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Broncos 31 Seahawks 14 – Trade Orton Now

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

That’s more like it, but just one sour note: Who the hell is coaching our kickoff coverage, eh? What the hell is going on there.

The offense performed, we got turnovers and ran the ball well enough when it counted. Scoring touchdowns for Gods sake instead of settling for three time and again. The defense was decent for the most part.

Kyle Orton performed like the Pro that he is, can you imagine life without this guy right now, eh? Trade Orton now?

“Trade Orton now” they said in the offseason, the charge led by that Numby at the Post with about nine thousand sea cucumbers or facsimile’s thereof nodding their heads in agreement.

Trade Kyle OrtonThat poll climbed to nine thousand in favor of trading Orton, what a joke.

This team can beat the Colts next Sunday at home.

Brandon Marshall Who?

Demaryius Thomas Broncos

Demaryius Thomas

I didn’t see number 88 this offseason, I heard some good things, but he didn’t play in the preseason. After his first two plays in his NFL debut–without scoring a touchdown yet or doing anything big–I knew that he’s our best receiver. Just by the way he moves out there, his size and the fact that he’s the fastest or one of the fastest players on the team–I knew this Demaryius Thomas is something special.

I’m glad we’re finally getting production out of our first round pick. This guy ate their lunch out there and sent them the bill. If he clocked in a few more plays earlier in this game he could have had over two hundred yards. It’s a hell of a rookie debut for a Denver wide receiver, Eddy Royal’s debut against San Diego is the closest thing I can think of in recent years. Thomas is the juice this team needs on offense. Our wide receivers are playing well as a hole, but this guy takes them to the next level.

All offseason long I told you people we would trade away Brandon Marshall no matter what, and that I’d be pissed off if we didn’t. I said we could move on without him and be better off for it. We can draft a couple guys and spread the ball around more. Well wouldn’t you know, despite all the absolute BS that this offense would crash and burn “cause Marshall’s not there  anymore.” The utter nonsense sputtering from the mouths of senile lunatics at ESPN, the garbage talk spewing forth from degenerate dirigible “Senior Analysts” crying the Broncos have downgraded the QB position because ” Brandon Marshall got traded away.”

What an absolute joke. Wide receiver is the Denver Broncos strongest, deepest position on offense. We were doing fine even without Thomas, but now this guy bumps us up to the umpteenth level. I just hope he stays healthy.

Won’t it be nice to have a big-time receiver who we don’t have to worry about benching before an important game? A professional instead of a rap sheet a mile long clown? This guy’s even faster than Marshall, and from what I hear he’s a good blocker too. Looks like a hell of a player we drafted there.

Jason Campbell: Benched

Turd-in-mouth analysts claiming the Broncos were a joke since they don’t have Brandon Marshall–especially the ESPN variety– the same ones who belched out all offseason long about what a great pickup Jason Campbell was ( a guy the Broncos could have traded for easily, but I suppose Josh McDaniels just “don’t know how to run a team” ) and the same ones shouting to the rooftops that he makes the Raiders a viable contender this year: Well there you go experts, there you have it geniuses, the “savior” of the Raiders got benched. Benched and riding pine probably until this Gradkowski character gets hurt.

One of my kids pointed out Madden 2011 originally had Jason Campbell rated above Kyle Orton… some kind of joke that is. Now they’re rated “equal” in an update. I remember hearing about Raider fans on the development team, makes perfect sense with that nonsense.

That Numby at the Post has ESPN ties, he’s in on the ponzi scheme.

“Jason Campbell is a serious upgrade at quarterback…”
Really now.
Oh, and P.S. Trade Orton Now.
Some of you people wonder why I think they should fire this guy. Conduct detrimental to the team time and time again. Can you even imagine if that front office actually listened to Numby? Good God the stupid state this team would be in.
Tebow SignSorry ladies, might want to stay in Denver and catch next week’s game.

ESPN’s Love Affair with Jason Campbell

Saturday, September 11th, 2010


Update: A Deal Has Been Struck*


Did you hear folks? The Raiders got Jason Campbell.

Did you hear he’s an upgrade over Jamarcus Russell?

