Peyted the HAMMER hillies injured is bad guy. He done tored he hamstring guy. Big hooge crazy teared. So he out for hole season. This is crazy guy. This all kinf of crazy. He was the powreful smashed run guy. The bronco has have Selfin young come back soon. They get have has tated bell, pj popes and the Cory boyed off they practice squad now. They get guy in hot dog stand too. I heared it. He carry all kind of crazy hot dogs guy.

Updated; I mourn guy. I is in mourning. I cannot beleef all the injured guy. What give? The bronco not usual practice in pad. The bronco practice in pad before atlata game. I wonder if still do this? Maybe bronco should pactice in pad. all day, I not know guy, so many injures this year. Last year. It all kind of crazy guy. The payted hillies is incredibel athletic guy. I serious guy, we done get steal draft again this guy. He like the moose johston but better runner guy.

I is glad the panther win. Now they can loosed better next week. Bronco been work on run defenced guy, lets see it pay off this week.