Josh McDaniels Broncos
Who are many, and like sea cucumbers they go with the dumbed down flow and hang on guy’s like Numbnuts every word. Numbnuts who’s window on reality is about one day wide.

“Our running game and some of the things we’re going to do next year will definitely change,” Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said Saturday night.

McDaniels is on top of the situation and knows our running game killed us last year. Especially the blocking. I don’t believe for a second it was “Knowshon Moreno’s inability to find holes,” what a joke. I suppose an “inability to hit the hole” is why opposing teams tackles were trouncing him in the backfield. I suppose Buckhalter, Hillis and Jordan were finding the holes all day out there.

And so Barone, Wylie and Studesville were hired to help alter the Broncos’ running game that will feature second-year tailback Knowshon Moreno and possibly include one or two new offensive linemen.

The meat of my want list: run blocking offensive linemen in that interior. We better get one or two, it should be more like two. The players are what matter there, we need some new ones in that interior.

“People want to say things, but no, I’m not hard to work with. The 99 percent of people I work with and get along with very well, they know what the heck is going on inside the Denver Broncos’ building. People who have had an issue with me, or I’ve had an issue with, there’s a reason. I’m not going to let things happen that shouldn’t happen. If that’s what people want, then maybe we disagree.”

Well the sea cucumbers who don’t have a mind of their own, the sea cucumbers that go wherever the tide or writers like Numbnuts takes them, they think everything is McDaniels fault. I mean, the Marshall and Scheffler benching, that was McDaniels ego 100% putting himself above the team. What a joke, I seen these lazy writers left and right around the nation trying to hammer McDaniels for that. I supposeit would have been just wonderful if McDaniels let Marshall cause trouble because he’s the “star player,” I wonder if it ever once occurred to these sea cucumbers what kind of message that sends to the team, to the young players?

That’s why I hate bad information, I hate losers in positions of editorial power who think they’re cute, that have an axe to grind against the coach, hitting and running with their little nonsense pieces in the paper. They don’t take no stands, they can’t see the big picture, they just pontificate on day by day happenings. When things are going good I suppose McDaniels is the golden boy who can do no wrong. The minute there’s some adversity the sky is falling.

I wish they were this fickle with Huckdort.

They are unfortunately representing the “finest” Broncos journalists in the city’s largest paper and their poor logic gets picked up around the nation by morons, dimwits, degenerates and general slugs. Maybe people like Numbnuts at the Post realize most people ain’t that smart. I on the other hand, I give them the benefit of the doubt at least. My words are iron and I will not be bifurcated. I am a bona fide oracle and a genius and I know my team.

The defensive philosophy that we use, that’s ours. That’s not going anywhere. It’s our second year in the system, and we’ll continue to do better. I have a lot of respect for Mike, and I wish him well. But I think this is going to be the best thing for the Broncos and the best thing for Mike Nolan. I think everybody wins in this.”

Once again, why I didn’t mind Nolan cruising off into the sunset: The system is in place. It’s not going to be changed drastically, whether it ends up Pees or that Wink Martindale.

McDaniels is the brightest young coach in the NFL, he is a winner, he has the mark of a winner and if some of you people don’t like it, you better learn to love it because he’s gonna be around a long time. Maybe some of yous who think otherwise should start hitching your wagons to the Redskins, now that Chicago doesn’t look like such a grandiose option.