I heard Jason Campbell is one big reason why the Raiders will compete for the AFC West title this year.

Did you see Oakland’s draft? One hell of a draft that’s gonna turn things around in Raiders land forever.

These aren’t the same old Raiders anymore, they got Jason Campbell, did you hear that?

What a bunch of nonsense, what a bunch of talk. I see many of the the “senior analysts” and the ESPN poisoned Numby think Jason Campbell is the big savior out there in Oakland.

It’s the big story of the AFC West this season: the Raiders got Jason Campbell–he’s an upgrade over Jamarcus Russell.

Oh yeah? How big of an upgrade?

You mean the same Jason Campbell the Redskins were trying to get rid of for years? The same Campbell they were trying to trade in a package for Huckdort? The same Campbell we rejected to take Kyle Orton?

You would think this Campbell is a perennial Pro Bowler with all this talk, with all this hype. The Redskins wanted to trade this “franchise” quarterback in a package for Jay Huckdort Cutler and we denied them.

Mike Shanahan gets rid of  this “franchise” quarterback for an aging QB with two, maybe three seasons left in him. What does that tell you?

But oh no, it’s the start of the Jason Campbell era in Oakland.

I’m shaking in my boots, aren’t you Broncos Nation?


*Horvil Tiki

A deal has been struck and Horvil Tiki’s allowed on this site. I will suffer this Tiki’s presence just  as long as he doesn’t get in my way. That especially goes for his videos. Let’s just say Horvil’s not responsible for the production of his videos and there’s no way in hell he gets any help from me there. I will post any finished videos to the youtube channel, but that’s it.

Panff was responsible for helping Tiki’s web presence, he put up the original site (and its horrendous code) and that also includes the imp’s Facebook and Twitterfeed, which is automatically updating from this site non-stop. I suppose I’ve been making him look good on there all this time. No matter, terms of the deal will not be made public for the most part, let’s just say it was a deal I couldn’t refuse, even if it means putting up with garbled text on here from time to time and having my pristine image tarnished thusly.

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PP’S Straight Shootin’ 2010 NFL Preseason Week 1

Friday, August 20th, 2010

I apologize for the audio breakup, obviously my new mic cannot handle my sheer force of truths. I will be throwing it in the woods shortly and purchasing anew.

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Orton Contract Extension: The Will of P.P. Be Done

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Smart. The Broncos extended Orton’s contract into 2011. Kyle Orton finally gets a little respect from the Broncos brass and it’s well deserved. I hoped we’d extend it even further, but that’s a lot of dough. We’ll see what kind of year he has and where his competition is at next year, if he’s playing well and nobody can rise to the challenge then we could even extend it again.

Kyle Orton Cincinnati Denver 2010

I’m telling you people, this Kyle Orton is a no-nonsense team player and let’s say someone beats him out eventually–if that happens, then Orton becomes the best backup in the entire league. If he accepts that, which he could–if not, then we could trade him and trust me: there would be takers.

He ain’t no GQ posing prima donna, and with his team-first attitude he and Tebow can coexist for the foreseeable future. You won’t catch Orton bellyaching and acting the fool when they play Tebow in special packages this season. He’s a professional and he’s coachable–unlike that mop-headed doofus who don’t look right up there in Chicago. That pick-a-minute Dort up in Chicago.

So we did the right thing here, McDaniels is probably reading P.P. lately. We did the right thing, this man is important to this team.

Shame. Woe and shame to those who called for Orton’s dismissal before this quarterback “competition” even began. The nerve of some of you people: “Trade Orton Now.”

Woody Paige Orton Broncos

Look at that, eh? Look at that headline. Take a good look at that absolute joke. I’ve told you time and time again that Numbnuts at the Post will lead you right into a ditch. The nine thousand plus sea cucumbers who voted in that Post poll to get rid of Orton, what a joke, what a disgrace. The only excuse those cretins have is if they have is if they’re too young to know what day it is or if they’re Gator fans who don’t know what the hell is going on. How dare they besmirch this Orton and his lovely wife Bridget who love Denver.

