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Sporting News Predicts Broncos 4-12 Record

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

I wonder what elderly mind came up with this one.

I wonder what “senior analyst” came up with this, eh?

What a joke, a may not see a Superbowl team out there, but this team sure as hell ain’t 4-12 the season is absolutely lost–cash in your season tickets horrible.

This Sporting News, a once somewhat respected rag has lost credibility here and it ain’t worth the paper its printed on.

I will wipe my ass with the Sporting News 2010 NFL preview–that rag will get exactly what it deserves.

That is, if it comes in the mail free, which it usually does cause like other print mediums that are struggling, they give it away in hopes of luring better advertisers.

What is this a time warp, eh? These guys caught in 2009 with the likes of Peter King, John Clayton and Numby at the Denver Post? At least that King changed his ways, he actually came out to Denver and did a decent piece in the offseason–probably to cover for his lazy journalism last year.

Even that dope at the Denver Post wouldn’t say 4 and 12 this year, even that Numby–who don’t know nothin, and is perennially wrong–even that Numby wouldn’t stoop this low, and he even hates the starting quarterback.

I don’t know what they’re smoking over there at the Sporting News, but they’ve turned a once respectable rag into a piece of crap–literally.

Do the right thing if you got that mag:

Throw it in the woods.

Horvil Tiki

All mention of Horvil Tiki is going straight into the spam folder. I’ve had enough of this, you people, you water bong Tiki worshippers out there are living in the past. You live in the past, you die in the past that’s what the great Ditka said.

That Tiki is a train wreck and was 100% derelict with this site. That “panff” was the one who put the site up, that Tiki didn’t know how to use bold type, nevermind the ability to create or maintain a website. I’m not going to carry him like that Panff did, I’m not going to sit here and make him look good because he don’t know nothing.

I was the one who brought this site to greatness–even when he was here.

I saw the logs, I saw the jump in traffic, which has continued to this day.

I’ve brought this site to greatness. This is MY site, the domain name simply a shadow of things past, a shadow of the derelict, misspelled past.

My diction is flawless and my commitment unchallenged.

My Broncos information stands the test of time, I have been perennially right–my words of iron.

I have wisdom upon my brow, strength in my right and countenance in my left.

And oh yeah, the girth is legendary.

I brought this site to greatness, you people know good quality Broncos information and I am the purveyor of it.

I ran Huckdort right out of town. Right out of town before anyone even knew what the hell was going on–I knew he didn’t look right.

I helped run Shanahan out of town.

I helped run that Brandon Marshall out of town, I believe Bowlen and McDaniels read this site, they make an awful lot of the moves I call for. They know integrity. They know ingenuity, they know acuity and I have it in spades baby, oh yeah.

Got these people saying Marshall will be back, “if Marshall is back,” unbelievable–he was and is gone and I knew it. 100%

I knew we’d kick that pick-throwing mop headed dort to the curb. He didn’t look right, he didn’t protect the ball and he ain’t no John Elway.

The dark reign of P.P. continues! My Broncos wisdom is downright frightening!


Like Norris Weese calling for a passing play, you water bong Tiki worshippers better get used to having your cries falling on deaf ears. That Horvil is gone and he ain’t coming back. He left this site in shambles and I brought it to greatness. I will sue him if he tries to besmirch my good character. I got Shapiro on speed dial. I’ll sue him and make his life more miserable and decrepit than it already is.

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We’re Back and Broncos Notes

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

As you may know the site was hacked and after a few days finally I am able to get the admin accounts back into the site and all seems well (so far) I appreciate, and I’m sure Horvil does as well, your patience and thanks to some of you for firing back at that guy “PP” whatever that stands for. Hopefully they are satisfied with the attack and will leave the site alone, we’re taking every measure to bolster the site’s security.

Now for some quick Broncos notes:

Three Broncos players were hit with fines from last Monday’s horrible event. The article mentions wide receiver Chad Jackson and safety Chris Crocker may be new additions to the Broncos roster. The Post’s Mike Klis puts forth what he believes are some Broncos keys to success for after the bye week. Last Monday was the first time in a long time I actually decided not to watch the second half of the Broncos game after 10 minutes or so in. Talking with Horvil about it, he thinks there should have been more fines which I’m sure will come up in his belated analysis.

RMN’s Bernie Lincicome wonders who the real Jay Cutler is due to Cutler’s recent less than stellar performances in light of his almost flawless start to the season.

Andrew Joynt writing for CBS4Denver seems optimistic that the Broncos will make the playoffs citing weak AFC west opponents.

It’s old news, and it’s painful, but just because we weren’t able to get to it, Boss Bailey and Patrick Ramsey out for the season while Champ Bailey will sit at least a month with a groin injury.

Frank Schwab of the Colorado Springs Gazette looks at the current injury situation in Denver and mentions Brandon Stokely looks to be recovering well after his concussion.

Lastly, John Elway lays the smack down on the Raiders organization claiming JaMarcus Russell needs to get out of Oakland if he wants to find any success in the NFL.

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