Now that the Denver Post’s false crusade to “trade Orton now” has lost a bunch of wind, our hard working no-nonsense beer drinking quarterback is the starter (the guy we were supposed to trade to make room for the golden boys Brandstater, Quinn and Tebow.)

Kyle Orton Winner

You people out there will respect me. My insight is masterful, my aim is true and my wisdom is second to none, especially when you put me up against the majority of those goobers at the Denver Post floating their false BS to “get people talking.” Instead of respecting me and my divine providence, some of you people turn and heap praise on an illiterate weirdo who wants to trade all our draft picks for the top pick each year; a goober who gets ants in his pants over the likes of a “Corey Boyd.”

No surprise Orton was named starter, however something very interesting is the fact that McDaniels plans on keeping only two quarterbacks active on game days.

National Football Post: According to Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, having three quarterbacks could “put us behind the eight ball at other spots.”

That likely means that either Brady Quinn or rookie Tim Tebow will be inactive with Kyle Orton currently expected to hold onto his starting job.

In light of this, I believe there’s a few scenarios here.

Towards the end of the preseason, if Brady Quinn is perceived to be the “inactive” quarterback–he’s gone. We’ll trade him somewhere, Jacksonville or wherever. Despite what Numby thinks we didn’t give up anything major to get Quinn anyways.

Tim Tebow won’t be the inactive quarterback, I could only see it happening for a couple weeks here and there, maybe if we don’t want to trot out Wild Horses one week for some reason.

But there’s a third scenario I haven’t seen practically anyone bring up yet. It is a scenario that I believe is most probable: Orton the starter, Quinn the backup and Tim Tebow listed as a Running Back.

Oh yeah, he’s gonna be running this year more than he passes, so designate him something other than a quarterback and there you go.

Third QB Wiki: Provided that a club has two quarterbacks on its 45-player Active List, a third quarterback from its Inactive List is permitted to dress for the game, but if he enters the game during the first three quarters, the other two quarterbacks are thereafter prohibited from playing. Although it is not specifically indicated, the NFL has interpreted its rule to mean that in order to designate a third quarterback, the two on the active roster must both be “bona fide” quarterbacks, not other position players merely designated as quarterbacks

Tom Tupa was a punter and an emergency quarterback. Receiver Rod Smith was Denver’s emergency quarterback for many years. I believe our coach McDaniels is the reincarnation of the great Sun Tzu, and he’ll surely find a way to circumvent the third quarterback rule.

Designate Tebow a running back, and name him the emergency quarterback.

It could happen, either that or Brady Quinn is gone and we sign some schlub to be inactive.

Tebow Broncos

You know the Tebow who said “I’ll do whatever they ask of me,” the very same Tebow who stated “They asked me to do certain things and I did them,” the Tebow who was seen throwing to the running backs in the end zone, running the ball control drill with the RB’s…

The latest from Lindsay Jones Twitter: 6/12 We just saw a designed run play for Tim Tebow for the first time in minicamp. Lots of “atta boy” reax from coaches when it worked.
6/13 Tebow came in for one snap, a designed run. Quinn 1-for-3 in his reps, w/ 2 deep incompletions.

I knew he’d be running, but oh no some of you people think he’ll be the day one starter at QB. Oh he’ll just come right in and light up the league with a towel under his right arm, trade Orton now!

He’s gonna be running more than he passes. You wonder why Belichick wanted him? You wonder why all kinds of rumors about New England taking Tebow surfaced back in January? They have Tom Brady. The Colts have Peyton Manning, but Manning even wanted to bring in Tebow for short yardage situations.

Astute New England observers realized Tebow could help them out in short yardage situations. Line up Tebow next to Brady in the shotgun formation, are they gonna snap it to Tebow or Brady? QB option? flea flicker? Possible nightmare scenarios for defenses, this is what will make Tebow a good pick, he can do a lot for us out there alongside Orton, or Quinn.

Tebow the “pocket passer” is a dream. It’s an “if” it’s a “maybe” it’s a possibility somewhere down the line and it may never happen. “Pocket Passer” is part B of the reason I believe we drafted him besides his work ethic and leadership. Part A is Tebow the “Gadget” player, I don’t use that moniker lightly, the utility player that defenses will have to spend extra time game planning for.

Woody Paige Numby

Trade Orton NOW!

I’ll give you a scenario that would make that propaganda spewing, Orton-hating Numby at the Post regurgitate his Rocky Mountain oysters: Tim Tebow could help make Kyle Orton a great quarterback.

Orton Broncos Winner