You had morons booing him last year, morons failing to realize our team was dead in the water without him. These mental defectives lamented the loss of that Nashville-loving pick throwing mop-headed Dort loser, that GQ posing goonball who ran around the field fumbling and getting picked like a chicken with its proverbial head cut off.


Here we have the one proven QB on our roster and we should trade him away? Unbelievable, love him or hate him, Orton is going to have a long career in this league helping us or another team win. The same can’t really be said yet of either Quinn or Tebow.

We did the right thing here, and some of you people out their dissing Orton should hold your tongues and respect this guy, even if he were to get beat out at some point, you’re looking at our best chance to win games. Plus, he could be very valuable to us in the future, whether starting or not.

Kyle Orton Winner

Kyle Orton, Winner

Even Madden 2011 Knows Tebow Time

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

They know, they freakin’ know. This tired buffoon doesn’t:

Woody Paige Denver Broncos Numby

Probably fresh off a whiskey bender and recovering in a dull brown Snuggy, Mr. Genius says we ought to start Tebow if we “Want a winning season.”

McDaniels had the guts to pick Tebow, but not the nerve to start him immediately.


Even the buffoons at Madden, who constantly downgrade the Broncos at every turn. Oh yeah, they got a Broncos bias, it takes a Superbowl winning Broncos team to get any respect over there. Nevertheless, they get the Tebow thing right. Timmy Teebs is automatically set to run special packages in the game with a run/pass option. Everyone should know what this Tebow brings to the table, he’s done it his whole career, but strangely they don’t.

Like I’ve said time and time again, he’s gonna be running more than he passes. For the foreseeable future he’s Timmy “the Gadget” Tebow. Tebow the starting pure pocket passer is a project that may take year(s) and may never even pan out.

Insane fans who buy the Tebow sneakers for 399 on eBay, now don’t you worry, there will still be time to cheer when Friar Timothy runs into the endzone on goal line duty. McDaniels is a genius and I think he realizes the boost Teebs will give us just by coming out there and running a play. Lame fans pawning off their tickets to Steeler and Raiders fans? People booing the quarterback? Well, trotting this Teebs  out there will get the house rocking in favor of the Broncos.

Hey, I’d like nothing more than Tebow turning into a bigger, crazier version of Steve Young (minus the eggshell head), but I know reality. I am reality for God’s sake. I ain’t gonna try and blow a bunch of smoke up the rear ends of astute readers seeking Broncos information. I ain’t gonna lead you into a ditch with my awe-inspiring, devastating prognostications. Unlike that Numby, who ain’t even serious, just throws out crap he probably heard from some palooka mumbling in a bar.

Start Tebow now? What a joke. You want 3 and 13 for real? Start Tebow now. This Numby at the Denver Post is a disgrace and he ought to be fired, conduct detrimental to the team time and time again. He’s misleading people over there and doing the Denver community a disservice.

As the starter, Tebow would give the franchise hope, national relevance

Yeah Numby, let’s trade “hope” and “national relevance” for a 3 and 13 record. I guess Numby’s pushing hard for a top ten pick next year.

A Word on Orton

Orton is the man until someone beats him out, plain and simple, and the number two and three quarterbacks on our roster are well behind. Orton came to the Broncos and performed pretty well in a brand new, complex scheme that supposedly takes three years to master. Our losses weren’t “all because Orton,” last year.The team as a whole farted in that late season stretch. 3rd and 25 in the Eagles game? Defense couldn’t make a play. 4th and 10 against the Raiders with Jamarcus the Hutt? Defense couldn’t make a play to seal the deal once again. The blame goes all around, defense wore down, critical dropped passes, interior offensive line wore down–it sucked all around.

Orton played two very poor games where he got picked twice for touchdowns. Other than that, he did pretty well for us. 3 and 13 would have been reality last year if we didn’t have Orton. He is very accurate, give him time to throw and he’ll pick teams apart. Ask the Patriots. He needs a running game–just like any quarterback–to excel and we didn’t have that last year. We ran OK, but when it counted, when we needed to bleed the clock, when we needed tough yards we got stuffed time and time again. We got abused through the interior of our O-line, people realized our interior line wore down and was the weak point of the Denver offense after that Baltimore game. We had defensive tackles killing our running backs for a loss in the backfield and sacking our quarterback for God’s sake.

