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Broncos 26 Titans 20 Marmot Sees His Shadow

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Brian Dawkins Denver Broncos

I’m thankful I can sit here and gloat, thankful we sent that Marmot Jeff Fisher packing down in Nashville. I know our game wasn’t pretty at times, but it was a hard fought battle on the road. I happen to dislike that Marmot. I dislike Nashville. Now that marmot can go buy a wooden whistle and stick it where the sun don’t shine after his little quips to the press last year about our coach. ”  Good luck in free agency,” that loser quipped, well you can eat that loss you marmot. Go stick a sock in it over  a game of pinball on a wooden table. That Lindsey Jones from the Post said she was running around Nashville, I told her to be on the watch for wooden pinball tables for a good laugh. When did they stop making those, eh? 1973? Unbelievable.

Anyways, I’ll never understand how you can line up for a quarterback sneak on the half yard line and come away with an illegal formation penalty.

Special teams coach Mike Priefer is on notice.. He was here last year and we’ve been giving up too many big returns that are killers. Our kickoff  and punt returns are fine, but the kick and punt coverage is hurting this team for two years in a row. Unacceptable. I don’t want to see any more of these returns for touchdowns like we saw today. Especially today, it was Forrest Gump taking it  to the damn house out there, what a joke that was.

Note to Josh McDaniels: Can we find a damn play for number 88? Something, anything? Here we have a big-time weapon and we ain’t using him enough. A reverse, a fade in the end zone … this kid is big and talented. All the receivers are playing pretty well, but can we find something other than Orton trying to throw to Lloyd in the end zone 50 million times?

Playcalling in the red zone is still predictable and uncreative. What else do we have? Do we have any other plays there? Do we have any bag of tricks instead of just throwing out of the shotgun? In hindsight, it doesn’t seem as bad because we won, but we were close to losing. Part of that was very lame red zone plays.

Hats off to the defense and Robert Ayers. They punked the Titans vaunted running attack on just about all but one play. We got the job done today defending those third and long situations that have been killing us.

I don’t want to hear anyone calling out any of our running backs for poor vision–claiming they can’t find the holes like that Numby at the Post insinuates. Take the best, the very best two backs in the league and replace Maroney and Buckhalter with them and I guarantee you they don’t produce. Not with what our blockers are giving them.

This is a big win. If we lost today and lose next week–which could very well happen–then we’re looking at 1 and 4 disaster to start off the year. Instead we’re 2 and 2 and we beat a marginal playoff team at home. The Ravens will be a tough game, but last year we were right in it until a second half meltdown. The Ravens also won today, which is good. Whatever, 3 and 2, 2 and 3 is a hell of a lot better than 1 and 4.

In other news, Jay Huckdort Cutler should have thrown about four picks last week. Tonight, I predict he’ll throw three. This is a good weekend for us and karma is on our side and that extends to Hucky up in Dort-land.

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PP’S Straight Shootin’ 2010 NFL Preseason Week 1

Friday, August 20th, 2010

I apologize for the audio breakup, obviously my new mic cannot handle my sheer force of truths. I will be throwing it in the woods shortly and purchasing anew.

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Broncos Country: Trade Orton Now, Eh?

Sunday, August 15th, 2010


Woody Paige Orton Broncos


Can you imagine going into this season without Orton now, eh? Good luck with that. That Mighty Quinn couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a rocksalt shotgun. It is beyond stupid to diss Orton, ultimately stupid for Denver Post writers to diss him. Let’s say, for sake of argument, that Orton gets beat out eventually, by somebody–maybe not even anybody we have now. If that happens, can you imagine a better backup quarterback to have? He’d be the best damn backup in the league. You people better respect Orton, he’s a professional, he’s no-nonsense and he’s getting the job done for us. This offense was dead in the water last year without Orton, and all indications are they’d be dead in the water this year without him too.

Ayers and the defensive line looked decent, they are big bull-rushers up in there–Ayers keeps bull-rushing into the QB like that and we’ll be OK on the defensive front. Pressure counts for something, even without sacks. That Bannan, that Williams in the middle looks good, nothing flashy, but they are big and capable of wreaking havoc. They aren’t just big, they’re big playmakers. Lance Ball looked OK, he caught the ball well. How about that Jabar Gaffney, eh? That’s a professional, highly underrated player. You wanna laugh at the Orton/Gaffney connection, you wanna dismiss it–you’ll do that at your own peril. Hell of a play call on third and short, that throw to Lloyd for the touchdown. Eddie Royal keeps performing like that and this offense will be ruling the proverbial roost.

