What is go on with all this no football guy. THis is corny guy, why are they being so corny. I hope some good come out of this like the madden not only one having nfl licsense. that is foul. no competetives you know hwta I saying.  maybe now they make cheerlead cam.

It crazy what go on in japan I very sorry for japan it all messed up guy. all of it. I hope nintendo is ok I hope it did not hit they. Grandfather feel real good they drain fluid off he feel like spring chickens. granfather say if no nfl agree then we gon have like the scrub player making all of it happen guy. that is messed up. No body p[ay to see the scrub burger player yes. If scrub burger player then will have cancel the directional tv cause that is so mess up. if the ymake cheerlead cam final I will not cancel the directional tv. I hope the Tim Tebote will not mash up invesco guy when he find out he locked out guy. Punjab went crazy one time he get so disgrunt he ball up front porch screen all crazy cause he want to go in and people forget he was lock out guy. I did not know punjab hand claw could be so raw with fists. I hope tim tebote does not do this., Tebote done mauler this big rubber thing with beater club hammer I saw it guy. i saw it on espn.

tim tebow sledgehammer

this what I saw

I bet the tebone get mad at some body and done bang ground with hammer instead. I hope the elway is not locked out. I have forgot my facebook password I so sorry many\ people probable mad cause no mafia wars power thing I sorry guy. I gon have to find password the karl mekkenburg add me as friend long time ago guy can you belief this I cannot belief this guy. The ed macafferty add me as freind too that is so cool guy. reminisc when he done blowed that guy up and he pont finger all crazy it was like in slowed motion and it look real bad like yes. granfather say the macaferty duced guy so badly then. I do not know what duce mean.

ed mcaffrey mustard

where do they sell this