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Broncos vs Panthers Super Bowl 50 – PP’s Prognostication

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

I give the Broncos a better shot to win this game than most of the garbage spewing pundits out there. I believe this defense plays to the level of its competition–as evidenced by the dearth of penalties committed in both playoff games and the absolute clinic they put on the Patriots.

Ever seen Brady look like that two weeks ago? Ever seen that look? Brady honestly looked like he ingested a whole raw sea cucumber during that shellacking.

I’m a believer in this defense and I believe they’ll play Cam Newton like they played Aaron Rodgers earlier this season. I noticed the front four formed a U shaped pocket around him, closing it in and at the same time the defensive backs took away his first read. I think the Panthers are going to have a tough time with this defense. I would imagine one of the linebackers will be left to spy on Cam Newton and we’ll rush four, sometimes three. I used to dread the three man rush, not with this team, they actually get decent pressure with it.

Are you afraid of Greg Olsen? He sure ain’t no Gronk. Ted Ginn Jr., Kevin Norwood, Jerricho Cotchery? I think the Broncos D should handle these boys, at least keep them to 20 points.

Which is what I believe the Broncos need to do, they need to score over 24 points and hold the Panthers to under 20.

I think we’ll know at the half which way this game is going, if it’s close, if the lead is within a touchdown then advantage Broncos. If Carolina gets out to a big lead–like they’ve been doing–then it doesn’t bode well at all.

Can Demaryius Thomas do something? Anything? Can he just have an average friggen game out there? What the hell was that 12 yard fart of a performance last game? Can this 70 million dollar man just have an average game out there? If he does that will be big, same for that Vernon Davis. These are two under-achieving Broncos who can right all their wrongs this year with some decent plays in the Super Bowl.

The rubes, goobers and stooges out there at ESPN question whether the Broncos offense can even mount any sort of comeback if the Panthers get a lead. The answer is yes, that is, if Peyton Manning gets time to throw and doesn’t have a pocket collapsing on him every two seconds. The Broncos offense isn’t a Super Bowl offense, but it ain’t pathetic either. Blocking has been pretty decent in the playoffs from our patchwork line.

As good as Cam Newton is, he still has a penchant for throwing head scratching picks. I think he’ll throw two in this game. One thing I noticed about the Panthers game two weeks ago was the Cardinals were able to run the ball at times on them. If the Broncos are able to get the run going then look out. Broncos offense can’t afford any turnovers of course and Manning has done a pretty good job of protecting the football in the playoffs. Sadly, we only get one half of football from our offense. Last game, there we were with a lead and the ball after the half. What did we get? Three and out. Quick too. Could we have one game where the offense just plays average throughout??

Before I give my prediction for this game I want to mention one Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan. Earth to Danny: Next time they ask you about free agency on the eve of the Super Bowl just say “No comment.” Are you kidding me? Dreaming of going off to the hapless Bears led by old Fuddy Duddy John Fox and that pick throwing mop-headed Jay Huckdort Cutler goober? Are you even serious? Better clock in a good performance today or I’m calling you out for conduct detrimental to the team.

We all should know the Broncos flaws on offense. They can get better at running back, their offensive line can get better and their third receiver can also be better. It bodes well for the future, even if they lose a linebacker and Malik Jackson the defense will still be very good. This team can actually be back in this position very soon if they draft smart.

Let’s hope this somewhat flawed Broncos offense can protect Manning well enough, run the football well enough and let’s hope the old chicken-parm Hall of Famer has one good show left in him. I saw him throwing the football this week and I agree he did look impressive. I’d imagine the 70 degree weather helps too. I say the Broncos defense holds these overconfident boys to under 20 points and the Broncos play an inspired football this time around instead of cutting a massive Bohemian Cluster Fart.

Broncos 27 Carolina 20

Broncos Woes and Tebow’s Running – P.P.’s Straight Shootin’

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Looks like that Tiki is MIA. Probably off somewhere crying in his soup. He probably can’t decide who to give the “tiki torch” award to this week–can’t say I blame him.

That Krieger at the Post. I think they should fire him. These papers are tanking, they should cut ties with these spinmeisters.¬† After the game, when asked whether the Jets defense was on it’s heels when we ran Tebow’s special packages, Brandon Lloyd replied, “I don’t know.” Krieger added to that, ” not exactly a ringing endorsement.” Oh yeah Krieger, taking an absolutely innocent statement totally out of context and adding your own little snide remark. I’m sure Brandon Lloyd was focused on doing his job, in this case blocking… I suppose he had all the time in the world to review the tape just after the game to see how all eleven Jets reacted to Tebow. What a joke.

Goober Krieger goes on to say no one with 4.7 speed is going to be a star runner in the NFL. 4.7 speed is only a “glorified fullback,” he claims. The sea cuke Krieger spurts ” it’s not good enough to be worth the effort of the special packages if that’s as good as it gets…” What a joke. Every damn one of those special package plays gained positive yards and a touchdown to top it off. Anyone saying “Kyle Orton could of run that one in,” has a short memory when it comes to Orton running the football. If Tebow’s a 4.7 Orton’s got to be a damn 6. Tebow’s agility and physical ability is far superior. Hell, a 6 yard run with our dismal run blocking? That is no small feat, not to mention consistent two or three yards on the rest of them plays. Tebow even showed some moves making a Jets player miss on one of those plays.

