I busy making draft video of all rthe new guy. It hard without panff but he say he will editing for it.

The elway the fox spirit the zander did not get the nick fairly guy. what give. why do all the lion get my guy. they done get the suh now they get the fairly that is messed up guy. real messed up.

I think the vond miller is cool guy. he have cool man glasses. guy say the vond miler will be rookie of year guy is this true. I bet he will be the rookie of year and that will be so nasty guy. I cant wait to see the intangents of vond miller and the edge speed guy. the agility of the hand arm coordinat. the forocious timed move. guy say he have all the moves guy all of them. he RIP. he done say RIP and juke and qb is all done just like taht guy. the elway see this and can not pass this up guy cant do it.we need the speed to get the philly river you know waht I saying? Final we get he cause some body have to sack that guy many time. give keg of beer to guy who sack the most time.  THe charger is so corny I sit reflect of the charger and they playoff guy so many times last years and they get blowed up so bad/  and at home too. Time for new guy, time for declined of the charger uyou know what I saying.

the wiallams give he bessing

I cant belief we get the rahime moore guy. this guy is BALL HAWKING safety yes. oh yes holems is ball haweker. guy have 10 picts in like second year and guy avoid all next year cause he done pict guy off so badly. that what we need guy . that what we need guy who can pick off ball run back for 6. we dont do this any more guy what give. holmes is ball hawker guy I cnat what to see the flash over middle and done pick off go other way. for bronco yes. he is collector of balls like the giant albino bronco crab is I hope he find many in for the denver.

thanks guy I collect football

the orlandote frankin guy. holy snap guy. holy snap thsi guy is crazy guy. did you see this guy. holy snap. where did he come from on draft board. he come out of weeds onto bronco drafting board.  grandfather about to run out of house when he see the orlandote frankins picture guy. he one MEAN craxy dude yes. he crazy I could not belief the raw pawer guy, holy snap. he mash guy all way to other side of line so frenzy guy. hat on hat until whistle goes. so frenxy I saw it. guy say he is coolguard but like not a tackler and outside tackle but like he will do good I think. this guy is crazy we have the on one side the clady giant of denver. on the other side it mecha clady guy. it mecha clady I know he will be this. I cant belief we sign the mecha clady guy. the elway hand pick he guy. hand pick. hand pick of the elway guy I know it I bet the tebote is proud cause he have mecha clady on he side you know it guy. guy say he gon go to other side to get away from the clady now good luck holmes cause you done wronged the mecha clady guy. good luck beter bring you car you truck you house you hole family guy cause the mecha clady is real pist off now. for the denver.

mecha clady begin

I cant bliefe we get the nate irvings guy. where did this guy come from. how come i did not see he filmings. I cant belief we get the nate irvings guy. the elway draft four starter guy four and the nate irvins is one I know he will overtake the starter guy come on. come on this guy is too much not to starting in you middle. Oh snap guy did you see the nate irvings mash guy so badly. he pole axer into ground many time. so many time he do this is it legal. that would be cool if it is. I cant belief the suppex power guy. he powered bomb guy into ground like huck hogan did. I watch this guy now like boarding hawk over the invescoe. it have eagle eye capablites to see always. I watch the nate irvings guy. I think this guy will be the next tomstone jackson guy I know it. he gone say heared my footsteps holmes I come to beat down. he punish guy. he said it. many time he say this guy he say I punish the enemy player guy. I trade hole draft for this guy all of them,.live with t he chad mustards at defensive line if have to for the nate irvin guy I want to punich the chefs and the afc west divisnal rivals guy. nate irvins can do this guy I know he can he gon mash guy up the tuna guy said he will. he grading the first round player natte irving guy bronco get in second round cause they knowed he was good. I cant wait to watch the nate irvin guy this guy come correct . he the predators guy that like my favrite movie when the guy have lik ethis chained gun and he start to spray the trees all around. I wish I could do that wi th a chained gun some day that would be nasty guy. bang house with chain gun just for fun with no one iniside it. the predators guy that is so cool football better come cause I want t o see the nate irvins mash some guy so badly in every game many time.

the pedator

then we get this guy that could be like the antonio gate. when will the antionio gate retire guy. come on. I sick of the antionio gate. the denver the elway have all the draft picts this year guy. all of them./