Something stinks in “Invesco” field.

I smell a stink, and I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna linger a while.

The same stink as last year, you smell it long enough and you get sick and tired of it and  you’ve got to get away from it.

The short story of the Broncos vs the Colts: The Colts score touchdowns, the Broncos don’t.

The Broncos are lights out moving the ball from their 20 yard line to the opponents 20, but the stinkfest begins in the red zone.

Lame playcalling, poor execution in the red zone and embarrassing run blocking is a recipe for stink.

The decisions to go for it down in the red zone multiple times instead of taking three points will come under fire, but McDaniels knows you don’t beat the Colts with field goals. Still, you need to perform when you go for it, you’ve got to show some creativity and throwing the same damn pass twice in a row don’t cut the Chad Mustard. Neither does that absolutely dreadful throw by Orton on fourth and three in the second half. What the hell was that? That was beyond a dud. That was %$%& and a $%&%y play. If you’re gonna go for it there, fine, but call a timeout, get a good play in there. That was garbage, bad throw, dumb play; the blame goes all around for that piece of crap.

Three points in the first half against the Colts. Yeah that’s great. That’s wonderful. That’s a recipe for success.

Like I said this team needs to score 24-28 points a game in order to be successful. The chances are right there, but we’re not getting it done.

This week’s games: 20 -7 … 38 – 13 … 29 – 10 … 38 – 30 … 24 – 17 … 31 – 10 … 27 – 13 … 24 – 10 … 27 – 24 … 30 – 16 … 28 – 3 … 24 – 23 … 27 – 13 … 27 – 20

The winners average 24 – 28 points and the losers don’t. The losers suck.  And they probably smell. In fact, I’m sure they give off a foul odor. The losers offer up this thirteen points crap and it stinks to high heaven.

The 7 and 9, 8 and 8 Broncos showed up in Jacksonville and again today. The only hope we have is to reverse the trend where the team started off good then finished lame last year.

The defense played well overall, but there’s something fishy going on with our defense in the second half of Broncos games. The defense is good for giving up at least one huge play in the second half. Third and eleven turns into a huge bomb for forty yards. We can count on our opponent making some huge play(s) in the ass-end of the game. What a load of crap. Same as last year, third and twenty five in the Eagles game, fourth and ten in the Raiders game and we couldn’t make a play.

Losing at home so often is nonsense.

Say what you want about the Seahawks, at least they know how to win at home.