I very for tansgessions. I get arrest and grandfather take away pc and every thing. I very sorry for this guy. I get real boared and bang this guy house with rock. He live way down. I have the markman slingshot and hole gravel drive way I get rock and sit on top of house and bang he house. I was boared guy. Bronco loosing. no bronco p;ayoff. I bang house with rock it so loud it rack all over nayborhood so loud guy. so loud I laugh and laugh. guy was old he no come out but and I didnt know he could knowed it but he had camera cause he hear crazy noise he think he was go crazy guy from noise and he find me out guy. I was so the found out. I had have to pay 300 dollar for three windows guy. I not even know I done bustted they you know what I saying. I done not even knowed this it house was so far away how could he see? What ever guy I need to finish the brandon loyds golden tiki grandfather would not make the base but now he will I think.

What is all the broncos doing. The Elway and the fox spirit is going all to the colleges to get our new guys. We need like ten new guy on defence again. Ten new guy it gon be crazy I hope the Chnap Baily will not be real pist off like becuse the bronco is rebuild again.The Elway is large and in charge yes. He make cooling rain over the invescoe guy.

are we gon get the BJ RAJI guy. Are we gon get our BJ RAJI type guy cause that what I want in evry draft but we can never get. I want the namdaka suh, I want the BJ RAJI guy but never get/ Come on guy get the bj raji guy to brocos. the patrick petreson take ball to house. the von miller knot up you backfield guy. But I want the nick farley guy. COme onthis guy is cool. He mash guy head. I seen it. Many time he do this. He ball guy up in backed field then he done mash he head! I unbelef this. I can no belief this guy. He ball up corny run bak in backfield then he say holmes I done mash you head. get out. go home I ball up and mash head. YOu is corny I mash head. I could no believed this guy it was so cool. It was like the clady when he done fall on guy as get up. I say we need this guy he play with the mean streaked you know what I saying. he mash head and say yes yes I do this.