As of today, January 25, 2011 I am officially done with Huckdort.

People are wondering why Hucky seemed to give up on his bum knee so easily. No question it was painful, but Tom Jackson made the point that Hucky still had his legs on that last series.

Last Sunday I fully expected a second half showcasing multiple dorts from Jay Huckdort Cutler. Instead of losing the ball, Jay Huckdort Cutler lost something far worse: His spirit.

Huckdort didn’t want to give P.P. Dublinski the satisfaction. The Huck knew he was going to dort. He knew the Season Ending Dort was imminent.

My video recorder was ready, it was ready for the sure dorts in that second half along with my scathing play-by-play commentary. Truths that would forever echo across Youtube and the far reaches of the internet.

Cutler didn’t want to give me the satisfaction. He knew I was correct in predicting the Season Ending Dort. That monumental dort was inevitable, but instead it was relegated to Caleb Hanie.

Hucky mishandled the situation Sunday just like he mishandled other situations in the past–just like he mishandles the football in general.

I got into Huckdort’s brain and in the end my truths were too much for the Huck to handle. He doesn’t look right, doesn’t protect the ball and he’s a poor man’s Favre.

Jay hucks the ball, then Dort–he gets picked off.

I almost… I’m almost to the point I feel sorry for Huckdort.

I have broken his spirit, his very will to play the game.

As of today, I’m done with the Dort.