We done get the payted manning guy. Holy snap now I gon get the madden football for first time in long time you know what I saying. It like the crazy upgrading of the madden football team.

I sorry for the tim tebote guy but maybe he go to green manure pastrer. Hey guy get with this long time ago I send the colt mini helmet to payted manning. Did you know this. I think I said this guy. http://horviltiki.com/bronco-wisdom/golden-tiki-awarsd-new/ I send mini helmet to the payted manning in 1998 and in before training camp and like I got it back in february sined guy that was messed up. I do this with terrel davies and he npot sine it guy that was foul. Granfather say he probable give to cousin to play with. Grandfather say dont send to the manning you not gon get back you gon loose the monies but he sined it guy he did. Maybe this was like the destiny yes. the destiny of bronco and I knowed it long time ago.

payted manning helmet next to elway helmet blue geote

grandfather say the blue geote i have next to the manning the elway helmet is very powerful guy very.

This remind me of the golden tiki award guy. I forgwet this I so messed up from loosing to new enggland in playoff tiume. I will do this.