PP is looser I did NO write that guy. take off you looser pp smell like egg fart probable. I bet he is not marry nothing marry that thing yes. she probable divorce long ago and leave pp holding bag of deciet.

hey guy I coming back to virgina in summer final. Granfather do good after drain fluid he take new drug he look like new man. new leese of life.  There is no football guy. I hipe tjhere is football when I come back to there. That would be cool., I saw the jason elam marry cheerleads guy in the denver site. what give with all the bronco guys taking the cheerleads. what give. dont take all of them guy you know what I saying.  I need to get to denver before all of they are betroted.

I scared to go in water guy. the tsunami wreck all over it washing up. that was foul. i hope giant albino bronco crab was not in tsunami. grandfather cant find he on his HAN radio for like longest t ime. what up with that guy. the denver paper have ask john lynsch what a bunch of questions. I would ask he if he try to hit divisonal rival guy harder than like all of they you know waht I saying.