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Denver Broncos Injuries Have Sea Cucumbers Scattering

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

First off, congratulations to Floyd Little, for his entry into the NFL Hall of Fame, representing the Broncos with dignity, acuity and palpability. And or authenticity.

With the recent rash of injuries there’s cries of “Woe is me,” ‘The sky is falling,” “What did we do to deserve this?”

The only thing that gives me concern right now is the offensive line.

These rookies in the interior line need to gel, and I’m hopeful as hell that Ryan Clady can get back in there by at least the third game. Hell, a hobbled Clady is two, three times what we got in his place right now from what I’ve been hearing.

You got this weasel John Clayton, look at that weasel. Look at that head. You ever seen a head like that? What a joke, what a disgrace. You got this pencil neck weasel Clayton saying the Broncos will not overcome their injuries and they’ll be in last place in the AFC West. He predicts 6 wins, 8 at the most for Kansas City, so you can just imagine what he thinks of Denver.

John Clayton ESPN

Look at that Thing

Part of the joke is him bemoaning the loss of Tony Scheffler, stating this Scheffler was a huge part of our offense–what a moronic joke that is. A guy we hardly threw to? A guy that couldn’t stay on the field? Not to mention a guy of exceedingly poor character? Then he says we downgraded Orton because he don’t have Marshall to throw to anymore.

I’m not worried one bit about the loss of Marshall or Scheffler. Not one bit. We will spread Marshall’s production around, our wide receiving corps are capable. Eddie Royal had a sophomore jinx, something many players go through. Not to mention the large, talented rookie receivers we drafted, nobody knows just how they will factor in just yet, but this genius Clayton knows, he seems to think they’re both still in crutches on the sideline.

That pencil necked loser Clayton, some senior analyst he is. What was it, a 3 and 13 prediction for the Broncos last year? The same prediction this year I bet if he has the Chiefs winning 6 games and the Broncos last in the division, unbelievable this clown. What was it that Schlereth said recently about working at ESPN, knowledge an inch deep and a mile wide over there? Sounds about right.

You got some people sounding ready to throw in the towel over the loss of Dumervil. Like I said it’s bad, but it’s not as devastating as it seems. We’ve got solid players at all positions on defense, and we’ve upgraded that defensive line, and what if that line is performing? We should have a hell of a rotation on that line this year. What if that line is actually pushing the pile backwards for once? Collapsing the pocket for once? How many years has it been since we could collapse the pocket on a quarterback with any consistency?

What if this Ayers gets 7 sacks and is stout as hell against the run?

Robert Ayers Broncos

Sacks? We need Ayers and some other guy...

I’m not getting my hopes up for Moss, but if he performs that’s great. Would like nothing more to see him succeed, but the thing about Moss is that I never saw any flashes, nor any moves. Unlike Robert Ayers who I believed will be a player for us. Also we got that Mario Haggan who didn’t perform too badly last year. If we have guys stepping up and getting a few sacks instead of one getting 17 we’ll be OK on defense.

Last I checked, it’s 11 guys on defense, yes no one will fill Dumervil’s golden pass rushing shoes but they don’t have to in order for us to field a successful defense. A successful defense that should be better against the run this year with a beefed up defensive line. You remember that LB Andra Davis being all excited when we got Jamal Anderson and Justin Bannan, eh? Well how about we run Wesley Woodyard through those holes? Darrel Reid, Haggan, we’ve got guys that are capable, they’re not superstars but they should be capable of getting the job done.

So I’m not panicking about the Broncos, even with this rash of ridiculous injuries. These sea cucumbers can yell “we should’ve drafted Orakpo,” and scurry off into their fetid holes all they want. Not me, I’m confident about our defense, not so much about the offense, not out of the gate anyways.

The main question marks for the Broncos are on offense–and it ain’t the quarterback. We’ll see what they bring to the table, I’m most interested in the second and third preseason games, not so much the first one or the fourth. It will be interesting to see who belongs at wide receiver, who belongs at running back besides Buckhalter and Moreno. Whether or not we can run the football with consistency will be big.

