I think Forrest Gump has more mental acuity than some of these people. Unbelievable.

Forrest Gump

All of a sudden, Mike Nolan is the greatest genius in the NFL and the Denver Broncos are nothing without him. Here we got a guy accustomed to coaching 20th ranked defenses for the better part of his career, gets fired midway through the season as head coach of 49ers and all of a sudden he is the golden boy.

Mike Nolan leaving the Broncos doesn’t bother me one bit.

We have the system and the players. We’re not going to bring in some guy who’s going to make a boatload of changes. We’re not switching to a 4-3 next year.

We’ll make tweaks, we’ll do things a little differently. To think this is some kind of cataclysmic shift is ridiculous.

People think these coaches don’t like McDaniels personally: Bobby Turner, Rick Dennison. First of all, Turner is Shanahan’s long time buddy and Shanahan did everything possible to get him including but not limited to slapping an “Associate” tag on him, second Dennison is a guy that don’t even coach an offensive line system we want to be in? Big whoop to both.

Now Nolan leaves, and oh the sky is just falling. After all he was probably credited with picking up every single defensive player we brought in last year. After all, McDaniel’s don’t know talent and he can’t draft anybody. We all know that draft is a bust after one year. McDaniels surely couldn’t have any influence at all over our defense, like Belichik who oversees both mind you. We all know this. Mike Nolan is a genius and a football mind on par with Lombardi and his record is pure spotless genius.

If you think I’m being sarcastic you know P.P. Dublinski. If you don’t, then you’re probably one of them sea cucumbers who want to pay Brandon Marshall 50 million plus.

Less than two weeks after McDaniels acted in a way he would never tolerate from his players – like a petulant child – when he refused to provide his team its best chance to win its final game by benching Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall and tight end Tony Scheffler, he called in defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and told him in no uncertain terms his Broncos would not be blitzing next season like they did this year.

The above was written by some gooned out doofus from the Boston Herald named Ron Borges who wrote a stupid article Dean Pees may find trouble in Denver (if that makes any sense whatsoever) this guy, who don’t look right, ought to stick to what he knows, if he knows anything. I happen to like Boston as a city, but the people? Highly overrated and overall very drone and predictable. What’s with all these weird looking misshapen sports writers? You see the problem with Numbnuts at the Denver Post? They spread lies and distortions that get picked up around the rest of the league. I bet this guy reads Numbnuts column when he seeks real Broncos information.

Some of you people think I’m a kool-aid drinker, eh? I’ll hammer this McDaniels when and if he deserves it. He ain’t above my scrutiny. But he don’t deserve it.

“Petulant child?” What a steaming crock of BS. With corn in it. Oh yeah Mr. Borges, the coach ought to just eat up Brandon Marshall’s crap and smile, let that loser Marshall divide the locker room and get away with anything he wants. After all, he’s a “star player.” What a joke, oh yeah that’s a great message to send to the team and the young players: soon you’ll be able to act like this Marshall loser too, and we’ll just eat it right up and love it.

So it’s the blitzing, eh? Too much blitzing and getting burned. I noticed we were aggressive at times this year on passing downs and it didn’t always go as planned. I told you people that Klis let out some information. There were philosophy disagreements, unless Ron Borges is just pulling this out of his ass. Wouldn’t surprise me seeing how mentally insufficient he is with the McDaniels benching incident that was principled and backed by team captains. Team captains with class and professionalism, mind you.

I had a good laugh when Numbnuts over at the Post said Marshall and Scheffler were the real winners out of that.

Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler have never won anything. Seeing as they seem to be birds of a feather, Scheffler is probably just as unprofessional as that Marshall. Plus he can rarely stay on the field. Maybe we’ll see him on some finesse team, who cares as long as we get a pick for him.

Now so is Nolan’s time in Denver and Pees’ in New England. The timing looks, well, a bit too convenient. Pees leaves suddenly saying he doesn’t know what he’s going to do next but he’d be surprised if he isn’t coaching football this fall. Nolan leaves Denver and lands a job in 24 hours. Before Nolan’s plane has hit the tarmac at Miami International Airport, Pees is trumpeted as the front runner for the Broncos’ opening. These are, of course, all coincidences.

Good, I hope we do get him. Bring us some players over too. I hear some people out there have the nerve to question this guy, who comes from a Super Bowl winning, 16-0 season coaching regime. Anyone who knows anything knows New England’s defense has been missing some players that aged or left lately.

Whatever the case, it’s the Broncos system and the players that are important.  We are a couple players away from fielding a downright dominant defense, with or without the greatest defensive coordinator of all time.

I’m betting these know-it-alls claiming the sky is falling and trumpeting Broncos were just delivered a “huge blow” are the same types that want to pay Marshall 50+ million.

Stupid is, as stupid does.