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This One’s On Cuckooman

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

kyle orton“He’s being productive, but I tend to think about the quarterback relative to wins and losses, third down and red zone,” McDaniels said. -September 28, 2010

I’m disappointed in Cincinnati and Detroit, you root for these awful teams and they always find a way to lose. Vikings won, Cleveland won–that’s OK. But Cincinnati, Detroit, Dallas, Buffalo, San Fran and Arizona need to start winning.

If you want to know the goats in today’s loss at Kansas City, look no further than the super tandem of Cuckooman Kyle Orton and Diaperman Josh McDaniels.

The game ended up closer than I imagined, I give the Broncos some credit for going into a tough building and keeping things close.

Any sea cucumber worth his salt could perceive Kyle Orton having a terrible day. Off on his passes, throwing them into the ground, missing open receivers left and right, throwing out of bounds–he sucked.

The coach sucked too for not realizing the obvious. Here we are ripping off five yards a pop with Knowshon Moreno, running the football like pros out there–hell we were ripping off thirty yard runs–we’re out there running like mad and McDaniels aka Diaperman switches to a passing game that sucked all day long. Shades of Mike Shanahan in the mediocre years, running the football at will then getting cute and grinding us to a proverbial halt.

They say McDaniels learned from Charlie Weis to call a play twice if it worked the first time, well P.P. Dublinski says don’t abandon the run until the other team stops you. We stopped ourselves in the second half when Moreno was on fire and we snuffed the flames right out with a heavy dose of Cuckooman suckage.

I didn’t expect Tebow to start this week, even though the season is lost. The coach could at least get him in there for ten plays–but oh no, we can’t ruin Orton’s magical rhythm.

I’ve been saying it for the last six games or so, this Orton can be benched on merits alone–screw the stats. Wins, losses, third downs and the red zone–I “guess” McDaniels agrees.

I want a quarterback competition. We deserve to have a true quarterback competition this offseason and I want Tebow in there starting. Give him valuable playing time in a lame duck season, we all know what we have in Kyle Orton, we all know what kind of team Kyle Orton needs around him in order to be successful.

It’s time to put in the kid,  I’ve seen enough of Cuckooman this year.

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McDaniels Will Return in 2011 – No Surprise There

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

I ain’t surprised by this. Like it or not McDaniels will be the coach of the Broncos in 2011. As bad as it is I was sure had one more year. The only way he’d go any quicker is if the team played like they did in the Raiders game a couple weeks in a row.

He has one more year and there better be improvement or he’s finished. Actually, he may not have another year, there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll get fired mid-season if the Broncos stall out of the gate next year. Bowlen’s right though, this is a bad year for the Broncos. Injuries, rookies on the offensive line especially and inconsistency in the extreme. The team hasn’t turned on McDaniels. They haven’t turned like the Cowboys did on Wade Phillips–three games in a row of totally uninspired play. The Broncos just can’t put a whole game together. The offense goes to sleep for a few quarters then plays like gangbusters, the offense scores a touchdown and the defense gives up seven, then seven more.

As bad as it is, this team isn’t far off. We have talent to build upon and one draft, one offseason can make the difference. I’m pretty much done with this year–like I said I want the Broncos to lose every single game here on out and I want a top five pick.

We are likely to have a top five pick and I want a monster on the defensive line, or offensive line, or a monster linebacker.

I’m sick and tired of the Broncos pretending to be a good team for so many years. How many times have we wished we could move up a few spots in the first round of the draft while all these other teams cherry pick the top talent? The Broncos suck this year and I want a top five pick. A big time player on the defensive line could do wonders for this team.

How long has it been, how long has it been since we had a top flight player on our defensive line? I’m talkin’ DE/NT? How long? Not since we drafted Trevor Pryce?

Yeah we got OK run stoppers, but other than Dumervil we have no pass rush. There is not one player other than maybe, maybe Robert Ayers who is a pass rushing threat.

I want a stud defensive lineman, and I want one via the draft or free agency baby. Whether we pick a great offensive lineman, defensive lineman, linebacker, safety or hell even a running back that you simply can’t pass up–I don’t care–I want that top five pick.

I believe the Broncos can win one more game this year: the Cardinals game. Other than that, we could realistically lose the rest. I have a feeling Bowlen knows this, I have a feeling he realizes the Chiefs game this week may not be pretty either. That’s probably why he came out and said he ain’t interested in canning McDaniels right now, cause this weekend might not be pretty.

Whatever, I want that top draft pick and anyone questioning my allegiance to the Broncos–you’ll be thanking me in April when the draft rolls around and it’s the most exciting Broncos pick in years. Hell there’s a chance we could have the second or third pick and the Bills are most certainly drafting a quarterback.

Oh, and anyone all up in arms over this “spygate” crap and the “integrity of the game”–they’re a bunch of weenies. This Glazer and some doofus from Yahoo sports are a couple of unctuous turds funneling information from some two-bit rat in the Broncos organization. Whoever the rat is better get fired and frogmarched the hell out of Denver, that’s for damn sure. Probably some older loser who doesn’t like taking orders from the younger MCDaniels. Anyone up in arms over McDaniels blasting the coaches in front of the owner after the Raiders game are a bunch of weenies too. Those coaches sure as hell deserved it–owner around or not.

I heard from that Panff that Horvil Tiki got kicked out of his Aunt’s house over an argument with his grandfather about the Broncos, old grandfather probably took my side of things and ol’ Tiki couldn’t handle the truth. The Broncos suck this year and I want a top five pick. Playoff hopes are a distant memory and I want Tebow starting–I know the “safe” thing to do is start him the last two home games–but I don’t care I want this McDaniels to show some balls and get him in there sooner rather than later in a losing season. Hell, just giving Tebow an expanded role in the offense would suffice but this McDaniels seems to be ball-less on the issue.

Instead we’ll tune in to see Cuckoo Man once again spearheading an offense that goes to sleep for three quarters and a game show host fielding a defense that plays tiddly winks while the QB sits back and decimates us. Happy happy, joy joy.

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