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Magic Bag corny Colt versus Broncos

Friday, September 24th, 2010

MR O verse mcdanels guy

hey guy what goes on. the colt come to town this weekend guy and they leader is mr O. who is this guy. what is he name. no one know this. aks anybody guy they not know this name. nobody know colts leader name.

THere was this kid in the high school and no one say any thing to him guy. no body knowed who he is they just say that Mr O guy. No one talk to Mr. O. he like ghost kid no one know./

The Payted manning is very powerful guy but now we have has the demarial thomas for the Horton aerial feats guy. The demarial is like the star/ the new star of the aeriel Horton feats guy. He move you chains all day guy. He make you defence backs look old and slow,.and corny. he the marvellous wheel contender speed/ he always the open no one cover this guy. he weapon of the denver so badly guy.

The Horton gon rain down football on you colt like mad fool posses. Horton done heared a who and it say demarial thonmas guy. all day floater bomb end zone reach over defence backed and 6. It like take candy from bay bay you know what I saying guy THIS HOW WIDE OPEN ALL DAY LIKE THIS. HE COME CORRECT YOU KNOW WHAT I SAYING>

the Demarial Thonmas makey website guy.

bay bay thomas broncos


was can you still vote for the demarial rookie of week.

The knowshont morenote  is gon have big game too guy I just knowed it. I knowed he will do this. he will come correct just dont funble guy. he very lucky last week guy dont disappont you giant albino bronco crab guy, giant albino bronco crab almost dishonor but went out of bound thankful for this. all those corny fast Colt defence end say run up feild all crazy then Horton gon say take off guy, take off I done dumper off to morenote and 40 yard. wall of danies grahm blocking guy. I know they will do this.

Maybe they run the clady this game guy.l the clady is back and he feel he oats guy. He feel he oates maybe they give the clady ball on goal line. that would b cool. grandfather rise out of chair and hold one hand out with power when clady get ball last year. the ameoba offence have game plan for clady yes. special paige for clady in it yes. that is cool. I could not belief this guy. the clady was run with football but no one block guy. no one block forthe clady guy that was foul. you know wjhat I saying. Line up the tim tebote and the clady next to Horton on goal line, oh snap guy. oh snap what you gon do they could do so many thing from this.

the dight freeney talk smack of the tebone guy. he say he want to hit the tim tebone guy that is mess up. Oh snap I think the clady gon take this personal guy. No body talk smack about clady guy he defend. I think the clady gon ball up the feeney for this guy. oh yes. it insult to clady guy. the fereeny think he gon get past the clady this easy guy. he gon have long day, oh snap. I think the clady gon pan cake the freeney guy. Pass you maple sarup guy it gon be all you can eat pan caking all day. ALL DAY/ the clady gon fall on feeney as get up guy I know he will granfather will watch for this tivoe rewind laugh many time yes.

the Bronco Horton is win. 27 to 24 last minute matt prated feild goal send MR O back to indanaplis with warty three eye foul degenrate toad rain from sky. this for so many bronco loosed to colt guy.

foul disease degenrate toad rain from sky near enemy team land after bronco win

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Hey guy the grand wizard get dump

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
the grand wizard no more

the grand wizard no more

Hey guy they buffaloe get rid of the grand wizard guy. he not weald he foul magics any more. they throw into wastes no more monies to feed he family guy. the grand wizard was corny guy but he beat shanhan last year guy and that was foul.

The pro bowl voting is update guy. the bill willamson guy show this. come on piler on bronco vote yes. the dj willam the elvis dumervile the chanp bailey the dawkin the clady all get they respect and more. I gon vote for andra davis too guy cause what ever guy this guy is player. he player guy. he know how to play football yes. mash guy he do like this all day. even when bocked.

I want to give the mad prop guy. the mad prop to the frank schab at the colorado gazete the frank schab cover you bronco informational with blanket cover. he blanket hole side of field like chanp bailey guy. I tell he long time ago to get rss bronco for wisdomer. I hope they do this guy.

I hope the bronco win this week guy it time to save you season. take divisional chanpionship to house. i want good season to finish too so can get madden next year and bronco not rating so corny.

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Hey guy why not bench the Cutsler

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
oh snap chicago line men

oh snap chicago line men

I hear the jay Cutsper have new offence line guy. It moe larry and curly. all of them.  That a far cry from the clady guy you know what I saying. The Cutsper come out and he was foul guy. Like real corny out there. Why not any one say bench the cutsler guy. But they hard on the horton. I still think Horton is win player. Mcdanels know he quart backs. he know for this. But what ever if simm do better then put simm in the best 11 make you team guy. I still think the Mcdanels will juice skill out of horton like fresh lime over crispy praun shrimp.

I go at Broncotalk cause panff say and to  see the jamie duke thing, and that was foul guy.  Jamie duke should not do this guy cause next time he say bombshell then no one will listen like kid who cry wolfe. I tell you what bomb shell is guy it atwater hit okoyee over middle in monday night football guy. that is bomb shell holmes, BOMB SHELL.  MHR I went to and this guy say the Pincess Bride. I remember that movie guy. I went to see it twice cause first time I snapped chew up ju ju bee and milk dud on screen with plastic spoon. It say SNAP with level arm acton of flick spoon. It hit screen with real authority you know what i saying.  this other time it was so cool we got to movie early and no one was there. and we take huge bag of skittle and throw hand fulls guy, hand fulls and it say shhhhhhhhhhhhh it say shhhhhhhhhhh all crazy on the metal chairs that was mess up. The milk dud make like big wart on screen it sit there evry one see it.  Ander the giant was in that movie. Ander the giant say he go to he farm to talk to he crazy goats cause no one would look at he side ways then.

