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Broncos Woes and Tebow’s Running – P.P.’s Straight Shootin’

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Looks like that Tiki is MIA. Probably off somewhere crying in his soup. He probably can’t decide who to give the “tiki torch” award to this week–can’t say I blame him.

That Krieger at the Post. I think they should fire him. These papers are tanking, they should cut ties with these spinmeisters.  After the game, when asked whether the Jets defense was on it’s heels when we ran Tebow’s special packages, Brandon Lloyd replied, “I don’t know.” Krieger added to that, ” not exactly a ringing endorsement.” Oh yeah Krieger, taking an absolutely innocent statement totally out of context and adding your own little snide remark. I’m sure Brandon Lloyd was focused on doing his job, in this case blocking… I suppose he had all the time in the world to review the tape just after the game to see how all eleven Jets reacted to Tebow. What a joke.

Goober Krieger goes on to say no one with 4.7 speed is going to be a star runner in the NFL. 4.7 speed is only a “glorified fullback,” he claims. The sea cuke Krieger spurts ” it’s not good enough to be worth the effort of the special packages if that’s as good as it gets…” What a joke. Every damn one of those special package plays gained positive yards and a touchdown to top it off. Anyone saying “Kyle Orton could of run that one in,” has a short memory when it comes to Orton running the football. If Tebow’s a 4.7 Orton’s got to be a damn 6. Tebow’s agility and physical ability is far superior. Hell, a 6 yard run with our dismal run blocking? That is no small feat, not to mention consistent two or three yards on the rest of them plays. Tebow even showed some moves making a Jets player miss on one of those plays.

4.7 don’t cut the mustard in the NFL, eh Kriegs? Tell that to Terrell Davis, you loser.

I suppose this Krieger don’t like us getting positive yardage, I suppose he don’t like keeping an opposing defense guessing… maybe this Krieger don’t like the Broncos finishing drives with a touchdown.

Plus, this loser has some balls, alluding to a “potential locker room rift,” between the team and its quarterbacks.

He picks the Jets to win on the eve of Orange Sunday, he badmouths the team in the offseason on the radio, yeah that’s right Krieger I don’t forget.

I want him gone. Pathetic reasoning, poor logic, faulty acuity and he’s clearly trying to stir the pot and create a controversy where there ain’t none. Conduct detrimental to the team. He’s dead weight over there at the Post and making little sense.  Just a provocateur, nothing more. At least Numby has passion, I’ll give him that much.

Oh, and if Kyle Orton’s rhythm is thrown off so badly by the special packages–which I’m sure it isn’t. Look no further than the New England game last year, I suppose that switching to Wild Horses was real rough on him. If for some reason he can’t handle these plays–then he ain’t a professional.

PP’S Straight Shootin’ 2010 NFL Preseason Week 1

Friday, August 20th, 2010

I apologize for the audio breakup, obviously my new mic cannot handle my sheer force of truths. I will be throwing it in the woods shortly and purchasing anew.

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Orton Contract Extension: The Will of P.P. Be Done

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Smart. The Broncos extended Orton’s contract into 2011. Kyle Orton finally gets a little respect from the Broncos brass and it’s well deserved. I hoped we’d extend it even further, but that’s a lot of dough. We’ll see what kind of year he has and where his competition is at next year, if he’s playing well and nobody can rise to the challenge then we could even extend it again.

Kyle Orton Cincinnati Denver 2010

I’m telling you people, this Kyle Orton is a no-nonsense team player and let’s say someone beats him out eventually–if that happens, then Orton becomes the best backup in the entire league. If he accepts that, which he could–if not, then we could trade him and trust me: there would be takers.

He ain’t no GQ posing prima donna, and with his team-first attitude he and Tebow can coexist for the foreseeable future. You won’t catch Orton bellyaching and acting the fool when they play Tebow in special packages this season. He’s a professional and he’s coachable–unlike that mop-headed doofus who don’t look right up there in Chicago. That pick-a-minute Dort up in Chicago.

So we did the right thing here, McDaniels is probably reading P.P. lately. We did the right thing, this man is important to this team.

Shame. Woe and shame to those who called for Orton’s dismissal before this quarterback “competition” even began. The nerve of some of you people: “Trade Orton Now.”

Woody Paige Orton Broncos

Look at that, eh? Look at that headline. Take a good look at that absolute joke. I’ve told you time and time again that Numbnuts at the Post will lead you right into a ditch. The nine thousand plus sea cucumbers who voted in that Post poll to get rid of Orton, what a joke, what a disgrace. The only excuse those cretins have is if they have is if they’re too young to know what day it is or if they’re Gator fans who don’t know what the hell is going on. How dare they besmirch this Orton and his lovely wife Bridget who love Denver.

