From reading this Kiszla today you’d think we just sent a second and third rounder to the Cleveland Browns for an epic, blockbuster trade.

#1 When the Broncos make their next Super Bowl appearance, the starting quarterback will be Brady Quinn.

Way to hype our newest addition at quarterback, who we got for Peyton Hillis and a sixth rounder or two. FYI sixth round picks just about grow on trees.

#2 Although San Diego gunslinger Philip Rivers remains the fastest draw in the wild AFC West, Denver finally has acquired a quarterback who can give a team built on strong defense a chance to do real damage in the playoffs.

Oh yeah there Kiszla? I want to know what you’re smoking. I want to know because I just lost the trifecta at Dover Downs by an ass hair and I need something strong to take the damn edge off.

#3 Rather than being known as the impetuous coach who threw Cutler to the curb, McDaniels now can become the miracle worker who rescued Quinn from the dumpster.

People with more than half a brain realize Josh McDaniels did us a favor in getting rid of that gooned out pick-throwing Huckdort. That pick-throwing Huckdort who’s probably hanging out down in Nashville playing a wooden pinball machine. Can you believe that, eh? A wooden damn pinball machine down in that Nashville. Only reason I saw it is because I had to stop and get gas there in that glorified scene from Deliverance they call a city. “Good luck in free agency,” eh there Jeff Fisher? You loser.

#4 It is true that Quinn has not done anything worth talking about in the NFL.

Kiszla could have summed up his entire article with quote #4.

Quinn could get cut before the season even begins. I don’t think he will, but he could. Cleveland does suck, they had a revolving door of coaches and a merry go round at starting quarterback–in other words they’re a joke. In Quinn’s unpleasant stint with Cleveland I see something Josh McDaniels must see:

2009: 8 Touchdowns 7 Interceptions

What is the killer for young quarterbacks? What is one of the number one game killing plays in the NFL? Interceptions.

Just ask the Master: Jay Huckdort Cutler

That’s not bad, at least this Quinn protects the ball–on a lousy team to boot. They dumped on Quinn’s accuracy, but hell he can’t be that bad if he ain’t getting picked too much. He don’t seem Huckdort bad, that’s for sure.

Plus he’s┬ámobile and he is familiar with a similar system.

Jury’s out on Quinn, he could even be cut, we won’t really know until after this preseason–just like Brandstater. We’ll see if Quinn is the same Cleveland QB and we’ll see if there’s any consistency to Brandstater.

Apparently this demented Kiszla thinks Quinn is already leading us to the Superbowl.

Let the quarterback competition and controversy begin.

Either that or he’s in the business of trying to sell newspapers.