The offensive line is in question, and with so many new players on the line and new starters at wide receiver the Broncos offense could struggle out of the gate, it could even be pretty dismal at first. Clady’s loss especially hurts, could even hamper this Timmy Teebs Wildcat thing we’ll be trying out. The new linemen, the new receivers could take time to get going.

But I’d take a slow start and a strong finish any day over last year’s fast start that disintegrated into a dingleberry debacle in the ass-end of the season.

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Reviewing Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

First, Knowshon Moreno had a good, not great rookie campaign.

What you need from rookies is for them to flashes, flashes of brilliance. Through these flashes, they show you that maybe they can play in this league.

For the most part, John Elway looked like a turd in his rookie season. Lining up under the damn guard, but John Elway also showed flashes of brilliance a times.

How about Jarvis Moss. I saw nothing from Moss, I saw no moves that perhaps he could work with — I saw nothing. I felt he brought nothing to the table when I first seen him out there and my opinion didn’t change his second year.

I wasn’t ready to call him a bust his first year, after all, rookie classes can’t be completely and accurately judged in one year.

Knowshon Moreno Broncos

Knowshon Moreno

Knowshon Moreno showed me the requisite flashes. The kid’s got moves, he’s got talent, and I should emphasize kid.  You seen him on the sidelines, eh? He looks like a damn boy, no offense. He has room to grow, I see him putting on another ten pounds of muscle in the next couple years. He blocks, he catches brilliantly out of the backfield and McDaniels knew he was getting a good running back that will fit the system to a T.

I expect an average of 1300 yards out of Moreno with 500 or so yards catching out of the backfield in the coming seasons. He’s a leader, he’s got good character and his game will improve greatly with the revision of our poor offensive line interior, which is something that absolutely killed us. This  complete and utter nonsense that “Moreno couldn’t find the holes” from our wonderful offensive line interior is being floated by a guy who I’m convinced doesn’t even watch the games. Same guy who said the Broncos front seven are a bunch of pass rushers. We have one pass rusher. And furthermore, Jerome Bettis would have struggled running behind our interior line.

Moreno is the least of our worries.

Robert Ayers Broncos

Robert Ayers

Robert Ayers, I fully believe Robert Ayers will be a starting linebacker for us. A solid, starting caliber linebacker. He doesn’t have to be a 13 sack guy, he may never be that. If he does that someday, fine, but we don’t need him to be that. I saw what I needed to see out of Robert Ayers, especially as the season went on. He showed flashes of being able to play well in this league, I saw good juke moves and good edge rushing technique and saw more improvement from him as the year went on. Although he didn’t get a sack he was getting closer, getting pressures, laying out McNabb in that Eagles game. When ten guys on our defense couldn’t tackle Jamaal Charles, Ayers picked him up and planted his ass. Something to be said about that. I’m not going to sit here and say Ayers is the best thing since sliced bread. Jarvis Moss showed me nothing. Robert Ayers showed me flashes of ability, and I expect he’ll be a solid linebacker for us. I said we needed another guy on that defensive front to get us 7-8 sacks. Robert Ayers can be that guy. Also, Mario Haggan did not play too badly for us — tough spot coming in as a rookie and having to battle it out with a veteran who is playing well and named a captain to boot.

You can say I’m looking through orange and blue tinted glasses all you want. I know talent and I ain’t no stoop. We’ll see who the damn geniuses are. If we pick a guy that sucks I’ll be all over his ass, when appropriate. Certainly not after someone’s first damn rookie season. Even a Moss you wait til the second year at least to see what the hell is going on. I ain’t no damn microwave gotta have it now generation sea cucumber, led by some weak, fickle Numbnut at the Post.

One guy that concerns me is Alphonso Smith. But I know that generally, corners have it rougher than most their first year. Hell, look at Champ Bailey’s first year with us in a new system. Didn’t start off pretty. Smith showed flashes in preseason, and then he had some good plays in the early games. Making a Bailey-esque move to swat and kill a 3rd and 10 pass in that Cincinnati game. Problem is, as the year went on he certainly got demoted. Still not going to say he’s a bust, that would be moronic to say after one rookie season. But I’m not as confident about him right now, as I am about Moreno and Ayers. And McBath for that matter, that kid’s a player.

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