MR O verse mcdanels guy

hey guy what goes on. the colt come to town this weekend guy and they leader is mr O. who is this guy. what is he name. no one know this. aks anybody guy they not know this name. nobody know colts leader name.

THere was this kid in the high school and no one say any thing to him guy. no body knowed who he is they just say that Mr O guy. No one talk to Mr. O. he like ghost kid no one know./

The Payted manning is very powerful guy but now we have has the demarial thomas for the Horton aerial feats guy. The demarial is like the star/ the new star of the aeriel Horton feats guy. He move you chains all day guy. He make you defence backs look old and slow,.and corny. he the marvellous wheel contender speed/ he always the open no one cover this guy. he weapon of the denver so badly guy.

The Horton gon rain down football on you colt like mad fool posses. Horton done heared a who and it say demarial thonmas guy. all day floater bomb end zone reach over defence backed and 6. It like take candy from bay bay you know what I saying guy THIS HOW WIDE OPEN ALL DAY LIKE THIS. HE COME CORRECT YOU KNOW WHAT I SAYING>

the Demarial Thonmas makey website guy.

bay bay thomas broncos


was can you still vote for the demarial rookie of week.

The knowshont morenote  is gon have big game too guy I just knowed it. I knowed he will do this. he will come correct just dont funble guy. he very lucky last week guy dont disappont you giant albino bronco crab guy, giant albino bronco crab almost dishonor but went out of bound thankful for this. all those corny fast Colt defence end say run up feild all crazy then Horton gon say take off guy, take off I done dumper off to morenote and 40 yard. wall of danies grahm blocking guy. I know they will do this.

Maybe they run the clady this game guy.l the clady is back and he feel he oats guy. He feel he oates maybe they give the clady ball on goal line. that would b cool. grandfather rise out of chair and hold one hand out with power when clady get ball last year. the ameoba offence have game plan for clady yes. special paige for clady in it yes. that is cool. I could not belief this guy. the clady was run with football but no one block guy. no one block forthe clady guy that was foul. you know wjhat I saying. Line up the tim tebote and the clady next to Horton on goal line, oh snap guy. oh snap what you gon do they could do so many thing from this.

the dight freeney talk smack of the tebone guy. he say he want to hit the tim tebone guy that is mess up. Oh snap I think the clady gon take this personal guy. No body talk smack about clady guy he defend. I think the clady gon ball up the feeney for this guy. oh yes. it insult to clady guy. the fereeny think he gon get past the clady this easy guy. he gon have long day, oh snap. I think the clady gon pan cake the freeney guy. Pass you maple sarup guy it gon be all you can eat pan caking all day. ALL DAY/ the clady gon fall on feeney as get up guy I know he will granfather will watch for this tivoe rewind laugh many time yes.

the Bronco Horton is win. 27 to 24 last minute matt prated feild goal send MR O back to indanaplis with warty three eye foul degenrate toad rain from sky. this for so many bronco loosed to colt guy.

foul disease degenrate toad rain from sky near enemy team land after bronco win