Jason Elam Broncos

Elam signs a one day deal today to retire as a Denver Bronco. Adios Jason Elam, you were clutch for us and a professional.

In other news, there’s not much Broncos news to be had and there’s nothing on TV–especially on Sundays. Unbelievable, who watches some of the crap these networks throw out there. Probably the people who think Brandon Marshall will be a Bronco next year.

Belushi CheeseburgerWhat the hell happened to Saturday Night Live? That show’s sucked for ten years or more now. They’ve been reduced to nothing. The jokes smack of some ivy league college punk at a kegger of Piels–“quirky” at best. In other words: It sucks. It sucks and they need an overhaul. New writers, new cast, clean the damn house. That show used to be great for years and it started going downhill fast back when they put that Tina Fey in as head writer. All these uppity, artsy fartsy skits taking place in Manhattan coffee shops and sushi bars. Give me Belushi in a greasy damn diner any day.

Give me Eddie Murphy in his broken down Mr. Robinson hovel any day over this crew. SNL passed the torch to a bunch of dry, rote and drone products of prep school that are a disgrace to the storied tradition of that once great show. MacGruber eh? What did it take, five seconds to come up with that one? It’s on the level of that dirty old man Letterman’s “Will it Float.” Some of you people out there need to quit giving these damn shows any ratings. That way, maybe we can get some turnover. Ten dollars to go see MacGruber? Whoever actually bought tickets ought to be ashamed of themselves.