Josh McDaniels Peewee HermanWhat do we have here? Is this a head coach, or is this Peewee Herman?

Is this Peewee’s Playhouse he’s running here? Along with sideshow superstar extraordinaire Wink Martindale?

What the hell is wrong with Josh McDaniels? This recent turn of events brings shame to the organization, if it was this McDaniels reporting this taping incident, then it shames the throwback coach–and he certainly ain’t one.

I heralded this McDaniels as a genius in February right after he was hired–I’m certainly rethinking it. First of all he was labeled as some kind of offensive genius and we sure as hell ain’t seen it yet. Second, I believed he was the second coming of Sun Tsu, and he sure as hell ain’t that.

If someone gave Sun Tsu valuable information, Sun Tsu would probably reward that person. He wouldn’t rat him out. He wouldn’t play Mr. Altar Boy and boot the guy’s ass out the door.


This brings shame to the spirit of the throwback coach, shame to the spirit of George Halas. I just mocked that pumpkinhead Madden, but I’ll bet you anything he wouldn’t have turned this information down. Not that six minutes of tape is anything special–still I don’t give a rat’s ass about the taping and whether anybody knew anything about it prior or previous–you don’t rat on your own.

If McDaniels ratted out his own, he’s a rat. Some of you out there might applaud, but he’ll get no brownie points from me on this one.

If McDaniels ratted this guy out, then earth to McDaniels: Grow up.

If he wasn’t the rat, then someone in the organization did and they have to go. That someone better get frogmarched the hell out of town lickety split.

Update: It looks like its unclear whether McDaniels was the one who reported the incident. Whatever, I don’t like the fact that it even saw the light of day. A genius doesn’t get caught. Now you got a bunch of weenies mad at the organization, aghast that the Broncos could do such a thing–what a bunch of weenies.