People moan about Orton not being able to throw the long ball, I think he can and will more this year. It’s a timing and personnel thing. Who did we have as a real downfield threat last year? Nobody? This year we got this Thomas and that Lloyd has stepped up and looks to have some deep threat potential out there. We’ve got speed this year at wide receiver that we didn’t have last year. Interestingly, it was that Lloyd who caught some deeper passes in that Chiefs game last year–throws people said Orton couldn’t make.  Last year, it seemed like we never called any plays specifically to go deep–that’s what you need to do. We had Orton out there looking short, then by the time one of our receivers had some separation downfield, it was too late–it turned into a jump-ball. No Orton doesn’t have a gun for an arm, but throwing to a primary receiver who can get separation will make a difference.

We also need a better running game than last year, we need to be able to run when it counts. Yes, there were a lot of three and outs last year–it wasn’t all on Orton. Our running game was sub-par and since we mostly dink and dunked for passing yardage, one dropped ball absolutely killed drives. McDaniels also claimed there were a lot of mistakes in terms of route running last year and said the performance of the offense as a whole in the offseason was “night and day,” compared to last year. With injuries, with the young players our offense could struggle early on, and while some sea cucumbers may chant “Start Tebow Now,” the experience and the accuracy of Orton is our best chance for winning games this year.

Orton is a Winner

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Grandpa Paige 8/8/2010

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Woody Paige Denver Broncos Numby

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Numby the Rookie Soothsayer

Friday, July 30th, 2010

So I see that Numby over there at the Post pulling cards out of his proverbial Swami hat, trying to predict the future of our rookies based on a pre-training camp performance, oh that’s intelligence right there.

Numbnuts Woody Paige

Remind us for the umpteenth time oh Swami Numby, remind us how many Broncos practices you’ve been to in the past. Unfortunately, that don’t matter squat–that don’t prevent you from being perennially wrong. Like the great Ditka says, you live in the past, you die in the past. If you people want a look into the mind of P.P. just study Ditka, Ian McShane and Sun Tzu.

Based on Swami Numby’s pre-training camp assessments of Ryan Clady and more recently the great Chris Simms and other foibles (such as Moreno a no-no, that one hasn’t quite come into fruition yet, but it will) I wouldn’t sweat Numby’s pre-training camp assessments one bit. Oh yeah, Orton just throws the ball into the stands every play, that was a brilliant assessment last year.  Same kind of sea cucumber brain that spurts out the Broncos are gonna go 8 and 8 this year back in January. Numby’s sordid reality rarely comes into fruition–thankfully for us, while I am reality. How many times have I been right and that Numby’s been perennially wrong? I don’t even have near the access this buffoon has yet my premium acuity is on display for all to see.

He’d bankrupt the whole team for a head case and a Huckdort who never won nothin. Oh yeah run right down there to Nashville, home of the wooden pinball machine, run right down there and give Huckdort some toys to make him feel better. He’d probably fire McDaniels after one year and make Nolan coach. “Maybe the wrong coach left in January,” did you hear that one?His  Chris “Double Rainbow” Simms would have led us to a true 4 and 12 mockery last season.

I went to see this travesty of an article where Numby predicts the future of some of our rookies, downplaying the great Zane Beadles–how dare he mock this man.  I also noticed someone on that Denver Post bemoaning the loss of Jay Huckdort Cutler. Unbelievable. Trying to say Jay Huckdort Cutler sucks with the Bears but he was great in Denver. I don’t care if he threw for 5,000 yards for us, that Huckdort ain’t no winner, ain’t no way no how. Throwing the ball around all crazy, flubbing around like a chicken with its head cut off in the fourth quarter–flubbing around when the game was on the line, getting picked left and right when it mattered most.

Shanahan should’ve known that Huckdort didn’t look right. Remember how great it was when Huckdort took over for Jake Plummer? That was genius wasn’t it. Don’t get me wrong, Shanahan brought us to a couple Super Bowls, there is some credit to be given there even though he rode the coattails of John Elway, but Shanahan stayed on too long and his whiny, me first prima donna players had to go.

