I don’t trust Lendale White coming back and I’ve about had it with Correll Buckhalter.

Wouldn’t bother me to see Dawkins go next year. He’s been ineffective as of late. If Champ stays or goes it wouldn’t bother me either way quite honestly. Yes he’s a good player, yes he’s a class act, but his departure could mean a lot of money saved. Money possibly well spent on a younger free agent defensive lineman or linebacker. We have some talent at cornerback–all depends on their development. If this Cox is a player in his second year, are we gonna have him riding pine? Playing nickel?

Lately I don’t get emotional watching the Broncos. I know they’re a mediocre team. But what pisses me off is this team’s failure to achieve anything in a horrible AFC west division. Time and time again we’re in position to knock the Chargers out of the playoffs,  kick the Chargers to the bottom of the AFC west and it always ends in failure. The Chargers are the measuring stick of the Broncos from here on out. If we can beat them, we can beat similar teams like the Colts, like New England… until then… it’s T Minus 9 to Tebow Time.