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Broncos 31 Seahawks 14 – Trade Orton Now

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

That’s more like it, but just one sour note: Who the hell is coaching our kickoff coverage, eh? What the hell is going on there.

The offense performed, we got turnovers and ran the ball well enough when it counted. Scoring touchdowns for Gods sake instead of settling for three time and again. The defense was decent for the most part.

Kyle Orton performed like the Pro that he is, can you imagine life without this guy right now, eh? Trade Orton now?

“Trade Orton now” they said in the offseason, the charge led by that Numby at the Post with about nine thousand sea cucumbers or facsimile’s thereof nodding their heads in agreement.

Trade Kyle OrtonThat poll climbed to nine thousand in favor of trading Orton, what a joke.

This team can beat the Colts next Sunday at home.

Brandon Marshall Who?

Demaryius Thomas Broncos

Demaryius Thomas

I didn’t see number 88 this offseason, I heard some good things, but he didn’t play in the preseason. After his first two plays in his NFL debut–without scoring a touchdown yet or doing anything big–I knew that he’s our best receiver. Just by the way he moves out there, his size and the fact that he’s the fastest or one of the fastest players on the team–I knew this Demaryius Thomas is something special.

I’m glad we’re finally getting production out of our first round pick. This guy ate their lunch out there and sent them the bill. If he clocked in a few more plays earlier in this game he could have had over two hundred yards. It’s a hell of a rookie debut for a Denver wide receiver, Eddy Royal’s debut against San Diego is the closest thing I can think of in recent years. Thomas is the juice this team needs on offense. Our wide receivers are playing well as a hole, but this guy takes them to the next level.

All offseason long I told you people we would trade away Brandon Marshall no matter what, and that I’d be pissed off if we didn’t. I said we could move on without him and be better off for it. We can draft a couple guys and spread the ball around more. Well wouldn’t you know, despite all the absolute BS that this offense would crash and burn “cause Marshall’s not there  anymore.” The utter nonsense sputtering from the mouths of senile lunatics at ESPN, the garbage talk spewing forth from degenerate dirigible “Senior Analysts” crying the Broncos have downgraded the QB position because ” Brandon Marshall got traded away.”

What an absolute joke. Wide receiver is the Denver Broncos strongest, deepest position on offense. We were doing fine even without Thomas, but now this guy bumps us up to the umpteenth level. I just hope he stays healthy.

Won’t it be nice to have a big-time receiver who we don’t have to worry about benching before an important game? A professional instead of a rap sheet a mile long clown? This guy’s even faster than Marshall, and from what I hear he’s a good blocker too. Looks like a hell of a player we drafted there.

Jason Campbell: Benched

Turd-in-mouth analysts claiming the Broncos were a joke since they don’t have Brandon Marshall–especially the ESPN variety– the same ones who belched out all offseason long about what a great pickup Jason Campbell was ( a guy the Broncos could have traded for easily, but I suppose Josh McDaniels just “don’t know how to run a team” ) and the same ones shouting to the rooftops that he makes the Raiders a viable contender this year: Well there you go experts, there you have it geniuses, the “savior” of the Raiders got benched. Benched and riding pine probably until this Gradkowski character gets hurt.

One of my kids pointed out Madden 2011 originally had Jason Campbell rated above Kyle Orton… some kind of joke that is. Now they’re rated “equal” in an update. I remember hearing about Raider fans on the development team, makes perfect sense with that nonsense.

That Numby at the Post has ESPN ties, he’s in on the ponzi scheme.

“Jason Campbell is a serious upgrade at quarterback…”
Really now.
Oh, and P.S. Trade Orton Now.
Some of you people wonder why I think they should fire this guy. Conduct detrimental to the team time and time again. Can you even imagine if that front office actually listened to Numby? Good God the stupid state this team would be in.
Tebow SignSorry ladies, might want to stay in Denver and catch next week’s game.

Brandon Marshall Trade: Nothing Has Changed

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Can’t believe the goobers out there that are still insistent in Marshall coming back next year with a tender offer: It ain’t happening.

Marshall is good as gone. Plain and simple.

brandon marshall

Don’t these people get it?

Are they ten years old? Seriously, if they’re ten, then they get a pass– then they have a legitimate excuse.

No one wants the “best wide receiver in football,” not even for the 29th pick in the draft. He’s a locker room cancer, and a risk to even stay on the field.

Even these owners know the deal that apparently a boat-load of you people don’t.