I heard that Klis saying the offense will be impacted cause we got rid of Marshall and Scheffler. Scheffler? Are you kidding me? You’re kidding right? A guy that can’t stay on the field and a guy we rarely even used last year? Not to mention a Marshall supporting rogue who “couldn’t wait for the season to end.” Good riddance. We don’t know what the offense will be like this year, forget this “hard to imagine being more than mediocre” nonsense, we don’t know. We won’t know until we’ve seen some actual game situations, some preseason games.

We could run the ball a lot better this year, and that’s big for the offense right there.  I’ll tell you what if we ain’t running the ball in preseason, we ain’t gonna in the regular season that’s for damn sure. But we don’t know just how well and how quickly these new receivers are going to contribute, and we don’t know how this new offensive line will gel. Could be sooner, later or never. I sure as hell ain’t making my predictions for rookies or the season record until we’ve seen a couple preseason games–not January that’s for sure like some Numby did, or base the contributions of a rookie on how well he reacts to pre-training camp garbage can practices. I have a feeling about this Beadles, and as far as Tebow goes I know his role. Whether he performs it well remains to be seen, but I ain’t gonna do the ridiculous thing and tell you who’s going to get cut before training camp even begins–talk about arrogance. You have to see these guys play in preseason, then you can base your opinion on something tangible.

That elitist Numby, living in his own sordid world, I bet he thinks he can tell the future Broncos without basing his derelict assumptions on facts. Remember last year, Numby practically hoping for us to lose games, hoping Orton blew it so his foul predictions could come into fruition.  Conduct detrimental to the team I say, get him out of there.  Get that Numby out of there. Now he’s sitting there probably fresh off a gin bender, sitting there ranking on our rookies, probably based on what some stumble bum said at a bar before camp even officially starts. He ain’t serious, he ain’t a serious journalist, just someone’s crazy uncle throwing out lies and distortions.

The audacity to scribe “Broncos need to pull trigger on Orton trade,” before we even figure out if our other QB’s can play. That would have been brilliant, trade away our one proven QB going into this year.

I’m hoping we get that Thomas signed up and ready to go, we need our new, faster Brandon Marshall out there–minus the rap sheets, touchdown gloves and McDonalds bags.

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Tim Tebow Playing Hardball, Maybe Numby Should Call Him

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

What’s this I hear? Timmy Teebs playing hardball and is missing the first day of rookie camp? Didn’t Numby take him to John Elway’s birthday party? What’s going on here? Numby ought to get on the phone right now and do something about it.

“You’re missing time and you can’t afford to miss it,” McDaniels told Tebow, according to ESPN NFL Live’s Ed Werder. “You’re not going to get these snaps back.”

Earth to Teebs: The balls on this guy, you’re lucky you got drafted in the first round.

Called up DirecTV today after reading about all these deals for new subscribers. Taking care of the newbies and giving us veterans the shaft, eh? What a joke that is, I called up and made a mistake, I made the mistake of talking to a normal CSR over there. Didn’t know nothing, didn’t do nothin’–was pretty much good for nothin’ and was an absolute waste of oxygen. pissed me off, I hadn’t called in a while, didn’t have to since my last outburst. So I slammed the phone down, redialed and said “customer retention” at the prompt, then I said “cancel.” Damn right, that’s the only word they know over there at CSR: Cancel.

Got all fired up, talked to a decent human being Jason, even gave me his badge number to reference. Told him I’ve been with them since 2001 and I’m looking at all these new deals, making my damn head spin, so what the hell? I got 20 bucks off my Sunday Ticket each month, ten bucks off HD for two years, free Skinemax and Showtime for 6 months and free HD receiver and HD DVR upgrades (I’m buying them myself, I am a professional consumer who demands the latest technology, not gonna wait around for hit or miss installation crap). This is a lesson for some of you people out there and for kids out there, when you walk into a store, act like you own the damn place. The customer is always correct–I repeat, the customer is always correct. Reminds me of the time I went to the track at Saratoga and the raviolis ended up on the ceiling. That waitress will never forget the mantra the customer is always correct.

Writing a letter of commendation for that Jason over there pronto. You’ve got to reward the ones who know what time it is.

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