You had morons booing him last year, morons failing to realize our team was dead in the water without him. These mental defectives lamented the loss of that Nashville-loving pick throwing mop-headed Dort loser, that GQ posing goonball who ran around the field fumbling and getting picked like a chicken with its proverbial head cut off.


Here we have the one proven QB on our roster and we should trade him away? Unbelievable, love him or hate him, Orton is going to have a long career in this league helping us or another team win. The same can’t really be said yet of either Quinn or Tebow.

We did the right thing here, and some of you people out their dissing Orton should hold your tongues and respect this guy, even if he were to get beat out at some point, you’re looking at our best chance to win games. Plus, he could be very valuable to us in the future, whether starting or not.

Kyle Orton Winner

Kyle Orton, Winner

Tebow’s NFL Debut was Decent

Sunday, August 15th, 2010
Tim Tebow Denver Cincinnati

Getty Images

Tell you what, if that Brady Quinn keeps playing like he’s playing, and that Tebow keeps playing like he’s playing, Timmy Teebs will be–or should be–the second string quarterback.

Tebow threw the ball pretty well, he was cool in the pocket and he should have had a throw for a touchdown. Keep in mind he’s playing with and against scrubs in the fourth quarter, nonetheless he looked decent. You see them blitzing him like crazy, eh? They do that to rookies, and since our running game is sub-par right now, they knew we were throwing on pretty much every down. One problem I see with him and Quinn is they try to do too much every single play. They can learn from Orton on this one, Orton throws the ball away or into the ground smartly when things ain’t looking good out there. This Quinn’s forcing the ball to nothing, forcing the ball and almost getting picked when it was more prudent to throw it away and settle for three before the half. This Tebow’s looking to make a play every time he touches the ball, he’s got to settle down with that and not force the ball like that pick throwing Dort up in Chicago. Forcing the ball left and right like he’s God’s gift to the gridiron, that pick throwing Huckdort.

For this game, Tebow didn’t look too bad out there and Brady Quinn looked like a rookie for the most part. Kyle Orton looked like a professional.

Our first string offense and defense outplayed the Bengals tonight, not bad considering Cincinnati already had a preseason game under their belts coming in. The first string offensive line didn’t play too bad, but then again there’s not much to fear with Cincinnati’s d-line. Our running game is very mediocre right now and it’s partly our fault for bringing in a guy who has a track record of missing every other season.

With all this talk of Perrish Cox, I  didn’t come away impressed–maybe he just had a bad game. I notice they’re throwing to that Matthew Willis a whole lot, if this continues it may be bye bye Stokley. Our first string receiving corps looked good, even without the promising rookies in there.

Kyle Orton Cincinnati Denver 2010

Getty Images

First string defense looked good, second and third string–not so much. Nobody on the second string defense really stood out–just a bunch of guys getting beat down the field left and right. At least our starters are competent, and that’s what matters most thankfully.

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Broncos Country: Trade Orton Now, Eh?

Sunday, August 15th, 2010


Woody Paige Orton Broncos


Can you imagine going into this season without Orton now, eh? Good luck with that. That Mighty Quinn couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a rocksalt shotgun. It is beyond stupid to diss Orton, ultimately stupid for Denver Post writers to diss him. Let’s say, for sake of argument, that Orton gets beat out eventually, by somebody–maybe not even anybody we have now. If that happens, can you imagine a better backup quarterback to have? He’d be the best damn backup in the league. You people better respect Orton, he’s a professional, he’s no-nonsense and he’s getting the job done for us. This offense was dead in the water last year without Orton, and all indications are they’d be dead in the water this year without him too.

Ayers and the defensive line looked decent, they are big bull-rushers up in there–Ayers keeps bull-rushing into the QB like that and we’ll be OK on the defensive front. Pressure counts for something, even without sacks. That Bannan, that Williams in the middle looks good, nothing flashy, but they are big and capable of wreaking havoc. They aren’t just big, they’re big playmakers. Lance Ball looked OK, he caught the ball well. How about that Jabar Gaffney, eh? That’s a professional, highly underrated player. You wanna laugh at the Orton/Gaffney connection, you wanna dismiss it–you’ll do that at your own peril. Hell of a play call on third and short, that throw to Lloyd for the touchdown. Eddie Royal keeps performing like that and this offense will be ruling the proverbial roost.

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Even Madden 2011 Knows Tebow Time

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

They know, they freakin’ know. This tired buffoon doesn’t:

Woody Paige Denver Broncos Numby

Probably fresh off a whiskey bender and recovering in a dull brown Snuggy, Mr. Genius says we ought to start Tebow if we “Want a winning season.”

