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Game Analyzer = Bronco 20 Patriot 17

Sunday, October 11th, 2009


Hey guy what go on. what happen. who winned. I just kidding guy I was at pizza party to watch broncop and then go to grandfather and he was all mess up guy. he say he cant take these close win.



Halloween come early this year guy and stripe bronco is 5 and 0 holmes. McDanels defeat, juke beated the Bungholio Bellycheck guy.

the great cornholio guy

the great cornholio guy

Mcdanels have spirit of great cornholio guy, powerful yes. He was all kind of fire up and it look like the speciate teams guy was stun when he get all pist off cause guy gave back ball to patrots two time even.

mcdanels photo from rooters

mcdanels photo from rooters

The bronco come out to day like bus full of crazy clown. crazy clown in yellow brown sock and they was lined up all crazy out there guy. the horton go wide out I was like oh snap what go on. that was  cool guy it work ok the wild horse nitemare formationals yes. I like when we shock enemy team like this with crazy uniferms and wild formationals.

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Broncos Notes 8/7 Dawkins Broken Hand, Orton Booed

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Denver Post:

Safety Brian Dawkins will miss two weeks and perhaps the preseason games with a broken hand.  Hopefully he will be ready when the season begins.

The Broncos are apparently close to signing their rookie RB Knowshon Moreno.


QB Kyle Orton P Brett Kern and K Matt Prater were booed in a Broncos team scrimmage game at Invesco Field Thursday Night. Prater missed two field goal attempts and Orton was picked off twice by CB Andre Goodman who returned one of the ints for a touchdown. While I am personally not sold on Orton I’m ready to give him a chance to see what he has in McDaniels system especially during the upcoming preseason games. Interestingly, Jay Cutler was heralded as playing “stellar” at a Bears practice in pads while being intercepted twice, onlookers present at the practice stated “one of the balls would have been returned for a touchdown (had it not been blown dead).”  After witnessing some painful kicks in what seemed to be easy spots last season, Prater really needs to stop missing!

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Tikimania radio 12/7 – Bronco Revenge, Broncos 24 Chiefs 14

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

I done give wesly Woodard the tiki torched this week guy. I could gives this to the Clady evry week guy. Evry week the clady pan cake and come to play. I could give to the jay Custper over come he corny pass come back throw good. But the wesly woodard he all over place guy. He pict ball off even though crappy refree say he not do this. He ball up guy for no gain. He makey the devastat hitted before halfed time guy. He has have nose for ball guy. I seen it.

What give matt Prater? Come on guy it bad enough to settel for three. You cant be do this to you bronco in play off time guy, I unaccept all the crazy missed.

the woodard done ball up guy for no gains

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Broncos Notes 11/11 Bell Returns

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

After losing Ryan Torain, Andre Hall, Michael Pittman and since Selvin Young is banged up, running back Tatum Bell returns to the Broncos. Traded to the Lions by Denver as part of the Dre Bly trade, Bell was released by Detroit in early September. As a Bronco, Bell had great break-away open field speed but seemed to have trouble breaking tackles and fumbled in a few key situations. Denver also picks up free-agent running back Alex Haynes. Haynes is 5′ 10″ 230 lbs and played his first season in Carolina last year where he saw only a few actual carries. He was waived by Baltimore in August.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports Champ Bailey will test his groin injury today to get a feel for whether he can play against Atlanta this Sunday.

RMN has a write-up on kickers Jason Elam and Matt Prater and the transition from the Elam era in Denver.

Our own Horvil Tiki has some encouraging words for the Broncos backup linebackers in the comments section of Lindsay H. Jones latest article. (Denver Post)

The Mile High Report links to voting for Eddie Royal (Pepsi Rookie of the Week) and Jay Cutler (Fedex Player of the Week)

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