Leave it to Mike Klis at the Denver Post to produce a fair report on the Broncos “supposed” QB conundrum.

“I don’t think Kyle’s job’s in jeopardy,” said former NFL quarterback Jim Miller, who has a show on NFL Sirius radio. “If it’s in jeopardy, that team is in trouble.”

Mark Schlereth weighs in on Orton and the Tebow pick. Sounds like he’s been reading P.P. lately:

Said Schlereth: “To me there’s not a whole lot of controversy. Kyle Orton has been a very good, very accomplished quarterback in this league for a long time. The problem with Kyle Orton is he’s limited athletically. He’s got a great arm, but he seems to get an ankle injury or whatever because he doesn’t have the athletic ability to get away.”
“The advent of the Wildcat in this league, that’s not going anywhere. You put Tebow in those situations, and you give yourself a run-pass option. It’s going to be a real, serious package for you, especially in short yardage and goal line, where you really struggled last year. If they’re better in short yardage and goal line last year, instead of 8-8 they’re 10-6 and they make the playoffs.”

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos

I’ve been saying it all along: Tebow will be a weapon in the wildcat, but Tebow the pocket passer is a big-time long shot. People seem to think it’s a disaster if Orton starts. Like I’ve stated many times, 3rd and 25 in the Eagles game and 4th and 10 in the Raiders game, the defense makes one play and we win those games. Plus all those games getting stuffed on the goal line, multiple third and shorts–some of them were mere inches. I see exactly what McDaniels sees in Tebow–on third down is he going to throw? Is he going to run? Will he pitch off to a RB and block? You people will see why I’ve labeled him Timmy “the Gadget” Tebow. Timmy “the Gadget” Tebow may be all he ever amounts to in this league–and we may love him for it for years to come. All the endorsements, all the ridiculous hoopla will still be there with Tebow as Mr. Wildcat; it’ll still be that way as long as he’s effective in those situations and we’re winning games.

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Oh, but that’s not good enough for some of the rubes out there and the Numby’s at the Post who will try to create a full-blown quarterback controversy. That Numby will be out there screaming start Tebow, trying to drum up a bunch of BS. Conduct detrimental to the team. There’s a reason why Numbnuts at the Denver Post “lost sleep” before penning his ill-informed piece on trading away Orton–he knew he was about to put forth a bunch of BS and mislead legions of pea-brain degenerated mollusks.

Multiple NFL sources say the Broncos let it be known this offseason that Orton was available. Perhaps that time has passed. A Broncos source said Orton is not on the trading block.

“League sources” once again, what were they Benshoof and Stucky the hot dog vendors in Phoenix and Philadelphia? Sure he was available for a while, for a first round pick.

Figures the Denver Post Broncos page is making sense when Numby’s a no-show. He must have stayed out late last night after Iron Man 2 on a nigh-hallucinogenic Mad Dog 20/20 bender.