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Kyle Orton Ain’t Going Back to Nashville

Friday, October 8th, 2010

I was right about that Jeff Fisher, that loser chiming in last year to the press about our new coach. Stick a sock in it you loser, hanging out in that hole Nashville. I hope we see them in the playoffs and beat them again. Stone their big running back for zero yards while we’re at it. Sorry to burst your bubble “Cortland Finnegan,” but you’re a loser and you suck. Kyle Orton ain’t going to Nashville and he sure as hell ain’t ducking you. That’s for damn sure. The nerve of that goober, trying to punch one of our defenseless players. I’m glad Kyle Orton called him out for the loser he is. They’re backwards down there, and the big gift of the holiday season in Nashville is a wooden whistle. Can you imagine that? Maybe if the great Cortland Finnegan’s lucky he’ll get a wooden whistle signed by “Steamboat Louie.” That’s sure to be worth something someday, box that sucker up and throw it in the closet, it will be worth hundreds on ebay someday I’m sure.

We’ve got two tough games ahead of us against the Ravens and the Jets and I’d like to see us win one of them. Some people are acting like the Baltimore game is a sure loss. Well it’s a one o’clock game on the road and in Baltimore so I guess I can’t blame them too much–but we kept it close last year. We kept it close for the majority of the game and then all hell broke loose. It’s not impossible for the Broncos to win this one. Improbable, I hate one o’clock games–but not impossible. I’d like to see more creativity in the offense this week. Running it up the middle and passing out of the shotgun seems like all we have out there. No reverse to Demaryius Thomas? How about a pitch play like the one Terrell Davis used to run to the left side… anything–something different for crying out loud. I saw an article in the Denver Post labeled “Gadget Plays Not the Answer for Broncos,” oh yeah? What is the answer? Getting stuffed on the goal line time and time again? Throwing another uncatchable ball to Lloyd off to the side of the end zone? Yes Lloyd and Orton have been playing well, but when they get down to the red zone they’ve had issues. I demand better playcalling than Orton to Lloyd 50 million times.

I also have a bit of a retraction to make. I said the Broncos missed Lendale White because he’s the only running back we have that can fall forward at the end of a run. Whether it’s a 5 yard or 1 yard run, falling forward at least nets a yard. Well, I retract that statement a bit, because with three guys tackling them, no running back is gonna fall forward with what our blocking’s giving them out there. Time and time again that Numby at the Post tries to say our running backs dance around too much. Lance Ball, Bruce Hall, Knowshon Moreno, Lendale White, Justin Fargas, Correll Buckhalter… oh I suppose they’re all just a bunch of dancing fools out there. I suppose they all can’t find the holes we’re opening either. What a joke that is.

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