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Broncos Roster Cuts: Ayodele, Polumbus

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Denver Broncos waived RB Toney Baker, OL Kirk Barton, OL Tyler Polumbus, WR Patrick Carter and released LB Akin Ayodele.

The Tyler Polumbus era comes to a close in Denver, the writing’s on the proverbial wall when you get beat out by Baron Baptiste or whatever the hell his name is. Ryan Clady coming back to practice is a good sign, along with some others returning. I want to see that Demaryius Thomas get some valuable experience this Sunday, along with that Tebow who’s 2010 Wildcatter prospects are taking a plunge with every missed game.

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Broncos noteds 12/20

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Hey guy, the news it come attacked you like bat fly in nite time. It flew all around then come at you, then it dive off to sideways because it know you is all kind of crazy.

The denver Post say the Clady hope play, the Chris Kuper hope play on Sunday, It sayed maybe the Chanpf Baley. Come on guy lets go, be the healthy. Got to power through you injures for big game. The espn Bill Willamsong think he think the Clady gon do he thing sunday guy. The clady done makey the strides.

The rock Mountan news Sam adam say the Bronco beter come correct this sunday guy, or they is all done.

The Josh Bell, not the Tated bell say he is all kind of crazy with alchemist. He all kind of scientist formula. I reminisc I have has the cut open frog in highest school guy. It smell all kind of foul. What is that smell guy I never smelled it since those times. I hope the Josh bell done knowed what he got he self into with this you know what I saying holmes? He almost master college it too late to makey new subject guy, I hope he know what he get into because cut open frog is pretty foul guy. I not show up to class after that lady say you is incompete, you is all kind of incompete, Not even F guy it report was incompete. What does that mean guy, I serious if it not F then what does it mean for to say.

The Frank Schab of gazzet say it gon be all kind of cold tomorow game. Bronco albino crab is safe in off seasonal waters guy. You see they is no frozen crab leg of giant albino bronco crab in you stores guy. You see this. Thats rite guy, he too mental sound to makey this mistake. He no rooky you know what I saying. You seed it hear first guy. I heared the albino bronco crab stole marshall faulk signed football guy, oh he gon love that one for christmas pesent.

Some body loosed they marshal faulk football you know where it is now guy.

SHANHAN lay down the law guy, he say no directional tv for you guy. You is not watch other team come out makey the crappy performant. You cant handle this younger Bronco. I not accept this say Shanhan, he sayed it. I wish directional tv have little new button call cheer leader cam. I flip to this when the randy cross face come on. Why I need to look at the randy cross hooge head guy? I can heared him this enough,. You know what I saying. He done take up all screen with hooge head, I flip to cheerleader then guy. The bronco Cheerleader starve for to make littel waist, She do this all day in off seasonal guy. and they only come on the camera for two second it not rite guy.

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Broncos Notes 8/28

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

The Rocky Mountain News discusses how the Broncos may have to alter their game plan during Brandon Marshall’s upcoming three game suspension. RMN also takes a look at WR Clifford Russell and other players who are on the bubble this week to make the roster and RMN’s Sam Adams points out the Cutler to Marshall connection could be unique.

The Denver Post claims rookie tackle Ryan Clady is fitting right in as a Broncos lineman on and off the field. The Post also reports legendary Broncos Randy Gradishar and Floyd Little are snubbed once again as Hall of Fame nominees.

ESPN’s Bill Williamson quickly weighs in with some quick notes after visiting the Broncos facility, in addition to a glance at the teams lower profile rookies.

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