According to’s John Czarnecki, there is “no way that Pete Carroll is parting with the sixth overall pick for a disgruntled receiver who really can’t stretch the field.”

This Czarnecki’s probably been listening to me, listening to the truth. That’s correct, Marshall can’t stretch the field. He is overrated by many, he is not the best receiver in football. What he is, is the best possession receiver in football, the best YAC receiver in football.

That’s why I still believe the Jets are major players in the Marshall trade. You don’t build a team around Marshall, he is a piece of a puzzle and less of a risk in that scenario. The Jets have Braylon Edwards who can stretch the field, Marshall would be the perfect final piece to that offense. It would be worth the risk for the Jets.

Seahawks or the Jets, but you never know once the trade price of a first round pick goes out the window on April 15th. Got news for some of you people, when April 15th rolls around that ain’t the day Marshall signs with Denver and sings Kumbaya and gives McDaniels a hug. It’s more like when we start taking serious offers for Marshall, whether it be players in trade or picks. Other teams could jump into the fray when the trade becomes reasonable.

This coach and this team will not tolerate another year of Brandon Marshall. The writing’s been on the wall since before the season on that one.

I’m sick and tired of  “If we trade Marshall for less than a 1st, then McDaniels is a moron, should be fired, out of his mind, this is a business you have to know value… yadda yadda.”

We will trade Brandon Marshall and we will get what we can.

Whether it ends up being a player and a second rounder, a second rounder this year and next, whatever the case he’s gone and you people need to get over it. You people need to start listening to the voice of truth.


I got a letter from that Horvil Tiki, sent from that Panff, I took one look at it and sent it back to him. Unbelievable, that Panff wanted me to decipher it and post it, you got to be kidding me. Looked like a bunch of chicken scrawl all over the place. Worst handwriting I ever seen, even my kids never wrote that bad.  I ain’t deciphering nothing. You send me an email Panff with the damn thing in coherent English or forget it. That  Panff’s got some balls trying to waste my time.

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P.P.’s Omens

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Remember them people coming out of the woodwork saying we’d get a 1st and a 3rd for Brandon Marshall, eh?

Or first and a third, and a good player on top of that?

I told you they can’t even be serious.

I said we’d get a first rounder AT BEST for little T.O.

These teams ain’t stupid, they know the risk. Unlike some of our fans who seem to have been asleep at the wheel the past three seasons. These owners know the risk, you gonna pay 50+ million so Marshall can get suspended for a year? So you can bench him before a playoff game?

Oh there’s gonna be a hell of a bidding war they said! One hell of a bidding war for the “best receiver in football.

I said get what you can, cut your losses. Been saying it since before last season even started.

The great T.O. and little T.O. are bona fide homeless right now.

The “best wide receiver in football” can be had for a single first rounder. Gee I wonder why no one’s bitten yet? Even for a late first?

The way I see it and have seen it, is that we are probably looking at a second rounder and a player and then we can call it a day, and close the Marshall chapter in Denver forever.

That second rounder may even be in next year’s draft.

I’ll put forth two reasonable scenarios, consider them P.P.’s Omens:

Brandon Marshall to the Jets for ILB David Harris and a late second (29th) or a second next year.

Brandon Marshall to the Seahawks for WR Deion Branch or ILB David Hawthorne and their second rounder (8th).

I still think the Jets will be in the mix, they need a Marshall, he is the missing piece of that offense. They have Braylon Edwards and then nobody. Who are you gonna draft with the 29th pick? Golden Tate? Dez Bryant? They’re likely off the board.

Only a matter of time before the headache is gone and we get something in return. I had a good laugh when I read people say we’ll just tender Marshall for this year then slap the franchise tag on him next year–what a joke. He’d probably start punting the ball boy never mind the ball.

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Just a low-key meet and greet, eh? #Seahawk Fans, Brandon Marshall landed at the VMAC via sea plane with Pete Carroll and King-5 waiting for his arrival.

I dont know how your job interviews go, but I dont remember getting the sea plane treatment like Brandon Marshall, very smooth #Seahawks

Matt Hasselbeck also hanging out at the VMAC as Brandon Marshall take a tour of #Seahawk headquarters

Sounds like more to me, sounds like Brandon Marshall will be a Seahawk.

Just imagine if someone came in to the Broncos a while back and was met off the plane by John Elway and Mike Shanahan–they want Marshall. They’re downplaying it because of negotiations.

Can’t happen soon enough, either.

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