Talk about an “attention grabbing” headline. You think the Broncos are going to let go of the only player on their team who sacks the damn quarterback?

Elvis Dumervil

I’ve lost a little respect for that Schefter now that he’s in that trash heap of stupidity ESPN and he’s holding a hat out, charging money for his latest “news.” Screw that.

Now we have a stupid headline here, Elvis Dumervil could follow Nolan to Miami. Why the hell would Dumervil want to leave the Broncos anyways? It’s probably that stupid notion that the entire success of the defense, every last little nuance of our defense was Mike Nolan and now that he’s gone its surely doomed to mediocrity. I’m betting anything Dumervil doesn’t believe that. Only a bunch of sea cucumbers in the press.

The only way in the world we let Dumervil go, the only way that happens is if the Broncos somehow get a Julius Peppers. Bottom line, it’s a reach and a half and kind of a stupid one at that.

We pay Dumervil, and I am sure he’s happy in Denver.

You can’t replace Dumervil, or better yet, you had better have a plan to replace him with someone equally productive right now if you were to let him go. And that sure as hell don’t mean a draft pick.

You can replace Brandon Marshall’s production, I won’t miss his numbers when we can actually run the football when it counts and I won’t miss his locker room cancer when we split his production between a couple players. That’s a few reasons he’s gone besides the obvious trouble he’s been.