McDaniels had the guts to pick Tebow, but not the nerve to start him immediately.


Even the buffoons at Madden, who constantly downgrade the Broncos at every turn. Oh yeah, they got a Broncos bias, it takes a Superbowl winning Broncos team to get any respect over there. Nevertheless, they get the Tebow thing right. Timmy Teebs is automatically set to run special packages in the game with a run/pass option. Everyone should know what this Tebow brings to the table, he’s done it his whole career, but strangely they don’t.

Like I’ve said time and time again, he’s gonna be running more than he passes. For the foreseeable future he’s Timmy “the Gadget” Tebow. Tebow the starting pure pocket passer is a project that may take year(s) and may never even pan out.

Insane fans who buy the Tebow sneakers for 399 on eBay, now don’t you worry, there will still be time to cheer when Friar Timothy runs into the endzone on goal line duty. McDaniels is a genius and I think he realizes the boost Teebs will give us just by coming out there and running a play. Lame fans pawning off their tickets to Steeler and Raiders fans? People booing the quarterback? Well, trotting this Teebs  out there will get the house rocking in favor of the Broncos.

Hey, I’d like nothing more than Tebow turning into a bigger, crazier version of Steve Young (minus the eggshell head), but I know reality. I am reality for God’s sake. I ain’t gonna try and blow a bunch of smoke up the rear ends of astute readers seeking Broncos information. I ain’t gonna lead you into a ditch with my awe-inspiring, devastating prognostications. Unlike that Numby, who ain’t even serious, just throws out crap he probably heard from some palooka mumbling in a bar.

Start Tebow now? What a joke. You want 3 and 13 for real? Start Tebow now. This Numby at the Denver Post is a disgrace and he ought to be fired, conduct detrimental to the team time and time again. He’s misleading people over there and doing the Denver community a disservice.

As the starter, Tebow would give the franchise hope, national relevance

Yeah Numby, let’s trade “hope” and “national relevance” for a 3 and 13 record. I guess Numby’s pushing hard for a top ten pick next year.

A Word on Orton

Orton is the man until someone beats him out, plain and simple, and the number two and three quarterbacks on our roster are well behind. Orton came to the Broncos and performed pretty well in a brand new, complex scheme that supposedly takes three years to master. Our losses weren’t “all because Orton,” last year.The team as a whole farted in that late season stretch. 3rd and 25 in the Eagles game? Defense couldn’t make a play. 4th and 10 against the Raiders with Jamarcus the Hutt? Defense couldn’t make a play to seal the deal once again. The blame goes all around, defense wore down, critical dropped passes, interior offensive line wore down–it sucked all around.

Orton played two very poor games where he got picked twice for touchdowns. Other than that, he did pretty well for us. 3 and 13 would have been reality last year if we didn’t have Orton. He is very accurate, give him time to throw and he’ll pick teams apart. Ask the Patriots. He needs a running game–just like any quarterback–to excel and we didn’t have that last year. We ran OK, but when it counted, when we needed to bleed the clock, when we needed tough yards we got stuffed time and time again. We got abused through the interior of our O-line, people realized our interior line wore down and was the weak point of the Denver offense after that Baltimore game. We had defensive tackles killing our running backs for a loss in the backfield and sacking our quarterback for God’s sake.

People moan about Orton not being able to throw the long ball, I think he can and will more this year. It’s a timing and personnel thing. Who did we have as a real downfield threat last year? Nobody? This year we got this Thomas and that Lloyd has stepped up and looks to have some deep threat potential out there. We’ve got speed this year at wide receiver that we didn’t have last year. Interestingly, it was that Lloyd who caught some deeper passes in that Chiefs game last year–throws people said Orton couldn’t make.  Last year, it seemed like we never called any plays specifically to go deep–that’s what you need to do. We had Orton out there looking short, then by the time one of our receivers had some separation downfield, it was too late–it turned into a jump-ball. No Orton doesn’t have a gun for an arm, but throwing to a primary receiver who can get separation will make a difference.

We also need a better running game than last year, we need to be able to run when it counts. Yes, there were a lot of three and outs last year–it wasn’t all on Orton. Our running game was sub-par and since we mostly dink and dunked for passing yardage, one dropped ball absolutely killed drives. McDaniels also claimed there were a lot of mistakes in terms of route running last year and said the performance of the offense as a whole in the offseason was “night and day,” compared to last year. With injuries, with the young players our offense could struggle early on, and while some sea cucumbers may chant “Start Tebow Now,” the experience and the accuracy of Orton is our best chance for winning games this year.

