foul winds

hey guy what go on. Foul winds. FOUL WINDS the colt beated the Bronco again guy what give. Granfather was is very disappont guy, he very silently now guy., You know it bad when granfather walk out before game end. Granfather sheller out for the directional tv online. he pay out hind quart for this and we hook up to tv from lap top and can see game guy that is cool but bronco loosed and granfather say he wish he not pay for this if bronco so foul guy.

granfather come back and he no eat guy. he sit stare at wall and take no food. Food have no flavor guy not for granfather. hole house silent. what give when Bronco loosed to the payted manning agan for so many time. this corny guy. real corny and foul.

The Bronco run is foul. why can we no run block guy we have the clady giant of the denver come on what give. we have big new guy like three new guy and what give no run. these are hoge guy but no run still what give. Got to tote yuo rock you know what I saying got to toe you load guy, but bronco no can will do this.

the Horton aeriel feats went all kind of crazy in air but it npot enough guy. The horton done throwed for like six hundred yard guy. that was crazy but no even this beated the payted manning guy. cpome on, Beated and juked guy that is foul.

I think the foul degenrate toad have control of the stadiat controls guy. I think he done get to the Invescsoe control panels guy and he in control now. foul degenrate toad he come in night. He probable no get what he wish for in chrismas time now he take out on bronco guy.

foul degenrate toad have invescoe control i know he does guy

I think the mcdanels need to find shanhan’s magic hoar-farm bag guy. I think he need to find this like right now guy. Forget about you first fifteen play but scripft the goal line play yes. All of them. scripft the goal line play cause it no work guy. IT NO WORKING. COME  ON

Grandfather stand make sine of the claw on thrid downbut it no work guy in second hlaf of game,. He very upset guy. He do this many time on big time in game but bronco defence no answer guy. he think the claw loosed it power guy and that is foul.He say the bronco is make him look corny. He very ashame,

SOMEONE NEED TO FIND FOUL DEGENRATE TOAD INVESCOE CONTROL PANEL GUY> and turn it around holmes cause the bronco is real mess up at home yes.

what happen to the Horton guy whe n we have has march you feild all day and then like it peter out so badly at goal line guy. I think we need to give clady ball on goal line. RUN THE CLADY ON GTOAL LINE. come on guy, he is giant of the denver.

it Bronco only one and two guy but come on cant makey you habit of loose like this guy. I dont know what  the bronco can do guy. Got to exective got to executive yuou plays. When guy no executive the play Shanhan say FART do again maybe the mcdanels need to say this.

I hope the ryan harries come back guy maybe this good luck sign cause it seem real foul when he is not hear. Tiki torch go with to the Bandon Loyds guy, he was crazy he have the career game guy. he play the good for us. but but Horton throw the one pass into dirt and that when granfather leave he say peh peh and he leaved guy that was foul. he so angry the colt win the bronco again they are very evil enemy team to bronco guy so many time. horton could get for so many yard but he throw corny pass bad pick hurt bronco yes.