Adam Schefter knows what John Elway, John Fox, Mark Schlereth, Shannon Sharpe and Alfred Williams will not admit: Timmy Teebs is the Broncos starting quarterback in 2012.

The writing is on the wall and the dissenting voices must be stamped out.

We will draft to surround this kid with complimentary talent and go forward with this winning game plan.

I dare John Elway and his cronies to try and do otherwise.

What I say is the truth, my words are iron and will not be transmogrified by the Broncos PR department.

However, I demand an apology from John Elway. I demand a public apology to the fans and to Tim Tebow for the horrible mis-management of the quarterback situation early this season.

John Elway and John Fox squandered this season on a quarterback that is now playing for the (*(*(^ing Chiefs…

Woody Paige is correct. They squandered the season, they gave Orton all the first team reps and ridiculed the kid left and right. Opened up a can of worms for his slimy detractors to feed on — no way to breed loyalty.

The season was squandered early on, it was mishandled and before we go forward I demand an apology to the fans and Father Timmy from John Elway.

This team could have the division all but wrapped up right now. Our defense didn’t play that badly against the Raiders or the Titans early on. You telling me that Timmy Teebs wouldn’t have won those two games? Perhaps even the Chargers game? You’d have to at least give him one… most reasonable people would give him two wins there. Hell we could be playing for a bye.

But oh no, we had to weather a bunch of BS all preseason and through the first five games. Bunch of BS from the front office, a certain player and the majority of the Denver Post goobers. I know there were others, but these people are managing and covering the Broncos and they should have known better. Win more than we’ll lose with the prototypical pocket passer, the practice players are the real gamers… what a load.

I address this and more in my two-part earth shattering video where I, P.P. Dublinski say what must be said. I don’t forget and my truths will not be bifurcated and or dismissed.

In other news the Patriots are ripe, ripe for a loss this weekend. I would be confident of a win if this team had more pieces of the puzzle in place. It’s getting clearer what this team needs: a young McGahee to compliment McGahee, a fast wide receiver who can do a decent impression of Percy Harvin and one more good offensive lineman. I believe acquiring a big RT and kicking Orlando Franklin in to G might be a recipe for a dominant right side of the offensive line. As it stands this team does not impose its will on 3rd and short running the football out of the I formation. We get stuffed against a good defense, this better change.

On defense, we certainly need a middle linebacker and one more defensive lineman who can play the run and sack the quarterback on occasion, one more horse up front people have to worry about. Those are a few pieces of the puzzle this team is lacking. Still, I think we’ll have a god shot against New England, their defense doesn’t impress. I believe we’ll either run for a boatload of yards or we’ll pass for a whole bunch. Maybe even both. It will be up to our defense to show up and play big. Our defense hasn’t played exceptional lately — they’ve been very opportunistic — I didn’t like the way that Gerhart or Barber ran on us and I didn’t like how that Hainey threw on us either. The Broncos dropped big passes last week, but so did the Bears and some of those fellas were wide open when they dropped them.