I’m sick and tired of a bunch of tabloid nonsense, boneheaded theories and porous information.

I heard Timmy Tebow’s gonna be the Broncos new quarterback.

I heard we’re bringing back Brandon Marshall for a one-year, ten million dollar deal.

Then we’ll sign LT from the Chargers cause he’s certainly at a point in his career where he’ll hit the hole with gusto.

I heard Donovan McNabb is gonna be the Broncos new quarterback. Then we’re still gonna draft Timmy Tebow so he can make two trick plays in the wildcat for us.

Dumervil’s on his way to Miami since Nolan’s better than McDaniels.

We’re gonna sign Terrell Owens to play opposite Marshall, then McNabb is gonna be throwing to Marshall and Owens in 2010.

Don’t believe all this nonsense. You’ve got snake oil salesmen and garden variety morons like that John Clayton over at ESPN peddling a bunch of crap in a slow news period to try and get you to sign up to the website. That ESPN rumor central is tabloid. Just like that Numby up at the Denver Post. His nonsense ain’t even serious. The Broncos inquired three times about McNabb eh? Prove it. I bet they can’t.

ESPN League Source

League source says: " Broncos to trade a 1st rounder for Donovan McNabb."

I bet more than half the time over at that rumor central, I bet more than half the time the “league source” is some Jimmy DaRula selling hot dogs outside the stadium who thought he heard something on his illegal scanner. The Eagles front office pizza delivery man picked up something for a second on his CB radio. What a bunch of garbage. Just because a ESPN reporter floats it from “league sources,” doesn’t mean it’s gospel. Especially at this time of year. A lot of these so-called rumors are nonsense at this point,  nothing really matters until March 5th, and even then they’ll find a way to float something stupid. Especially since they besmirch McDaniels at every turn, even before he coached a single game. I heard that McDaniels don’t know how to run a team.

McNabb playing for Denver? Not happening. Marshall returning? Not happening.

Bring back Brandon Marshall for a year?

Oh yeah, that’s genius right?

I bet we can’t pay him ten million for his talent quick enough — just so we can bench him before another playoff game.