Orton is a Winner

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Denver Broncos Injuries Have Sea Cucumbers Scattering

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

First off, congratulations to Floyd Little, for his entry into the NFL Hall of Fame, representing the Broncos with dignity, acuity and palpability. And or authenticity.

With the recent rash of injuries there’s cries of “Woe is me,” ‘The sky is falling,” “What did we do to deserve this?”

The only thing that gives me concern right now is the offensive line.

These rookies in the interior line need to gel, and I’m hopeful as hell that Ryan Clady can get back in there by at least the third game. Hell, a hobbled Clady is two, three times what we got in his place right now from what I’ve been hearing.

You got this weasel John Clayton, look at that weasel. Look at that head. You ever seen a head like that? What a joke, what a disgrace. You got this pencil neck weasel Clayton saying the Broncos will not overcome their injuries and they’ll be in last place in the AFC West. He predicts 6 wins, 8 at the most for Kansas City, so you can just imagine what he thinks of Denver.

John Clayton ESPN

Look at that Thing

Part of the joke is him bemoaning the loss of Tony Scheffler, stating this Scheffler was a huge part of our offense–what a moronic joke that is. A guy we hardly threw to? A guy that couldn’t stay on the field? Not to mention a guy of exceedingly poor character? Then he says we downgraded Orton because he don’t have Marshall to throw to anymore.

I’m not worried one bit about the loss of Marshall or Scheffler. Not one bit. We will spread Marshall’s production around, our wide receiving corps are capable. Eddie Royal had a sophomore jinx, something many players go through. Not to mention the large, talented rookie receivers we drafted, nobody knows just how they will factor in just yet, but this genius Clayton knows, he seems to think they’re both still in crutches on the sideline.

That pencil necked loser Clayton, some senior analyst he is. What was it, a 3 and 13 prediction for the Broncos last year? The same prediction this year I bet if he has the Chiefs winning 6 games and the Broncos last in the division, unbelievable this clown. What was it that Schlereth said recently about working at ESPN, knowledge an inch deep and a mile wide over there? Sounds about right.

You got some people sounding ready to throw in the towel over the loss of Dumervil. Like I said it’s bad, but it’s not as devastating as it seems. We’ve got solid players at all positions on defense, and we’ve upgraded that defensive line, and what if that line is performing? We should have a hell of a rotation on that line this year. What if that line is actually pushing the pile backwards for once? Collapsing the pocket for once? How many years has it been since we could collapse the pocket on a quarterback with any consistency?

What if this Ayers gets 7 sacks and is stout as hell against the run?

Robert Ayers Broncos

Sacks? We need Ayers and some other guy...

I’m not getting my hopes up for Moss, but if he performs that’s great. Would like nothing more to see him succeed, but the thing about Moss is that I never saw any flashes, nor any moves. Unlike Robert Ayers who I believed will be a player for us. Also we got that Mario Haggan who didn’t perform too badly last year. If we have guys stepping up and getting a few sacks instead of one getting 17 we’ll be OK on defense.

Last I checked, it’s 11 guys on defense, yes no one will fill Dumervil’s golden pass rushing shoes but they don’t have to in order for us to field a successful defense. A successful defense that should be better against the run this year with a beefed up defensive line. You remember that LB Andra Davis being all excited when we got Jamal Anderson and Justin Bannan, eh? Well how about we run Wesley Woodyard through those holes? Darrel Reid, Haggan, we’ve got guys that are capable, they’re not superstars but they should be capable of getting the job done.

So I’m not panicking about the Broncos, even with this rash of ridiculous injuries. These sea cucumbers can yell “we should’ve drafted Orakpo,” and scurry off into their fetid holes all they want. Not me, I’m confident about our defense, not so much about the offense, not out of the gate anyways.

The main question marks for the Broncos are on offense–and it ain’t the quarterback. We’ll see what they bring to the table, I’m most interested in the second and third preseason games, not so much the first one or the fourth. It will be interesting to see who belongs at wide receiver, who belongs at running back besides Buckhalter and Moreno. Whether or not we can run the football with consistency will be big.

The offensive line is in question, and with so many new players on the line and new starters at wide receiver the Broncos offense could struggle out of the gate, it could even be pretty dismal at first. Clady’s loss especially hurts, could even hamper this Timmy Teebs Wildcat thing we’ll be trying out. The new linemen, the new receivers could take time to get going.

But I’d take a slow start and a strong finish any day over last year’s fast start that disintegrated into a dingleberry debacle in the ass-end of the season.

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Got the first footage of Denver Broncos 2010 August 1st Training Camp up here:

World exclusive folks.

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