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Ryan Clady Injured Playing Basketball – Lets Down Horvil Tiki

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

When Horvil Tiki finds out about this I expect he’ll be let down by “the Clady.”

Ryan Clady Broncos

I like Clady too, but he should be downright fined for this–or taken to the woodshed.

What a joke, you’re a damn football player for 12 months out of the year.

Looks like he’s out 3-4 months, but who knows… just great, just what we needed.

Timmy Tebow should learn from this.

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Broncos Notes 12/11

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

The Broncos released safety Herana-Daze Jones and signed tight end Jeb Putzier. Putzier was a pretty sure handed receiver for Jake Plummer in the Broncos 2004-2005 seasons.

The Rocky Mountain News has a few words with the returning Jeb Putzier, and posts some injury updates:

Champ Bailey is practicing but will not run full speed until Saturday.

Linebacker D.J. Williams has returned to practice after missing 5 games with a sprained knee and will be evaluated under a watchful eye.

Running back Selvin Young has started to practice fully, but Mike Shanahan states Young’s conditioning or “football shape” is a concern after missing so many games.

Safety Marlon McCree is set to return. Receiver Brandon Stokley should play Sunday.

Spencer Larsen didn’t practice yesterday with a groin injury. Linebacker Mario Haggan practiced after a knee injury last Sunday.

RMN also points out Jay Cutler needs only 321 yards to reach 4,000 passing yards.

Yahoo Sports serves up an AP article focusing on the emergence of undrafted Linebacker Wesley Woodyard. Our own Horvil Tiki awarded Woodyard a Tiki Torch award for excellence in execution during last Sunday’s game against the Chiefs. has the transcripts of Jay Cutler and Mike Shanahan’s Wednesday press conference.

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We’re Back and Broncos Notes

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

As you may know the site was hacked and after a few days finally I am able to get the admin accounts back into the site and all seems well (so far) I appreciate, and I’m sure Horvil does as well, your patience and thanks to some of you for firing back at that guy “PP” whatever that stands for. Hopefully they are satisfied with the attack and will leave the site alone, we’re taking every measure to bolster the site’s security.

Now for some quick Broncos notes:

Three Broncos players were hit with fines from last Monday’s horrible event. The article mentions wide receiver Chad Jackson and safety Chris Crocker may be new additions to the Broncos roster. The Post’s Mike Klis puts forth what he believes are some Broncos keys to success for after the bye week. Last Monday was the first time in a long time I actually decided not to watch the second half of the Broncos game after 10 minutes or so in. Talking with Horvil about it, he thinks there should have been more fines which I’m sure will come up in his belated analysis.

RMN’s Bernie Lincicome wonders who the real Jay Cutler is due to Cutler’s recent less than stellar performances in light of his almost flawless start to the season.

Andrew Joynt writing for CBS4Denver seems optimistic that the Broncos will make the playoffs citing weak AFC west opponents.

It’s old news, and it’s painful, but just because we weren’t able to get to it, Boss Bailey and Patrick Ramsey out for the season while Champ Bailey will sit at least a month with a groin injury.

Frank Schwab of the Colorado Springs Gazette looks at the current injury situation in Denver and mentions Brandon Stokely looks to be recovering well after his concussion.

Lastly, John Elway lays the smack down on the Raiders organization claiming JaMarcus Russell needs to get out of Oakland if he wants to find any success in the NFL.

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Clifford Russell Released from Hospital

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Great news as Bill Williamson reports Broncos wide receiver Clifford Russell was released from the hospital. He was carted off the field after a rather scary injury in the game against the Chiefs earlier today.

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Chargers Shawne Merriman Out for Season

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

In a huge blow to the Chargers defense, Shawne Merriman is out for the season as he decided to have knee surgery. The Chargers hoped Merriman could play with his injuries and he honorably tried to play hurt this year.

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Broncos Notes 8/24

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Denver Post writer Woody Paige comments on the 2008 Broncos position-by-position. The DP also looks at a few possible roster cuts coming this Tuesday.

Marquand Manuel and Elvis Dumervil are likely to play in the season opener against the Oakland Raiders. Broncos officials believe Tom Nalen’s knee surgery went well.

This AP article appearing on CBS4 Denver suggests Denver will sorely miss Brandon Marshall’s talent on the field due to his two or three game suspension. The Denver Post reports its possible that Marshall’s suspension could be greatly reduced.

Bad news for the San Diego Chargers as LB Shawne Merriman has two torn ligaments in his left knee. The RMN article reveals his doctors claim the injury could be career threatening if he does not have surgery to repair them.

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Broncos Notes 8/23

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

RMN takes a look back at the Broncos 27-24 preseason loss to Green Bay. CBS4Denver reports the extent of the Broncos injuries in the game that includes DE Elvis Dumervil – broken pinky, Safety Marquand Manuel – fractured thumb and DE Paul Carrington – strained left calf.

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