Tim Tebow

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The only reason I’m not pissed off is some of the other losing teams won this week so this win doesn’t sting. We better not win next week. It’s time to start Brady Quinn. I’m worried the Chargers have capitulated, they got blown out by Cincinnati and that ain’t good. Hopefully our defense will get shredded next week.

You see them points on the board the last two weeks, eh? It’s still early, but Tebow deserves credit for his first two NFL starts. The interception sucked but that’s what rookies do, hell even Orton throws picks like that once in a while. Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe dissed Tebow three weeks ago, and both of them looked like they saw a ghost after this game. The kid makes some good throws, throwing motion be damned.

Timmy Tebow was clutch and he did some things Kyle Orton can’t do besides running with the football: he generated excitement and mounted a fourth quarter comeback to win a game.

Warning, the following two videos are NSFW:

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