4.7 don’t cut the mustard in the NFL, eh Kriegs? Tell that to Terrell Davis, you loser.

I suppose this Krieger don’t like us getting positive yardage, I suppose he don’t like keeping an opposing defense guessing… maybe this Krieger don’t like the Broncos finishing drives with a touchdown.

Plus, this loser has some balls, alluding to a “potential locker room rift,” between the team and its quarterbacks.

He picks the Jets to win on the eve of Orange Sunday, he badmouths the team in the offseason on the radio, yeah that’s right Krieger I don’t forget.

I want him gone. Pathetic reasoning, poor logic, faulty acuity and he’s clearly trying to stir the pot and create a controversy where there ain’t none. Conduct detrimental to the team. He’s dead weight over there at the Post and making little sense.¬† Just a provocateur, nothing more. At least Numby has passion, I’ll give him that much.

Oh, and if Kyle Orton’s rhythm is thrown off so badly by the special packages–which I’m sure it isn’t. Look no further than the New England game last year, I suppose that switching to Wild Horses was real rough on him. If for some reason he can’t handle these plays–then he ain’t a professional.

Orton Contract Extension: The Will of P.P. Be Done

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Smart. The Broncos extended Orton’s contract into 2011. Kyle Orton finally gets a little respect from the Broncos brass and it’s well deserved. I hoped we’d extend it even further, but that’s a lot of dough. We’ll see what kind of year he has and where his competition is at next year, if he’s playing well and nobody can rise to the challenge then we could even extend it again.

Kyle Orton Cincinnati Denver 2010

I’m telling you people, this Kyle Orton is a no-nonsense team player and let’s say someone beats him out eventually–if that happens, then Orton becomes the best backup in the entire league. If he accepts that, which he could–if not, then we could trade him and trust me: there would be takers.

He ain’t no GQ posing prima donna, and with his team-first attitude he and Tebow can coexist for the foreseeable future. You won’t catch Orton bellyaching and acting the fool when they play Tebow in special packages this season. He’s a professional and he’s coachable–unlike that mop-headed doofus who don’t look right up there in Chicago. That pick-a-minute Dort up in Chicago.

So we did the right thing here, McDaniels is probably reading P.P. lately. We did the right thing, this man is important to this team.

Shame. Woe and shame to those who called for Orton’s dismissal before this quarterback “competition” even began. The nerve of some of you people: “Trade Orton Now.”

Woody Paige Orton Broncos

Look at that, eh? Look at that headline. Take a good look at that absolute joke. I’ve told you time and time again that Numbnuts at the Post will lead you right into a ditch. The nine thousand plus sea cucumbers who voted in that Post poll to get rid of Orton, what a joke, what a disgrace. The only excuse those cretins have is if they have is if they’re too young to know what day it is or if they’re Gator fans who don’t know what the hell is going on. How dare they besmirch this Orton and his lovely wife Bridget who love Denver.

You had morons booing him last year, morons failing to realize our team was dead in the water without him. These mental defectives lamented the loss of that Nashville-loving pick throwing mop-headed Dort loser, that GQ posing goonball who ran around the field fumbling and getting picked like a chicken with its proverbial head cut off.


Here we have the one proven QB on our roster and we should trade him away? Unbelievable, love him or hate him, Orton is going to have a long career in this league helping us or another team win. The same can’t really be said yet of either Quinn or Tebow.

We did the right thing here, and some of you people out their dissing Orton should hold your tongues and respect this guy, even if he were to get beat out at some point, you’re looking at our best chance to win games. Plus, he could be very valuable to us in the future, whether starting or not.

Kyle Orton Winner

Kyle Orton, Winner

Woody Paige has Hoodie Envy

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Woody Paige is jealous of Josh McDaniels.

woody paige

He’s jealous and he’s hurt that the new coach don’t listen to a word he says.

This nonsense about Paige being put off -and thinking the team was put off at all- by Josh McDaniel’s gray sweatshirt is an absolute joke. Woody Paige has the gall to say McDaniels don’t know who he is.

On the other subject, I have sat two feet away from McDaniels, just the two of us, and I said: “Lose the hoodie. Get your own thing.” He paid no attention. He stuck it in my face, your face, and the players’ faces. It shouldn’t be that big a deal, except we know why he wears it. He’s still Belichick’s man, not his own man.

This is absolute stupidity, the only one complaining about the hood is Paige and the jealousy is palpable. Maybe Woody Paige ought to stick to an opinion for once. He proclaims the coach’s decisions suck and the season will be an epic failure, then he proclaims McDaniels was the pick of the litter and every decision McDaniels made was golden. Now he’s back to doom and gloom. Maybe Woody should be a man of his word for once and not some fickle, drifting¬† sea cucumber.

Besides, the tradition of the hoodie tells us McDaniels knows exactly who he is and where he comes from: the Parcells/Belichik tree.

He is a true disciple of Belichik. Instead of getting pushed over, instead of being weak, he takes miscreants like Marshall and Scheffler and benches their asses on the eve of a game with playoff implications.

Oh no, Woody Paige wants to look past Marshall’s crap. He’d take his crap and eat it right in front of the young players. Great message that sends: You too can get away with this nonsense in time.

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