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I haven’t been bifurcating the inane verbiage of that Numby at the Denver Post as of late, but he’s toned it down for now. I’m sure he’s just waiting in the weeds to say something stupid.

Something stupid like “pay Brandon Marshall 50 million plus.”

Brandon and Elvis should get five years, $50 million ($20 million guaranteed in bonuses) apiece. Currently among the most undervalued at their positions, both would join the highest paid at wide receiver and linebacker — and would make as much as Cutler with his new contract increase.


That Numby, so defunct, so egregious he would have handed both Brandon Marshall and Jay Huckdort Cutler the keys to the city of Denver.

Woody Paige


I knew they didn’t look right. They didn’t move right. I could tell.

I knew.

Even in Brandon Marshall’s second year, when he finally got some significant playing time I knew he’d be gone in a few years.

Never mind the domestic disputes, never mind the trouble with the law and his rap sheet a mile long.

I knew his attitude would carry him straight out of Denver. I knew he’d eventually demand a huge contract, and thankfully we didn’t budge.

That Huckdort up in Chicago, he quit on his team. Tom Jackson had the best analysis of the fiasco at Soldier Field… the Dort had his legs, I repeat that gooned out mop headed Huck still had his legs.

Numby wanted to fly down to that rat infested hole called Nashville, wanted to fly down there and beg and plead for the mop headed punk to come back.

I am a dark ninja of the depths. I am a gifted and talented individual that oft flies in my dreams. I am a devastating kite of woe encompassing and circumnavigating all those who will oppose me. I besmirch their fetid domiciles and render the ramshackle husks to caveat emptor. My circumference is legendary. The girth and power is intact, pointing at  true north and operating at maximum functionality.

Poor character me-first prima donna losers. I’ve had enough of them.

That’s one reason why I’ve turned on the thought of drafting Nick Fairley.

The hell with him and his perceived upside. I don’t want any more headcases on this team, especially in positions of power on the field.

With the second selection in the 2011 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos Select Marcell Dareus, Defensive Tackle University of Alabama.