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You Don’t Fool Me McDaniels

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

UPDATE: The deal is on the table, take it or leave it Tiki.

So the number 2 quarterback job is still up for grabs, eh? Some kind of joke that is.

Everyone knows, everyone should know, that Tebow outperformed Brady Quinn in preseason–or should I say the Not-So-Mighty-Quinnby.

Tebow looked more confident, moved the offense and scored touchdowns.

What is Brady Quinnby gonna be activated this Sunday because of  “how he plays in practice this week?” What a joke that is.

The only way Quinnby’s active is if Tebow’s ribs are still bum.

I have a feeling we might have all three quarterbacks dress. Tebow and Orton active, Quinn ready only in emergency if Orton goes down.

Otherwise you’ve got to question the coach’s acuity, I mean if you make Quinn the bona fide #2 active quarterback–that’s an honor he didn’t earn. I don’t care how many “regular season games” he’s got under his belt. What’s his win/loss record in them, 3 and 9? Inspires confidence that does.

I offered that Horvil Tiki a little deal, I ain’t such a bad guy. He probably won’t accept, but you never know with that thing.

Numby over at the Post predicts 8 and 8. That’s a weak prediction for you. Predicting a wash is gutless.

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The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Well I was sitting here listening to the Broncos vs Lions game, and I says if this Quinn manages to win the game in this final two minute drill, then he’s the “Mighty Quinn.” If he don’t, then he’s “The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby.”

Brady Quinn Broncos

Lackluster, and our scrubs playing “defense” out there couldn’t stop a go-kart. All eleven of them couldn’t stop a kid’s go-kart. A run for 15, a pass for 10, can I have 8 plays and a touchdown for 100 Alex? Or should I say Wink?

In the first quarter Saturday night, Kyle Orton produced a quarterback rating that wouldn’t qualify for the Huey, Louie and Dewey Decimal System.

Well isn’t that cute, look at Numby ranking on our offense. That’s right, Kyle Orton IS our offense. He is one half of our offense, the other half is Jabar Gaffney. Anyone dissing Orton is an idiot, anyone rolling their eyes at having Kyle Orton as the starting Broncos quarterback doesn’t know anything. He is our offense out there. Thank God for it, can you imagine having the Not-So-Mighty Quinnby, or Timmy Teebs out there who don’t have a firm grasp of the playbook–where people should line up–knowing what routes to run–imagine having them as your field general with 16 inactive players? Good luck. Other than that, we can’t run, we can’t seem run block and our pass protection breaks down every other play. If that Baptiste and Polumbus are anchoring our offensive line early this season–good luck. We’re screwed. 16 inactive players, this is getting ridiculous. And I don’t care if some come back by game 1, they’re out of shape not getting playing time in the preseason. I’ll reserve more judgment until I see this game today on NFL Network (1pm EST) instead of hearing it, but it didn’t sound good for the most part.

I’d have that Alphonso Smith, that Paul Duncan and that Worrell Williams, I’d have them run ten laps at the end of the next practice while the rest of the team sits and drinks Gatorade. Make’em run for absolute boneheaded mistakes with the game on the line.

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