sorry guy tebote will make get wacked after win

hey guy what go on. the new era of the tebote denver begin new. Tebote rise as nick farely toad go into ground for cold winter. oh snap I medtate on this strange justiposition for many day.  I cant wait to see the tebote in the denver guy playing all downs I mena in Miami on sunday it gon be crazy I have ready the tebote paper guy and helmet I make the orage one yes. grandfather say it very powerful thing to make paper image of the tebote. grandfather would make but he have no color ink. Maybe I will make for he. the gabby johnsond ask me before if i cry when grandfather was happy to be denver fan again but like no because like in the concan barbariat movie it say no to cry but subatie cry for he. cant cry or else you cant be strong like concan you know what I saying.I learn this many year ago when grandfather steal the hbo with crazy paper hacking. how did grandfather learn to do that guy who think to put paper in the hbo thing to make work. must be some mad crazy fool out there to try any thing.

conand get he revenge in crazy stick place

I look at sky and ground and very disgrunt for it. the denver bronco is corny in maimi guy that is mess up. Why is they so corny in florida they get all mess up and fall down. Shanhan bring bronco to foul dolphin and all are guys fall down. what give that was so corny guy. all are guys was like i give up I cramp up I cant move like old lady in fall down commerciate. That was crazy guy dont be crazy bronco and stay hydated. Keep you hydation cause you no want to just fall down and be all corny down there in the dolphins guy thqt is messed up. I not even kidding guy the bronco alwyas loosed in the dolphins place like too many time even when dolp-hin is like the worst team ever guy. the bottom of you barrel. Grandfather once have lobster pot and use skate in barrel is was so messed up guy. it smell like burnt fart it so rotted and foul. that is how bad the dolphin has been and still beated the bronco guy.

bronco fall down and cant get up in miami like this corny lady do

I used to hate when like guy say how good the dan marinoe is and how bad the elways is guy they always would say that sometimes. That was foul I knew elways was the stronger. You know what I saying. The elways has the rings ming you know what I saying ming.

take off ming take off I has all the rings I bet that is what hte elway say when guy get all corny about dan marinoe.  he like get all cool and say step off guy step of guy whatch me bust out the souper bowl rings holmes. all two of they.  try to toop this dan marinot. you knowed what I saying.IO know he would do this guy he is not lame guy.

It like all over for the tony sopranos guy I know how this one is gon end. tony soiprano is gon get wahcked guy and l0ose he job of dolphin coached I know how this one is go down. Not like corny hbo show where granfather get real disgrunt at ending guy. it was like all those years to watch and then it end like that guy. that was mess up. granfather keep always say it was antie chimactic.

All the broncos guys are the healthy that is so cool it like first time ever. Maybe I hope it stay that way guy we cant have the key injury you know hwat I saying I have enough of the key injury to ppowerful player. I hope the denarius thomas will rise up and plant and catch propeller bomb accurate from the timmy tebote guy. Tebote fling bomb or smash guy for powerful run into end zone. It not matter guy the tebote get done. He make the play move the chain he makey the t0uchdowns guy. all of them. I seen it guy on the nfl thing he was like holmes nobody run ball but me in end zone guy I was like oh snap will he get in fight with the studavile guy if the studaville call not run play cause that was messed up. but he did it guy he run it in.

tebow win

tebote win

I hope the defence final put it all together guy against the corny dolphin. Corny dolphin is weak fish. peh peh so weak and foul it good for nothing. dolphin is corny fish. that would be so conry to loose to dolphin guy dont do it bronco cant do it. I hope the defence can final put together win cause like one week enemy team throw for many yard and next week enemy team player run for like so many guy come on. got to break down holmes. Got to keep you containitive guy come on vond miller got to spin when guy come inside you lane holmes. got to keep watch over you lanes holmes come on.  got to pretend to go outside and then SPIN inside and oh SNAP guy just get balled up for no gain guy. cause of the spin. I could do that when I played guy I know I could.

got to play defence Bronco come on these guy are stink so come on. I hope the demaryial thonmas goes crazy guy and catches the big pass he look good last year but he drop the big pass many time that was foul guy. dont drop the big pass clutch grip ball like life depend yes.

the giant albino Bronco cab will be close by guy I heared he was in turk and cacoes last I think he like turk and caco I thought that was like near turkey or osme thing guy. bronco player must know to leave cola on porch nite before game to gain power of ginat albino bronco crab who never fumble guy. I sit and wonder how many football the giant crab it has. it so many guy I wonder if he has a million football guy., I bet it is close. I wonder what he do with all of they in he underground palace in the sea. like what if there was no bronco would he still collect football. what about before bronco was he alive. I wish the bronco crab could talk. dont trash talk he if you see him guy granfather say that is the worse thing you can ever do guy. dont do it.

giant albino bronco crab in off seasonal water

I hope the defence play real good for once guy and smash some body. I think the raheen moore is do for big hit guy. I know he out there wanting to hit guy so badly. where is the dawkin big hit too., why dont the bronco do the nasty hitteds come on guy I want to see the mainmi dolphin balled up and laid out guy come on. I want to see the oh snap faces from the raheen more hit you kinow what I saying that was the amaze play that you spend all you money to buy the directional tv package for. grandfather say if they let choose just bronco game cheaper he would get just that but they make pay out hind quart for it all that is foul.


the oh snap look on enemy team faces

come on zaned beadles and orlandon frankin come on and block for  you home boy magahee guy. The magahee has been bright spot on offence guy he is the powerful wheel contendr like tebote is when he run. get pad under pad eat garlic and tuna before game to make hurt the enemy team defence guys. I hope the clady will bring his beating pole and ruin all of they guy like in one swooping mash. Got to open all you running lane guy. I want to see the orlandote franken go all crazy and like block some fool up into the stands you know what I saying I saw him do this guy I hope he will.

where is the joe mays guy come on marcus thionmas and the other guy. come on and keep the offence guy off the joe may so he can do some things. he can do some thing good when they keep guy off of he and not all balled up. come on and bring the hirt to enemy team player with the pole axing smash.

matt moore is so corny guy I bet they wish they had horton. I think the bronco will win 24 to 13 guy and come back victorial. I know the tebote can do this guy. the John fox spirit will be happy the team will laugh and laugh as they leave field victorial. The fox spirit will go outside stadium and throw big full milkshake guy at the miami buses guy after game  that will be so cool. guy will be like let get out of here this is corny town with weak dolphin that always looses.