ander the giant

ander the giant

Grandfather saw the ander giant in connectcut guy he say he hand cover whole large pizza it so big. i see the dawkin is back I hope they dont rush the dawkin cause he need to heal up guy. I hope morenote is ok cause he look real good. I ready for the power run holmes. The initiative burst speed. Run over guy and through and fall forawrd like terrel davis yes. He always fall forward. it seem like no thing and then you look and he just rip 5 yard from fall forward. next thing you know it is first down guy./

I make twitter it was not too badly I find all kind of guys on there denver player too. I told wesly woodard that I seen he ball up corny run back in back field last year and shoot gap so badly. the alphonso smith the jack willams the chanp bailey the ader goodman. I glad we have so many guy who will pick ball off run other way. we need more of this in real game time. Now the front guys put pessure on quart back it time to pick ball off run other way. we not have enough of this last year. it change the game guy.

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The vision of new broncos tonight

Friday, August 14th, 2009
pre seasonal

pre seasonal

Hey guy. I medtiate on rock. I cannot see so good. I know not of this broncos guy. I could not go to train camp. I could not see the horton lever arm acton. So many question. I knew the shanhan guy. I knew he. he and he ways. the cutler. But this is new. the new Bronco guy. It like opener a package on christmas morning that you do not expect. what is this guy. then you open and it some thing that take all day to put together. what is this how does this do. tonight we get to see this new bronco on nfl network dirECTIONAL TV LIVE. the amoeba. the 3 4. the morenote the mcdanels. The robet ayer.

I mediate on rock. I look try look into future. Into magic bag. I see cloudy. I see bag of chips. NO that was yesterday. I see this real fine lady. Oh snap maybe I should dwell on this vision cause it like a real good one. NO I cannot guy. dream of mohito cocktail tropical island air condition with karouki horkikie for another time unfortunate.



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Friday, August 7th, 2009
take off guy, I hand arm you holmes

take off guy, I hand arm you holmes

Yes guy, he sign say adam shceffer now we get to see the knowshon morenote run like crazy come on guy catch pass out of back field and go for many yard. Make enemy team player look corny and old guy. old like they 90 year old out there and spin juke they like crazy guy. Time to mover up you deopth chart guy lets go morenote we need this guy to be the win player. Payton hammer hillis ryan torain knowshon morenote corel buckhalted lamond jordan oh snap guy. we have the crazy depfth at you run back positional behind the clady the weigsman the harris.

yes. oh yes guy. Knowshon morenoe for many yard. Then if you enemy defense talk trash bring out the hammer hillis guy and run straight at guy. Roller over they so badly. The run will make enemy team weaken. Control of game. peter out enemy team chance when ahead and run second half of game. control you clock. Opener up pass lane for horton pin pont crisp pass to ryoal for 6. oh yes we gon run all day behind the clady.

I have one word for morenote guy. When you see the clady run out for lead blocker dont worry because first guy is gon get rolled so badly. The clady come roll out and first guy is all done. I seen it guy. I seen it too many time to not be true. the clady roll he first guy all day like this. he like monster when roller out into flat nobody want any of this guy. none of they/ grandfather stand up in seat say oh snap the clady get another one guy.

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Lemont Jordan sined

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Hey guy we got another run back. This guy lemont jordan is real big dude so hopeful he can smash line when it 3rd and 1 to go or goal line. I was hopeful we give the ball to clady to do this some time but maybe they saved this for play off time as seccet weapion.

continue stolen from the new eggland

continue stolen from the new eggland

Also the Kenny Petersson will remain with the bronco that is cool because he was descent line man defence for us.

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Worm has turn guy

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Hey guy worm has turn. I not high on the juliuns pepper any more. He gon cost too much. You cant give away you hole future for guy, first round pict give trade is corny. If you was gon expective souper bowl repeat or some thing then maybe you trade you futurre now homey but this not good.

We need all kind of crazy fool on defence. Like ten new guy. Get all kind of solid player out there. Just solid guy not souper star break you bank. I turn guy. The julian pepper say he want trade only to 4 team no one know. If one is not bronco then he is foul any way. If he go to divison rival I not care guy because clady take care of he. He done school the julians peppers. Guy on tv shaked he head at the clady pan caking of pepper. He do this all day. If pepper not pict the bronco then he will see error of way guy. error of way block by giant clady.

The bill bellycheck lord of harvest bungholiote say kind word to shanhan. But probable he snicker in dark places. He happy the shanhan is cast into foul weed for now. It was awful terrib defeated the shanhan gived to the bellychecks in afc chanpionship. So dour was the bellycheck he mumble mess after game. Was so awful next week shanhan loosed to steeler. Plumber corny pass at worst time ever. Shanhan could have tie the bellycheck souper bowl rfecord. Bellycheck knew this. that why he was foul.

But live in past die in past. ditka say this. I had pole long time ago that ask who win in steal cage match last man standing match. Last I see this the five mini ditka win over shanhan. I should never have put five mini ditka on there to begin. Was bad omen. I saw gray fox other day in wood. This good omen but.

I look at draft and see all kind of predict. Last year the sportig news was so crappy guy. like evry one was wrong. People say the bj raji gon go sooner but they said this about the clady to kans city they thinked. I watch the ray malooga this guy is crazy like magnet. He magnet power. He close in hone in on guy like crazy at last secon. He ten feet away then he up in you grill all sudden and you down on ground look up at sky wish to go home. He magnet force guy. He like magneto. Isnt that comic guy? I call the malooga magneto guy. Cause he hone in on you quarf back real bad.

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