Shocking, after claiming the Dolphins rooked us for Brandon Marshall–a player they will merely rent for a little while before he bounces around the league.

Krieger: The next Elway? Oh, c’mon now

Seriously, can we just stop?

I thought we’d kicked our Elway comparison fetish with Kyle Orton. Even in a fragmented media world in which the silliest claims get the most attention, I didn’t hear anyone compare Orton to Elway.

Either way, Tebow is no Elway. And we will do him and everybody else a favor if we kick the habit of pretending he is. More than a decade after Elway retired, this tick of ours is like nicotine. We might need a patch.


On the first day of his first full team workout, Tebow checked down rather than throw deep. He looked like a rookie trying to learn an NFL playbook for the first time, with a steep learning curve in front of him.

Which, coincidentally, is exactly what he is.

Can we stop? This Krieger should have huddled with Numby and that Kiszla before they started dropping the logs and fanning the flames. Probably couldn’t stand to get anywhere near that Numby, he probably gives off a foul and unpleasant odor.

Your own paper is to blame for a good share of the Elway/Tebow hype, you people over there, led by that Numby are preying on the moronic sea cucumbers out there, abusing your journalistic privileges to pontificate a bunch of crap.

Can you imagine if I had the access they are privy to, the questions I would ask, the information I would put forth to true Broncos fans?

I would be a legend–not a laugh like that Numbnuts.

I’m here fighting the good fight, you gonna put my track record up against that Numby in recent years? It’s night and day and I haven’t had “dinner with Shanahan.” I should be making millions for my straight shooting. I have strength in my right hand, countenance in my left and wisdom upon my brow. I often fly in my dreams.

My awe-inspiring power is on display for all to see. I am reality.

No. 8 Has Look of Number 1 – Lindsay Jones, DP

I believe, that when all is said and done after this preseason, we’re looking at Tom Brandstater taking a hike.

Orton’s a man among boys out there now, he’s got the system down, he’s got timing down which comes with experience with the receivers–he’s our best shot to win unless proven otherwise.

“Trade Orton now” –what a bunch of rubes.