i get kick out of aunt house because grandfather. grandfather starat cursing the bronco guy. he curse them i cannot belief this. how can he do this guy. He cursing and say the foul pp is right and bronco need have best pick in draft. I get mad at grandfather. I get mad i come here to own site and hear enogh of this foulment of bronco by pp guy and now grandfather agree . he AGREE wit h the pp guy. what give. why do bronco always lose. always losing. where is the bronco cheerleader guy. where is they. I do not see enough of they on screen what give. they work hard all year and eat grain for to make littel  waist yes. why not they get more air time on doirectonal tv yes. I want to see the bronco cheerleader at stiation break not corny head of troy aiksman.

i get kick out of aunt house for try to stop grandfather. I get job in city with the efficancy apartment. it real corny guy, real corny. no directional tv no pc no internet no cable guy. not even cable guy you know what i saying. friend say I stay home because my place lacking in all so many things. aunt come get on christmas guy. she say dont mess  with grandfather. I do not mess with grandfather. Granfather say I must print he haiku for all to see if i stay here now guy. I no want to do this but I have to you know what I saying. grandafather say I need to do this he better see on site and for i stop false hopes of grand bronco sunshine.

I no want to rite this guy but I have has to yes. i no want to smear bronco i sorry for thsi. I want the macaroni cheese. i want the directional tv and pc. i did not see the tim tebone first ever game I done only hear it. done only hear it guy that was foul.  i do not want to miss any moar bronco game guy. i must do wat grandfather say. he say i to much fan of the bronco. how can what this be. i no question grandfather this one time i want the macaroni cheese the air condition the directional tv. the many living goods. if i had fine bronco cheerleader we could live in efficancy with her all we I would need is simple thing for days of glory i not care but i do no have bronco cheerleader yes.

grandfather say


bronco so sorry

always crap in pant effort

bronco lose again


bronco like dooky

it turd all over so badly

it corny and smell


invescoe nitemare

shanhan leave too the early

no one go to game


horton is corny

noodler arm never get done

cutsper triumph laugh


three and elevens

defence stink like drunk chicken

bronco fart again


mcdanels failure

dove valley woe beated juke

elways take over


second pick in draft

charger chef raider fan laugh

bronco so crappy


foul toad farting bleats

high in denver stadiat

everything smell


offence line crappy

morenote minus two yard

we fire all caoches


defence no pass rush

the dawkin miss tackle bad

horton is not win


bronco loose again

bronco smell total crappy

get new guy for caoch


bronco is like sad man

all things he do is failure

food have no flavor


mcdanel corny

throw flashlight at bowlen car

empty seats again


i did not want to do this guy but i have to yes. i sorry so sorry. i watch bronco gametoday.